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ID 487212

Amedee d'Aboville

McGill CS. General technologist. Interested in personal neuroscience tech (FNIRS, EEG).

ID 392279

Marit Brademann

Worked at @groupon, @sapient • Studied at @university-of-mannheim, @warsaw-school-of-economics

ID 611006

Alexandre Gervais

Hi!, I'm Alexandre Gervais, co-founder of Dareeo. Software engineer, eternal student and metalhead based in Montreal.

ID 23990

Marc-Antoine Ross


Co-Founder and CDO of @passwordbox. Serial Entrepreneur & Investor aka Explorer of the digital era.

ID 34758

Evan Prodromou

I make the future come sooner.

ID 239198

Jeff Aldrich

Co-Founder Provender • Worked at @periscope, @lifetime-fitness, @independent-consultant • Studied at @university-of-minnesota-twin-cities, @carleton-college • 17 years in the software industry

ID 699326

Patrice Gauthier

ETS IT Bachelor, Full stack generalist, Launched Django backends for a newspaper. Worked at Ericsson, Yellow Pages and iWeb.

ID 281286

Ramez Debbas


‎Founder @kwirk-software-inc Software Engineer | Hacker Entrepreneur | Investor

ID 201411

Stephane Menard

Co-Founder/CSO @om signal, Co-Founder/CEO @talkdynamics (Now Clear-Com), Technologist at heart.

ID 86813

Joost Ouwerkerk

Founder and CTO @hopper • Worked at @expedia, @newtrade

ID 428358

Michael Gradek

Co-founder/CTO at travel startup @busbud • Rocked development and project management @microsoft • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 41044

Chris Arsenault


Founder @inovia-capital, @sit-europe • Worked at @telesystems-ltd, @msbi-inc • Studied at @university-of-laval

ID 614579

Mark Val

GM Europe PlayFab. Opened offices for @unity & @ubisoft. Ran multimillion user online projects. Entrepreneur, award-winning developer with 15 years of experience.

ID 41487

Jean-Luc David

Founder | Ed @york-university | Chief Evangelist @microsoft | CTO @digiflare @spently | API @yellow-pages-group | @facebook @y-combinator hack winner

ID 101718

Daniel Craig Stuart


Founder @gonabit, @bidvine • Worked at @livingsocial, @adgear • Investor @dash, @pollspace • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @wilfrid-laurier-university

ID 58983

Theo Ephraim

Full-stack engineer/designer @breather. Startup entrepreneur and @500startups alum.

ID 41171

Duleepa Wijayawardhana

CTO, Green Elk, former CEO/Co-Founder of @empire-avenue. Worked at @bioware-corp./MySQL AB/Sun. Coffee Boy, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Developer.

ID 185501

Jean-Nicholas Hould

Digital Analyst & Developer at @passwordbox • e-Commerce @HEC and Starter League Alumni

ID 24944

Bruno Morency

Founder of @context-io. First startup right out of school in 2001, acquired 2 yrs later. @mcgill-university B.Eng. Electrical + Minor Tech Entrepreneurship.

ID 106083

Todd Sullivan

Co-Founder at @flightfox. Co-Founder at @globetrooper (sold 2011). Lead developer at @raytheon and @defence-1.

ID 190305

Alexandre Bouënard

R&D Engineer, Ph.D

ID 428373


Worked at @nextly

ID 72577

Adrian Ghizaru

Web developer at the National Film Board of Canada.

ID 254765

Hamed Al-Khabbaz

Janitor at @zilyo. Sleeper by day, hacker by night.

ID 113871

Angus Woodman

Founder @crew, @patroniz-1 • Worked at @verafin, @ThriveSoftware • Studied at @memorial-university-of-newfoundland

ID 51160

Gabriel Lespérance

CTO & co-founder of @wavo-me Inc. Hacker / Entrepreneur / Programmer / Free Thinker

ID 131401

Naoufal Kadhom

I dual-wield Design and Development— and my name is phonetically pronounced Nofell.

ID 56321

Gabriel Grisé

Cofounder and CTO of @glancee, inc. Software engineer graduated from Ecole de technologie superieure. Worked at Ericsson, CAE and collaborated with @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

ID 211015

Christophe Naud-Dulude

ID 715629

Timothy Carbone

Data Scientist and Developer at Busbud. Dedicated to startups.

ID 133083

Nicholas Asch

Founder @gliph, @caravan • Studied at @concordia-university. Fluent in web infrastructure, MongoDB, Redis, Python, Web front-end and Android.

ID 56388

Mike Gozzo

Product @radialpoint , Founder @appifier (acquired '14). Once named one of the top 25 emerging entrepreneurs in Quebec. Mobile Engineer. John Molson MBA.

