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ID 638649

Jason Dominique

Founder and CEO at Ensemble. Father of one, social entrepreneur and traveller. Strong business, sales and philanthropy background.

ID 680765

Thibault Renouf

Local food system designer. Agriculture / Food Industry

ID 458587

Sebastien Perreault


CEO and Founder @ekoom. Senior Developer. Serial entrepreneur. Strong business background. I've been building startups for 18 years

ID 161411

Eyal Toledano

CEO @CatnapGames | Founder @international-gaming-league | #5 @planbox | Product Marketer & Startup Strategist.

ID 450308

Mark Schmidt

Support Engineer at @googleventures company @duo-security, former @barracuda-networks. Founder of B.Sci. Information Assurance

ID 568302

Martin Kossman

Co-founded Schedule101, launched & operated 2 VAR businesses, launched Sun Ottawa branch empoyee 7 in Canada.

ID 531002

Marco Sylvestre

Co-Founder at Venzee. Highly experienced Scrum Master and herder of cats. Agile coach & trainer to Fortune 500 companies.

ID 665850

Josiane Dufour

ID 438031

Thibaud Marechal

Founder @igloo. Previously founded @uniiv-1 . Studied IS @mcgill-university-1 . Went to @mit-global-founders-skills-accelerator

ID 189530

Mike Schmidt

Building $SFXE/ @beatport. Founder @listn-4 (acquired by $SFXE). Alumnus @the-next-36 @launchpadla @founderfuel. Engineering @queen-s-university

ID 23473

Sebastien Provencher

CEO & Cofounder, Folders. Tech Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor & FounderFuel mentor. Ex-HomeAdvisor, YPG, Ubisoft. Marketplaces & Local Search industry expert.

ID 42920

Niall Brown

Co-Founder/ VP of Product Development @empire-avenue Inc. steering product development as part of the executive committee and managing development team

ID 106377

Charles Brun


CEO & Co-Founder @nowinstore, Smart Catalogs For Businesses. Passionate about #SaaS #E-Commerce 

ID 131667

Sean Morrow

Marketing leader with extensive experience in growth & automation, including developing operational teams, cost efficiency initiatives & optimizing go-to-market

ID 49391

Francois Gaouette


Founder and CEO of Amilia. Successful early stage VC for 15 years.

ID 57521

Brendan Sera-Shriar

Founder @daychamp @presswork, Creer Magazine, StartupBump • I'm a driven creative, brand developer and technologist. • Worked at @vanilla-forums, @mega-bloks

ID 347941

Patrick Minotti

Worked at @flurry, @electronic-arts , @jamdat-mobile

ID 256854

Adam Hirsch

Entrepreneur, Investor and Founder at

ID 72476

miraj khaled

Connecting People+Passion+Ideas! I♥ #Mobile #Analytics #Ecommerce #SocialMedia #News/#Media #Startups #ICT4D

ID 815236

Carlos Marin

Honours Mechanical Engineer at McGill. Strong leadership experience (President of McGill EUS). Currently Analyst Intern at Real Ventures.

ID 108495

Noah Bloom

Mobile entrepreneur & tech anthropologist. CEO @jiber, founding team @Blueslice, Harvard/H150, race bikes for @lgevolution, adventure skier, guitar slayer

ID 453127

Angus Ning

Brown Applied Math/Philosophy, worked in technology, advertising, film, and journalism. Looking to learning from the tech industry's best by joining a startup

ID 935833

Michel Gagnon

Business Dev. & Strategy professional in one of the Big Four. Founded and ran two startups (fashion accessories & machinery exports). Highly entrepreneurial

ID 280769

André Berthiaume

Founder CrowdMedia • Worked at @videotron

ID 620714

Toby Lorne

Founder @macromeasures • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 689170

Pier Luc Lafleur

Experienced developer looking for CTO/lead dev/technical manager positions

ID 269152

Andrea Wood

Founder of A2W Consulting. Seasoned product strategist (Playfish, Jupiter Research), marketer (StatusNet, Quebecor), and technical writer (Nuvation).

ID 704938

Leslie Primack

ID 1061885

Craig Park

ID 58531

Antoine Meunier

Team USA Athlete & co-founder of Medalist

ID 782264

Valentine Dessertenne

Founder, Analyzer, Gamer.

ID 773036

Forrest Cronin

Equal parts strategist, planner, and marketer looking for an entry-­level position or internship at a small to midsize startup or digital agency.

ID 212304

Zöe Alexandra

Program Manager at Canada's most active seed-stage VC fund & Operations Manager at Montreal's home of the web, Notman House.

ID 378503

Vladimir Vervelsky

Creative marketing & advertising strategist, sponsorships, activations & branded entertainment (LG, Cirque du Soleil, Eventim, ALDO, Bell Canada).

ID 475090

Lana Tayara

Engineer with a passion for commercialization and fintech companies.

ID 480545

Timothée Petit

Master's degree in aerospace engineering. Take part of big engineering project in various company as Dassault Aviation.

ID 951431

Monica Sharma

Aspiring event planner, with experience in marketing and social media.

ID 458728

Sébastien Roy

Founder @prevly. CEO @spr-consult. Entrepreneur & consultant in the healthcare management & technology space.

