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ID 57521

Brendan Sera-Shriar

Founder @daychamp @presswork, Creer Magazine, StartupBump • I'm a driven creative, brand developer and technologist. • Worked at @vanilla-forums, @mega-bloks

ID 689170

Pier Luc Lafleur

Experienced developer looking for CTO/lead dev/technical manager positions

ID 635497

Eric Thiffeault

Software Technical Director @cloudcade , former Game Engine Technical Lead. Worked 14y @ Ubisoft Montreal, father of 4 wonderful girls.

ID 1058833

Stanislav Furman

Master's degree in Computer and Information Technology with a solid knowledge in Web Development and over 12 years of experience (since 2000).

ID 881471

Adi Bar-Lev

Founder NexStop Studio • Worked at @formlabs, @samsung-electronics • Studied at @technion-israel

ID 670177

Rafik Djeridi

Tech lead at Sparkup Inc. Startup enthusiast. Full-stack developer experienced in .NET technologies. I enjoy designing and architecting systems.

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