ID 458587

Sebastien Perreault


CEO and Founder @ekoom. Senior Developer. Serial entrepreneur. Strong business background. I've been building startups for 18 years

ID 380274

Frederic Gingras

Passionate full-stack engineer, big self-learner, uses the right tool for the right job, would be glad to meet you for a coffee!

ID 191137

Luke Chesser

Product Designer @crew @Unsplash • Studied Engineering at @mcgill-university

ID 376131

Séraphin Hochart

Working at @breather, iOS & Web Developer with a background in Economy and Political science. Ukulele, Bass & Guitar player.

ID 192065

Adam Perkins

Co-founder of 900dpi. Entrepreneur and full-stack developer of eight years. @university-of-wisconsin-whitewater

ID 139695

Myung Sun Kim

Co-Founder, @appfuel

ID 50212

Colin Surprenant

internet and open source software developer, self-starter/entrepreneur, distributed/scalable/realtime social media data/stream processing.

ID 24966

Dominik Gehl

Lead Developer at @context-io. Over 15 years of experience in programming: email, groupware, security, education and bioinformatics.

ID 163495

David Chouinard

Imagineer at @disney. Harvard grad. Product designer, formerly at @flightaware and developer-in-residence at @techstars.

ID 24985

André LeBlanc


Founder and CTO of Sky Motion Research. Founding Member Discreet Logic (IPO, subsequently acquired by Autodesk). Director of Technology at Ubisoft.

ID 343058

Mohamed Alborno

Founder @the-new-country-film @crowdsway. Filmmaker, Engineer and Marketer. Top 25 Tech Stars of the Middle East. Winner of Startup Weekend and Patent Pending.

ID 77031

Felix Menard

Product guy. Founded @weroll @exitlist. Well-travelled, designed-focussed, art-lover, dedicated coder, bicycle rider.

ID 134054

Pascal Hamel

Team leader at @crowdbase. Previously cofounder at @live-rides, FounderFuel Spring 2012 alumni. Studied in software engineering.

ID 325814

Jeff Hu

Worked at @foursquare , @morgan-stanley , @blackberry-2

ID 348959

Trevor Starick

Co-Founder/CTO - Zilyo. Student, Hacker, Entrepreneur,

ID 61930

Mathieu Simard

Co-Founder -- APTGEEK TECHNOLOGIES INC. -- Tech Addict -- If you never give up, you never lose.

ID 193325

Pier-Olivier Genest

CTO of reelyActive • Indoor location startups • R&D Scientist and Entrepreneur • Master in AI

ID 224560

Sam Vermette

Better cities entrepreneur. Design, code, urbanism, transit. CEO @transitapp.

ID 191782

Jeffrey Dungen

Objective: to contribute significantly toward the sustainable advancement of humanity. CEO of reelyActive. Engineer meets entrepreneur. Creating an open IoT.

ID 217287

Raisa MacLeod

Work @sweetiq

ID 191017

Jonathan Schacter

Founder @classtrak Founder @who2you • Worked at @babytel • Studied at @mcgill-university, @concordia-university

ID 48283

Jean-Pierre Levac

Entrepreneurial technocrat excelling at business development and networking, striving to build teams that help ideas grow into marketable products & businesses.

ID 201461

Sunny Vardhan Mahajan

Biosignal Analyst at @om-signal. Worked at @canassist • Studied at @university-of-victoria. Patents in EEG and Gait analysis. Facial - EMG based HCI.

ID 188334

Julien Dreux

CTO @fastgrab. Previously built Voice Applications @nuance Communications. @founderfuel grad, McGill University engineer

ID 140169

Philippe L'Heureux

CTO at @crowdmedia-1 in Montreal, PQ. Interested in startups, Scala, OpenSource in general and damn good music!

ID 176217

Alexandre Bourget

Co-Founder/CTO at, Python/AngularJS dev, Bitcoin enthusiast

ID 492691


McGill CS

ID 7267


Engineer, Entrepreneur @seedingfactory - co-organizer of @mtlnewtech

ID 531630

Petros Calafatidis

I am a senior developer with 8+ years of experience in different fields of software design and development.

ID 394311

Alexandre C

Хочешь поднять себе настроение скажи сто раз букву б.)))

ID 50373

Alexander Cameron

Senior LAMP Architect based in Montreal with a specialism in audio/video: PHP5 (Laravel/FPM/Composer/Git), Nginx, Varnish, AWS, MySQL/NoSQL (Mongo/Couch).

ID 19583

Saima Khan

Visionary Entrepreneur, Focused, Diplomatic. Over 19 years of Consulting Thought Leader, Professional, Fun, and Witty.

ID 169603


Sr Engineer at Bunch, former CTO at Ubity, Sr Lead Developer at QNX.