ID 643564

Lucas Pellan

ID 610313

Christa Fairchild

Nimble kick-ass business development & product manager: MBA grad with over 15 years marketing experience. Raised +$800k on Kickstarter as COO at Neptune

ID 547797

Jo Lai

hospitality consultant, outreach coordinator, Montreal native, avid vacation rental user

ID 906494

Lisa Delisle

Job hunting in the fields of sustainable food and wellness. Keen on travelling.

ID 905752

Morgan Herrick

ID 1026733

Roger Emeka

Customer Service Manager at Frank & Oak. Studied Political Science at Concordia.

ID 832039

Jeffery Liang Pang

Well rounded generalist. Calm, methodological but creative. Experienced in handling emergencies.

ID 965717

Jaclyn Kahan

Project Management certificate at McGill University, Experienced in project coordination and Design

ID 882135

Thomas Pasturel


Co-founded a quantitative global macro hedge fund, worked at ABC arbitrage, TradeLink, BNP-Paribas. Obsessed with market research, data, FinTech

ID 273913

Mark Maclean

Manager at Ernst and Young. Specialist in SR&ED tax credits and other incentives for the tech industry. MBA graduate

ID 871158

Alexandra Cirgenski

Alexandra specializes in maximizing performance and efficient workflow within organizations that foster creative environments; currently pursing her MBA

ID 877299

Thomas Ly

MBA Candidate at McGill University looking for new challenges in fast-paced environments

ID 593383

Jessica Su

MBA International Management. Experiences in music, art & cosmetics industry. Love creativity, art & passion.

ID 829541

Zachery Oman

Engineering student with a keen business acumen, seeking to work in China in summer 2015.

ID 499651

Caio Andrade

Digital communications and marketing professional focused on business development, user acquisition strategies and user experience design for tech startups.

ID 630145

Michel Vaillancourt

ID 701203

Heather Davidson

ID 466455

Komary Ly

Startup lover, tech-savvy, event organizer, self-learner and snowboard beginner

ID 772236

David Lousky

Founder • Studied at @uppsala-university, @university-of-ottawa. Strong Finance background.

ID 818454

Rocky Radovanovich

Successful Entrepreneur. Specialize in developing new business through strategic interactions, networking and development.

ID 720123

Alexander Sumin

Marketing & Communications Enthusiast

ID 667653

Emily Barber

Graduating commerce student with a passion for entrepreneurship,technology, and social change.

ID 1092893

Manuela Yush

Finance, sales and customer service background looking forward to develop my skills in social media and marketing.

ID 394029

Alexandre Leclair

CTO at @selective-few, Helped build @frank-oak back when we were only 8 people. Grew to 130 employees. 

ID 800806

Athina Stantzos

Master student at Mcgill. Actually working on an app project, Active member of Aiesec Belgium

ID 808587

Asieh Harati

Telecom engineer and team leader, with 5+ years of international experience on cross-continental projects at Ericsson, Technicolor and Bell Mobility.

ID 997298

Andria Santos

Law School graduate turned property manager. Worked at Air Canada during reorganization, launch of Rouge, refinancing, and rebranding. Senior property manager.

ID 1051851

Carmela Scaramozzino

Six years of customer service, managed a doctor's office, promoted from Agent to Team Leader within 5 months, musician

ID 876216

Youssef Girgis

Graduate Student at McGill in Finance; Completing the Associate Career Launch Program at RBC.

ID 911756

Christine Connolly, MBA

ID 554997

Paula Washington

Founder @a-good-foundation, @machine-magazine • Worked at @a-for-adventure • Studied at @university-of-cape-town, @dalhousie-university

ID 496206

Alexandre Meterissian

Public relations & communications specialist, Community & Team Management, Sales & Marketing

ID 751893

Morgan Herrick

McGill graduate, teacher; created various curricula, and helped manage school processes. Strong interest in science and computer technologies.

ID 668172

Jason Chung

@McGill Faculty of Law graduate (2014). Strong, diversified and international background in governance, research, stakeholder relations and leadership.

ID 733445

Ilan Ben-Brith

McGill CS with Finance Minor, my extensive experience in business development and customer relations have allowed me to excel in the corporate world.

ID 637576

Thibaud Bonnard

- Web Business Analyst for Advertising agency and banks - Studied at @hec-montreal

ID 547981

Nguyen Tran

McGill University BCom graduate. Worked for social enterprise startup. Recruited 40 interns from 500 applications. Interested in drones and mobile app startups

ID 637428

Nikhil Varma, MBA

Service delivery expert with 2 startup experiences

ID 62209

Nathan Currier

Founder at @mangameslost. Co-Founder at USMLEQuickPrep. PhD in cell bio with startup and extensive biz dev experience.

ID 624744

Jean P. Meunier

Attorney with entrepreneurial experience and drive, with a 10+ year history of successful startups.

ID 393084

Sara Levasseur

Fourth year student at McGill University. Founder of Etta Jams. Passionate, driven, curious, and creative. Bike, food, and book enthusiast.

ID 332485

Charles Boustany

Studied @McGill @HECMontreal

ID 942078

Laura Francois

Loyola Sustainability Research Centre Assistant Coordinator; Peace Studies Master's Certificate, Community Change Workshop Facilitator

ID 1061993

Max Trudel

Specialised in shaping innovative business models and creating new revenue streams, worked with over 300 local and international businesses

ID 222038

Bruno Di Giovanni

Montreal, Quebec Senior management professional focused in Telecommunications and Data Center operations providing strategic management/business solutions for fully managed/collocation network infrastructure facilities North America wide and internationa

ID 749826

Amy Lilien, MBA

Recent MBA with extensive management and sales experience looking for an opportunity with a growing firm.

ID 671645


Finance student at McGill; Marketing Manager at MIKA Audio; Intern at Environment Canada; CEO of Triptych Publications

ID 786990

Natallia Staravoitava

Craving to work for a startup or create my own. Creative mind. Hard working, dedicated, witty, ambitious and positive.

ID 685626

Martin Rioux-Lefebvre

Public Affairs and Corporate Communication Consultant

ID 226959

Megan Brown

Operations specialist with a passion for startups and looking for a new challenge in Montreal

ID 909706

Jonah Batist

Passion for all things startups. Nothing beats working with a great team. Presently promoting Montreal-based startups at the McGill Entrepreneurship Centre.

ID 752853

Wilfred Valenta

I'm an entrepreneur who likes to hustle. I've built my own company, raised $200,000, managed 4 employees, and shook hands with Fortune 500 CEO's.

ID 523195

Jean-Benoit Richard

Canadian serial entrepreneur looking for his next challenge.

ID 1022164

Katie Qiu

Director of Finance and Graphics Design leading inaugural Queen's Sustainability Conference; Determined and driven student from Queen's School of Business

ID 747610

Elisabeth Gill

Writer, Editor, & Researcher. Learning front-end. Trilingual Expat.

ID 943425

Makoto Rheault-Kihara

McGill University management student, experience in building and working in small businesses and startups. Passion for engineering growth and efficiency.

ID 662247

Conan Lai


ID 875996

Yaz Khoury

Co-Founder Terasofya • Studied at @concordia-university-montreal

ID 1043769

Jamil Madanat

McGill Mech Eng. Founder of McGill Aerospace Design Society. Worked at Rolls-Royce Canada.

ID 1091597

Nicolas Westgate

Engineering student at McGill; Innovative and forward-thinking; Looking to discover exciting business-oriented ventures.

ID 618167

Cynthia Lemoy

Commerce graduate from McGill looking for a job in management to make things change and happen!

ID 644701

Julien Nolin

Operations manager with a sales background that translated into process improvements. Specializes in process automation and accelerated growth.

ID 919047

Stephan Gradek

COO of clean tech startup. Excellent leadership, planning & execution skills. Strong financial background (PwC). McGill University Graduate.

ID 476172

Caroline Baab

Information Professional

ID 598960

Karl Elhen

Founder, CEO at Konopi. V.P. at Rampart. Experience in Business Development, R&D, Product Development, Quality and Environmental Management.

ID 1044731


M.Sc + Management, finance & engineering background; experience of fast growth companies; participate in 1st positive energy office building venture in France

ID 630247

Jobair Jaber

Double major student at McGill University.

ID 735789

Darryl Hubble

1st class honours International Business graduate. Has a passion for start-up businesses and will work 110% towards achieving a goal. Keen problem solver.

ID 854531

Oliver Walerys

McGill BCom, Local Web Dev Entrepreneur, Passionate Salesperson, Motivated and Driven Student

ID 721933

capucine imar

In charge of the customer relationship, I am really passionate about improving the user experience and create upsell.

ID 1068691

Costanza Graziani

Student at McGill University. Project Manager at La Sosta di Ottone III - Researching local quality food producers and potential suppliers for La Sosta Kitchen.

ID 717292

Dragos Tudor

Business Strategy and Management Msc with experience in diverse startups. Passionate about business strategy, technology and design.

ID 987032

Lisa Yang

Team player with a collaborative spirit; Multitasker and creative problem solver.

ID 821146

André Barsalou

Co-founder/COO of Wise - Simple and Natural Men's Care. Business development and strategic innovation champion. International experience and limitless drive.

ID 522667

Andrea Saez

Undercover Geek. Zendesk Evangelist. Product Support Guru.

ID 830854

Khajan Yadav

McGill MBA, Enthusiast for developing business strategy for start ups

ID 768683

Olivier Gareau

Co-Founder of ; Marketing expert and Growth Hacking Enthousiast.

ID 984538

Léandre Demers

McGill BCom, Double concentration in marketing and entrepreneurship, looking to work in young dynamic startup and can bring much to the table

ID 1024917

Francis Diamond

Business strategist and project leader. Successfully lead major technology projects in the aerospace.

ID 448147

Henri Lajeunesse

Hardworking, dynamic B.Sc. Graduate with practical scientific and business development work experiences. goal: Trainee position in Business Development/Analyst.

ID 610805

Sarah Takforyan

Msc student at HEC Montreal -currently developping a startup project in tech

ID 534537

Leon Mwotia, MBA

Uber operations manager, McGill MBA, Sales Ninja, 6 years sales and management experience. Fully bilingual.

ID 978445

Carmen Ng

✔ Business Development Executive @busbud ✔ Worked at @morgan-stanley @american-century-investments ✔ Studied Joint Honors Biz @mcgill-university-1

ID 809075

Simon Turcotte-Plamondon

General management and operations, experience with team leadership and supervision; Need someone to operate your startup's vital tasks reliably?

ID 1078680

Mario Armenti

Led a team of 5 Windows Leaders for the Windows Campus Rep Program as Windows Guru

ID 1038136

Daniel Kielback

MSc Graduate, Sustainable Development Enthusiast, Social Entrepreneur, Collaboration and Innovation, for the complexity of everyday.

ID 1084019

Niccolo Folchi-Vici

Intl. student at McGill University with professional non-governmental working experience. Looking for new challenges with growing startups & inspiring people.

ID 975611

Dan Braverman

Former director and office manager of a small business. Versatile, with skills in HR/recruiting, marketing, and administration, as well as digital/technical.

ID 411495

Julian Ilson

Experienced entrepreneur that simply delivers.

ID 734771

Derek Vollebregt

Have developed new product / experiential offerings for SMEs and MNCs in Canada, USA, Netherlands and Belgium worth over $400,000

ID 632630

Melody Gateretse

McGill Economics graduate, future leader of the free world.

ID 805965

Aliza Rana

Driven, passionate, and intellectually-curious student and dedicated varsity athlete interested in a dynamic and challenging full-time position after graduation

ID 628061

Conrad Liu

Econ/finance student at McGill; Background in data management, algorithmic trading and research.

ID 976674

Bibi Careau

Master Problem Solver and McGill Graduate looking for a challenge

ID 797529

Gisele I. Karekezi

Public Relations / Event Management / Community Management

ID 1078870

Hannah Isaac

McGill University student in Civil Engineering.

ID 551301

Alexander Lekacz

McGill Engineering Student, Coordinator of multiple philanthropic events

ID 951902

Michaella Chidiac

McGill University B.A 2014 | Strong background in communication and customer service. Social media expert with a keen eye for detail.   

ID 800034

Agathe Flourent

Co-founder at 360 Talent Management, entrepreneurial mind-set, seeking for dynamic and international environment.

ID 593250

Tania Briere

ID 345614

Maythe Han

Former research intern at @provender • Studying anthropology, classics, and world religions at @mcgill-university

ID 1018941

Divij Mehra

Mechanical Engineering student- McGill University.  Worked at:  Rolls-Royce plc BioActive Materials Lab (McGill University)  Jordan Aircraft maintenance Company

ID 502040

Daniel Zimskind

McGill Management Graduate, Project Manager of large Phase II and Phase III Clinical Trials, Strong political finance and communications background

ID 784924

Martin Au

Experienced Management Consultant, Startup Consultant, McGill B.Eng, working @ibm - passionate about business growth + technology.

ID 298305

Wali Zia

Master of All Trades

ID 356412

David Potofsky

Designated professional with an accounting background and a keen interest business strategy, operations, project management and financial analysis.

ID 480061

Heeyeon Seo

McGill Science, Passionate about Online Marketing and Technology, Willing to Provide the Best Possible Assistance in the Fields

ID 819488

Jessica MacKinnon

McGill MBA Grad. 2+ years eCommerce start-up experience at own company & leading high-end fashion retailer. Partner relations & business development expertise.

ID 814423

Justin Peimani

Multi-lingual law student with startup experience, looking for positions in business development. Candidate for CFA level 1 and New York State Bar Exam.

ID 814694

Kiran Phalak

• SCRUM Master and Electronics Product Design Engineer at District 3 • Skilled fabrication, measurement, Embedded systems based on PSoC, PRoC, ATMEGA families

ID 936759

Vincent Le Bon

HEC Paris Graduate; Entrepreneur; Project Manager, Finance & Operations @ Rocket internet (Westwing France)

ID 1025544

TJ Quan

Interior Designer, 3D Modeler

ID 1004547

Neeta Pakhale

International business development expert with work experience in 3 different countries.  Special training in project management and business analysis

ID 885795

Jason Bissonnette

My strength and passion are Business Strategy & Corporate Development. Leading teams to achieve quarterly profitability & strategic restructuring.

ID 539302

Malik Medjahed-Schwethelm

M.A. Strategy & International Management candidate at the University of St. Gallen interested in strategy, entrepreneurship, technology, & sports management.

ID 799430

David Molina

Master Student in HEC Montreal, International Business with IT,Worked in business dev. in a Junior Consulting firm and as market analyst in the Healthcare Ind.

ID 907011

Silvana Huaman

Business development professional, avid market researcher, competitive strategist, always looking for business opportunities to build upon and growing networks.

ID 981643

Mathilde Augustin

Third year student at McGill University, minor in Computer Science incorporated in extensive study of international public and market relations.

ID 1055714

Claire Hayek, Eng., MBA

Entrepreneur, Engineer, Operations/Sales Manager, team leader & driver, Project Director, Artist, Multilingual.

ID 1037719

Max Williams

Recent McGill grad, Assistant Manager at Gerts Bar and Outreach Coordinator at The Nest

ID 375460

Anna Roumiantseva

Creative & analytical business strategy and operations specialist; strong business background (mgmt consulting at Accenture & investment banking at Barclays).

ID 1030388

Alexandra Cannistraro Bosque

University student (and soon-to-be graduate) at McGill University, interior designer, event logistics and design background

ID 481679

Arno Burnuk

Experienced Engineer looking for Role in Startup

ID 915563

Alex Megelas

Fifteen years of leadership and project management in startup, academic and community settings.

ID 861683

Doga (Doa) Demirsu

MBA from Mcgill, generalist with interest in growing start ups.. Financed enterprises in a top tier bank, worked at a pre-seed tech start-up.

ID 863141

Alexandre Halverson

Retail executive with a passion for leadership and operations management

ID 622813

Melanie Meslin

Trilingual degree in Finance with Mercury Excellence distinction. Help launched Apero Rapido Paris Startup in 2014. Passion: Marketing, Social Media, Finance.

ID 490118

Marcus Bischof

McGill CS

ID 1066222

Michael Chen

ID 709781

Emile Hajjar

Bachelor in Business Administration, Minor in theater production. Strong entrepreneurial background. Launched a startup in the Middle East at age 24.

ID 154815

Mostafa Elhefnawy

Co-Founded Gym Fuel • Ex-Entrepreneur in Residence @ TandemLaunch • Studied Business Technology Management and Finance at @concordia-university (JMSB)

ID 575856

Jason Yoo

Student at UC Berkeley (Economics & Business)

ID 850036

Nic Yakubosky

A dynamic leader with a track record of increasing profits, reducing costs, inventory and shrink, and transforming customer service.

ID 860448

Hussain Mohammed

Tech/Business Analyst, Supplier Management, Global Operations Lead.

ID 833575

Sebastian Bulzak

Hands­-on CTO and startup team leader. Built innovative products from scratch to production. Stays on the cutting edge thru regular technology intelligence.

ID 403167

Dorsa Tajaddod Alizadeh

Founder Digital Brain Zone, Master of Industrial Engineering (Concordia University) Project Planning and Scheduling background (Digital Brain Zone, TechnoTar Co., Sharif University)

ID 862183

Kara-Christyne Cyr

ID 895910

Shawn Kearney

Proffesional, trilingual, forager. Knowlegeable, and purposefully aware of Montreal and Quebec's food scene.

ID 902100

Jay Palicha

Engineer Extraordinaire and Small Business Owner. Passionate about airplanes and supply chains. Motivated and love working with people.

ID 1008238

Thom Seivewright

Welcome to my application.  I live and breathe Hospitality.  Please make yourself comfortable and let me know if there anything I can do for you.  

ID 700448

Graeme Villeret

Stratège digital, e-commerce et médias sociaux

ID 692096

Sasha Lipskaia

Multi-lingual, people expert and coach, Concordia alum. Artist, creator and producer. Free-lancer and teamplayer with style and warmth.

ID 944420

Lisa Suliteanu

Concordia Student, Sustainability, Business & Communications, Service and sales experience 

ID 532455

Jennifer Stein

Co-founder and COO of MUthins. Quick study. Self-motivated. Diplomatic. Looking for an industry-forward environment and start up to flourish and grow with.

ID 978479

Aly Margaret Henstridge

Concordia University student. Writer, copyeditor. Clear and concise, athletic and team leader.

ID 77452

Manny I. Madi

COO of @rhubs.

ID 459392

John Wade

Bcomm JMSB '13, Serial Entrepreneur, Launched 3 books & 7 businesses, Been to 23 Countries, Speaks 5 Languages, Does Stand Up, Competes In Physique Competitions

ID 1083432

Anastasia Artemova

Product Manager with experience in high traffic and startup environment

ID 991432

Jessica Morris

COO of Belvada Cosmetics

ID 1050573

Melissa Moy

ID 728551

Savanna Jones Martin

Incredibly hard-working creative mind who thrives in a team and is inspired by positive visionaries. 

ID 957511

Max Alejandro Sanchez Luckert

Multilingual individual with a skills set heavy with operations, logistics, advertisement and relations. 

ID 641968

Andrew Cuttini

Young bilingual lawyer working in commercial/IP in the field of technology innovation and looking for an opportunity to work in a startup environment.

ID 753460

Ben Pattison

Production Manager at Beyond the Rack. U of T graduate. Strong writing and project management background. Experience leading a large and diverse team.

ID 1093045

Arnaud Beauchamp

My roots are in technology, but my strenghts have flourished through creativity, strategic planning et talent coaching.

ID 622407

Gurmeet Tagore

Founder LaRitzy • Accounting Graduate at @concordia-university-1

ID 313652

Jean-Philippe Rivard Lauzier

ID 1027420

Charles Provost

I have started a waterskiing school business when only 15 years old. I have a finance background and looking to combine sales and client relations.

ID 818952

Cara Rynerson

Business minded and solutions oriented. Launched ecommerce catering service in Europe. Strong Customer Service and Project Management background.

ID 700287

Vitaly Kormakov

Results-driven and motivated banking professional.

ID 1018853

Thomas Corblin

Master in Business Strategy (HEC Montréal) and Master in Corporate Finance and Business Development (ISTEC). Project Management experience (Healthcare, Bank)

ID 1020105

Grégoire Boutron

Several project management experiences, willing to make the most of both entrepreneurial and Eco-Industrial Engineer profile by joining a fast growing company.

ID 1073412

Henry Chan

Highly motivated individual, experienced with technology. Focus on accomplishing objectives on the financial and operational side of businesses.

ID 537566

Brittany Rockwell

Finance grad with business development exp. in start-ups. International work experience in publishing and digital media.

ID 874353

Alessandro Melotti

Independent Project Manager with experience in Sales, Business Development, and Operations.

ID 914631

Stéphanie Lemay

Looking to break into the startup world. Passionate about cities and urban planning. Working in the non profit sector as an urban security counsellor at Tandem.

ID 1093367

Matthew Griffin

VP-Operations of Montreal startup, UX/UI, Development, MFA

ID 945361

Geneviève Giguère

Lawyer. Wish to do something new. Currently applying for MBAs (Sept.'15), meanwhile looking for experience in business (to be back with new skills afterwards?)

ID 928527

Maxime Joly

Business technologies,Bachelors degree Student at ESG-UQAM

ID 484105

Frederick Gauthier

Stong business and financial bacground, I would like to work in a tech company.

ID 382728

Alex Robert

Work at Apple. Helping people discover and enjoy life using their products.

ID 964479

Francesca Knowles

Graduated from Concordia University in Communication Studies; Worked at Dulcedo Model Management, Delcom Inc, and HI-Montreal; Contributor at LeShindig

ID 1093685

Pierre de Boucherville

Entrepreneur-lawyer-MBA. Started several businesses, latest one in telemedicine (software+ robotics). Acted as legal counsel for several businesses.

ID 620061

Ryan MacDuff

BFA Film Studies (with distinction) at Concordia University. Freelance film entrepreneur & cinephile with a keen interest in broadening my horizons.

ID 838435

Anik Laframboise

JMSB Undergrad B.Comm, freelance event planner and project manager

ID 1079336

Alice Krayem

ID 568753

Romain Le Bihan

Management consultant - Mobile product launch, fluent in marketing, operations & IT

ID 104048

Derek Jen

Product Manager | Social Media, Web and Mobile

ID 488571

Björn Radtke

Manager with strong QA background

ID 818327

Jerin Varughese

Ready and wiling to take up any challenging role.

ID 537930

Michel Dab

BA History. Experienced healthcare start-up operations manager - managed marketing teams & RFP process. Strong Project Management skills. Strong content writer.

ID 700371

Jonathan Brodeur

Aerospace Engineer, Strong entreprenarial and management skills, Co-Founder of Empact Performance and Founder of OpenTek (

ID 1069223

Matheson Carroll

Finance student at John Molson School of Business; interested in investment, technology, and entrepreneurship; Work at Bombardier as a Financial Analyst.

ID 1055949

Walid Fares

Industrial Engineer, Team spirit, Motivated, Former member of Free the Children, Worked at Diamond Integrated Marketing.

ID 708402

Frédéric Scherer

Product manager at Air Liquide; Master degrees in Business and Industrial engineering & management, participated at 24 hours of innovation at C2MTL.

ID 757110

Jannell Lo

Cook in the food service industry looking to get involved with urban farming in the community of Montreal.

ID 693531

Quentin Weber

Highly motivated individual focused on results, career development and hard work on a daily basis

ID 900945

Stephen Rich

Quick riser through the ranks at a huge Montreal start up.

ID 930392

Amin Dada

Strategist with Retail & Product Management background

ID 955782

Deke Patton

Experienced operations and research professional

ID 884342

Marc-Antoine Dubé

Experienced IT Analyst at Travelbrands Inc

ID 690091

Jean-Francois Grenier

Awesome geek with a a strong tech & business background looking for awesome projects to work on.

ID 651717

Weixun Li

Graduated from Concordia computer science. Worked in EV tech game development team. Intern production coordinator in Bright View Textile Inc.

ID 985787

jayme leitner

JMSB,Strong business background. communication/presentation skills, management & co-ordination

ID 874976

Hayder Kadhim

Social activist and Industrial Engineer, I want to use my experience, education, skills and knowledge to make this world a better place, one step at a time.

ID 1010268

Raphaël Ettore

Well versed in community/product management, fundraising, biz dev and a great team player. I can bring valuable experience in community based tech companies. 

ID 439711

Justin Fridman, CPA, CA

Looking for a change! Professional accountant with strong management skills, significant client-facing experience and a passion for entrepreneurship.

ID 233820

Maxime Deland

Web Operations & Marketing

ID 242541

Julie Lewis

ID 757687

Hung Tam Nguyen

Able and willing to learn anything quickly and efficiently. Expert in DB2 / SAS / SAP, looking for new challenges.

ID 853857

Amanda Piedimonte

Web strategist focused on creating useful, valuable and usable online experiences for both brands and users.

ID 89444

Simon Sayz

Tech Geek, Bean Counter, Entrepreneur, Founding CEO of @simther-capital, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of @accounting-firm-kgt-consultant. All around great guy.

ID 541527

Brice Salmon

Founder of Glasgow, a design studio. +10 years experience in communication agencies as producer, strategist and senior account manager

ID 464001

Bobby N Watson

TEDxHECMontreal organizer, Student at HEC Montreal, Worked at Sanimax, Kognitive Marketing.

ID 961718

Cedric Emond

Started successful Foodtruck business, 7 + years in sales, 5+ years in restaurant business, currently pursuing business management degree (night classes)

ID 981229

Omar Barakat

Finance Graduate. Equity Trader. Tech-Lover. 

ID 444120

Helmy Elsaeed

Concordia University. Economics. Middle-east targeted App development for Social and Economic growth and more.

ID 531796

Ahmed Bakkar

Adaptable, intuitive and creative, start-ups offer the thrill of the unknown and flexible work. Looking for continuous self-development in challenging tasks.

ID 1076297

Jesse Kirman

Accountancy Major at JMSB, team oriented, quick learner, experience in supply chain at MAAX Inc. and Steve's Music.

ID 968085

Jessica Scharf

MBA graduate seeking a project coordinator or project manager position in a fast-paced, dynamic industry with growth opportunities

ID 1000975

Jase Assor

Apple SMB Account Manager, Marketing Grad, Passionate about all things web and disruptive.

ID 639048

David Zagury

Co-founder of BeLingual. Studied finance @concordia-university. Strategy consultant. Strong business background

ID 1059525

Michael Peronace

6+ years experience in management, customer service, and sales

ID 561598

Junaid Subhani

Co Founder @apponative || Computer Engineer || French learner || Aviation Enthusiast || Traveller || A new Montrealer || Music Lover

ID 855199

Keith Holland

Grammar and writing wizard with extensive journalism, social media, e-commerce, and technical writing background!

ID 510803

Nathaniel Chettiar

Hard working food professional, I.T.H.Q. Culinary diploma, Saint Mary's Univ. B. Comm.

ID 1052501

Zahava Grinfeld

Regional manager, condos, oversee all operations, budgets of 1.5m. In France worked for a luxury retreat comp. Ran housekeeping, chefs, nannies chauffeurs +++

ID 946784

Shane Dian

CS graduate, sold & managed over $10 million of award winning projects & technologies to serve the most demanding international clients.

ID 773662

Dimitri Marko

Engineer with specialization in Marketing, passion and learning driven, entrepreneur mind, workaholic and always wanting to take part in success.

ID 864806

Thilaknath Ashok kumar

QA Automation Engineer, with proven experience in Consumer Industry

ID 1091723

Sandra Santa

Msc. Industrial Engineering with experience in Logistics and Distribution.

ID 861071

François CONS

ID 1048570

Christophe Riffaud

5 years in business development - established new brand at the airport with a 25% revenue growth over the 3 years

ID 679809

Adam Chartrand

I bike

ID 460465

David Zagury

B.Comm in Finance. Semi-finalist at the case competition 'The Apprentice'. Provided consulting advices to small and medium companies in the Montreal region.

ID 676904

Wojtek Mikulik

Experienced Operations, and Project Manager with 13 years experience in the software development industry.

ID 707718

Chris Chackal

Worked for apple for 6 years. Started in sales, soon after transitioned to technical support and am now a certified technician in software/hardware & mentor

ID 867040

Florian Gr

A creative and efficient project manager specialized in environmental and sustainability issues. 

ID 1022925

Emilie Noel

Visual Merchandiser / Fashion and retail / Styling / Design

ID 944220

Mylene Boursin

E-business HEC Montreal ; Computer Sciences UQAM ; Communication Paris8 ; Worked for small companies as web writer and journalist 

ID 883395

Victor Rinaldi


ID 1021305

Laura Lebovic

Senior analyst in strategy, business development. Strong business background (Bombardier, National Bank of Canada), MBA International Management

ID 797866

Loïc Ehrard

Master's degree in Engineering, specialization in Business management. Worked for Otis Elevator Company, Airbus Industry and a for start-up funded by Orange. 

ID 930474

Sandra Bagaria

My skills and talents reside primarily in operations and 
management, applied to day to day activities coaching/supporting a team on their operations.

ID 983741

Julien Prugne

Developer /Osédea

ID 941864

Karim Traiaia

McGill Bcom, Launched 2 startups, Worked in retail for 3 years.  

ID 930478

Marion Buisine

ID 942762

Alexei Gusan

ID 766725

Annick Rafanomezana

Passionate about search engines, dynamic, curious entrepreneurship experience, ready to take on new challenges! Certified Google Analytics

ID 841741

Benaïssa Ahmed, Ing.

Coordinator in a United Nations program for dvelopment project. Former Coo of Zportiv, Founder and former CEO of Sport-Pro/RIM; Worked at CIBC. UTT-Eng. 2011.

ID 766704

Steven Singh


ID 942671

Brian Leiberman

Mcgill Management Bcom 2014: Worked at AB-Inbev, Started my own tutoring company

ID 1074294

Bertrand Plourde

Senior project manager with natural leadership skills and a knack for change management.

ID 953820

Gabrielle Jacques

Business management graduate & Entrepreuneur: launched after graduation. Worked at Apple. Loves challenges and growing environments.

ID 1080329

Thanh Vi Latour

Participated in the launching of new office in Paris and implemented my own department of Coordination & Scheduling

ID 1011939

Robert Courteau

Want to work with an ambitious entrepreneur and their startup. I have been coached and have coached and can bring a lot of fresh ideas and managerial experience

ID 1013011

Yong Yue

project manager in an Import/export company in montreal; strong business background(stock,bonds and future); team work sprit, personal energy.

ID 958851

Preet Dhillon

Political Sciences Major; Super humanitarian in the making; Creative/Forward Thinker

ID 932410

Raky Hanne Ly


ID 788496

Jacqueline Reid

Strategist - recently returned to Montreal from NYC. Currently Director of Strategy for a specialized agency.

ID 860126

JC Cote

Top-producing professional with high level of creativity and exceptional relationship-building talents. 

ID 836993

Jonathan Niquet

Creative leader and solution driven enthusiast with over 6 years of experience in the video game industry. Montreal native. European citizen.

ID 964237

Giulio Stocco

Junior Architect. Project Management in Architectural and Interior Design Projects.Construction coordination specialist.

ID 963035

Mélanie Yasfi

International Business graduate - Marketing Assistant

ID 1079278

Jean-Francois Asselin

Full stack generalist

ID 969160

Dee Barbo

IBM employer. Manager at Up early. Experience in QA testing and in technical support. Strong communication skills. Entrepreneurial spirit

ID 899645

Manuelle Côté-Gravel

ID 1078818

Erika Liston

Concordia University, Admin for "Spotted at Concordia" Facebook page (8,557 users), Strong Business background, Speak German and Hungarian

ID 921198

Jingtian Su

ID 763891

Nicolas Plessis

System Administrator - DevOps

ID 880011

Frederic Maheu

15yrs experience Solutions/Software Architect with management experience. Lived the growing pains of a startup.

ID 897798

j g

Project Manager

ID 870658

Guillaume M. Sabourin

ID 819928

Hugues Belaib

Designer/Project Manager, freelancing since 3 years, I love the hustle.

ID 971759

Gabriel Malboeuf

Guest Services professional, hotel industry background. Strong accounting skills. 

ID 883511

Marc-André Nadeau


Computer Engineer with 10+ years of XP.  Architect, telecom specialist and developer.  Very strong technical skills.  Worked at Bell Canada and CAE.

ID 1082437

Valentin Punga

Certified Professional Purchaser with more than 15 years of experience, mainly in Chemical Industry, Supply Chain,Inventory Management, Contracts and Projects

ID 895353

Kenzo Vezina

Seeking new business opportunities | Strong business background | Worked abroad

ID 785568

Alnoor Sheriff

Alnoor Sheriff, CEO of Shikatronics, 1989-2008 founder and expanded from start up to 80 millions $$ in Sales, in the Americas. Strategy and Management

ID 706987

Ilan Alleson

ID 656853

Dorian Basuyau

ID 690097

Danielle Bakhazi

McGill Engineer, Ruby on Rails full stack, Co-founding my second startup, worked at EA Mobile (mobile game dev), active DJ/producer

ID 603530

David Bertrand

Fluently bilingual, sales and business development professional with leadership abilities and extensive experience in the manufacturing sector of consumer and industrial products/services, B2B and B2C. Established network throughout North America.

ID 590199

Patrice Ekedi

Strategic MBA graduate with 8 years of engineering and analytical experience.
 Specialized in technology strategies and new products marketing.

ID 729953

Hannah Liu

ID 748285

Kutiba Senusi

Managing Partner at Cruel MTL; Marketing Professional 

ID 683760

Damien Tarrio

Experienced Business Development Manager looking for a new challenge in Montréal.

ID 743039

Antonie Cuerrier

2.0 tourism development specialist

ID 708966

Olivier Beauverd, MPM, PMP, PMI-ACP

Project Manager, Business Analyst, Storyboarder, Cartoonist, ...

ID 656274


Multi-language; French, English, Russian, Spanish (all fluent). Communication skills. Worked in various industries; retail, restaurants, music, and banking,

ID 623056

Rosario Feghali

Project Management - Analytics - Information Technology

ID 666315

Joe Issid

A versatile digital media professional with a strong focus on operations, project management, content management, social media and communications strategy.

ID 978099

Miglena Hristova

Ambitious, dedicated and disciplined person.Well educated, responsible, loyal and dependable. Customer Service Representative with over 5 years experience.

ID 629762

Loic Fourniller

Bachelor in marketing at concordia university

ID 696852

Monika Nadj


ID 751029

Jack Kaladjian

Financial Analyst and Cash Management @mindgeek

ID 706376



ID 734409

Christina Drummond

Transformer of ideas into successful programs, through skilled management, team building, and strategy.

ID 722928

Anh Quan Tran Viet

In need of a new challenge

ID 500295

M. Taimoor Haseeb

Former McGill Senator, 20 months of industry experience, First in Alberta Toast Master Public Speaking Championship, Technical knowledge, Management Experience.

ID 288516

Zeena Ismail

McGill Economics & Operations Management. Supply chain and auditing experience at Deloitte & Touche and Target Chemicals Establishment. I speak English, Arabic and French and have various volunteer managerial experience.

ID 1003664

Étienne Brun

BComm student at JMSB Concordia U

ID 340147

Diana Györkös

Results oriented professional with project management, personnel management in retail and telecom industry. 

ID 1002885

Émilie Raimbault

13 yr experience in project management. Coordinated a european network of entrepreneurs, co-founded and managed a slowfood restaurant. Food, land, people lover.

ID 497049

Amyna Lakhani

Project Manager, Leader, Analyst, Great work experience

ID 565292

Marie-Chantale Turgeon

Creative mind / Speaker / Influencer / Social media expert / Author / Blogger / Podcaster / Visionary

ID 447468

Agathe Flourent

ID 1004300

Cédric Lachance


ID 543874

Alan Gilmor

Just testing out right now?

ID 1042063



ID 1000375

Kevin Kaiser

Software manager and independent iPhone App developer with 4 apps currently on the App Store.

ID 495882

Daniel Beruben

Administrator System - linux goal

ID 1003210

Alexandre Ngo

Director, business development and accounts at AFA Financial, private mortage loans; Consultant, real estate development with 6+ years in field.

ID 1010628

Jean-Francois Thibault


ID 534109

Natalia Correa

ID 1018656

Hugo Caouette-Fritsch


ID 33602

Jean-Nicolas Guillemette

Entrepreneur with extensive experience in project management, operation, business consulting, turnaround project. INSEAD MBA

ID 587443

Chris Hart

Cut my teeth in the web agency world leading teams and shipping many types of projects. Broad in business, deep in tech. Specializing in PM and development.

ID 1034745

Jesse Bourns

Operations & Special Projects at Ajah & PoweredbyData. Autodidact and problem solver that work on: UX/UI, design, biz dev, and project & product management.

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