ID 108495

Noah Bloom

Mobile entrepreneur & tech anthropologist. CEO @jiber, founding team @Blueslice, Harvard/H150, race bikes for @lgevolution, adventure skier, guitar slayer

ID 269690

Mohamed Smaoui

Computer Science PhD Candidate @mcgill-university • Co-Founder/CTO DoBundle Inc.

ID 140945

Alexander Wenzowski

Technical Co-Founder @dialoghq • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 677858

Gili Tzabari

A leader with a strong technical background who takes ownership of projects and guides them to success.

ID 342242

Mazen Elbawab

Software Engineering Consultant, Worked at Ubisoft, Behavior Int. and founded a Software Development and Consulting firm, impossible is merely a state of mind.

ID 340538

Farid Rener

Developer at @provender. @mcgill-university Honours EE grad + Architecture H&T Masters. I work on eco-people-friendly tech.

ID 206442

Emir Aydin

Software Engineer & Tech Entrepreneur

ID 1043386

Paul Kruszewski

Democratizing computer vision

ID 310528

Jean-Michel Bouchard

Electrical Engineer, C, Java.

ID 677480

Ben Black

Carleton Graduate w/ Honours, Full Stack Web Developer, Experience with Mobile Apps

ID 10175

Cedric Dugas

With more than 6 years in web development, Cedric is your perfect front-end developer that can also work in the back-end.

ID 589284

Goussé Jérémy

C++ developer, passionate about programming art.

ID 161825

Jason Rudland

Founder @911auto • Worked at @relavance, @bmo • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 670177

Rafik Djeridi

Tech lead at Sparkup Inc. Startup enthusiast. Full-stack developer experienced in .NET technologies. I enjoy designing and architecting systems.

ID 465235

Rakshit Majithiya


Just starting fresh.

ID 266791

Marie-Lynn Richard

After 20 yrs. building the Web, I invested 8 months into becoming #bitcoin competent. Again I am in a space where everything needs to be built! Feels like 1994!

ID 47068

Ralph Baddour


Co-founder of @polltogo. Engineer, former biophysics researcher. Web ventures since high school. Expert bootstrapper.

ID 261730

Laurent Mascherpa

Co-founder of Floop Technologies, founder of Massive Finger. Tech and Mobile Entrepreneur; Worked at Ubisoft WW Studios.

ID 448201

Severin Smith

Co Founder of Minuum, the tiny keyboard for big fingers.

ID 309528

Léo Frachet

Data Integrator at @transit-app

ID 375984

Anton Dubrau

Developer at @transit-app. Transit and Urbanism Geek. MSc from @mcgill-university.

ID 480545

Timothée Petit

Master's degree in aerospace engineering. Take part of big engineering project in various company as Dassault Aviation.

ID 193219

Florent Vilmart

CTO at I Can Go Without; Building mobile apps for 10+ years

ID 481087

Dorian Scheidt

Developer at @infoactive, Studied at @mcgill-university, @concordia-university, Music/Media/Web/Econ nerd.

ID 707481

Oluwole Obayomi

McGill University Software Engineering candidate. Avid front-end developer, budding game developer, hard worker. What will I help you build to change the world?

ID 325543

Mo Alian

PhD Computer Engineering, Actively searching for opportunities in research or software development.

ID 386123

Matthew Krause

I want to understand how the brain does difficult things, like seeing and speaking, and use that to build awesome software and devices.

ID 354762

Razvan Lada-Moldovan

ID 379494

Ignacio Rodriguez

Software Engineer, localized an existing game, converted one to iPad and launched a new SKU

ID 195822

James Mai


Entrepreneur, Investor, Management Consultant, Headhunter. Worked @fujitsu, Entrepreneur In Residence @seedbox, 15yrs Strategic Growth/Team Building

ID 790834

Frédéric Harper

@mozilla Sr. Technical Evangelist, @apress author (ETA 2014) & ex @microsoft. Founded YulDev, HTML5mtl, @failcampmtl, @geekfestmtl

ID 370789

Antoine Buteau

IT Consultant (Intern) @coveo • Study @McGill '16

ID 301994

Chris Comeau

iOS Developer at Skyriser Media (available for freelancing) @SkyriserMedia

ID 662797

Shanna Wang

McGill CS Student, UI/UX Front-End Design & Full Stack Developer. Passionate about Interactive Design. Hockey Enthusiast.

ID 452907

Sherri Flemings

Software Swiss Army Knife, Lead Game Developer and Certified Scrum Master

ID 436881

Anthony Guay

CTO & Co-Founder @modde • Director @Binaloop • SW MTL Feb 2013 Winner • Comp. Engineering @ecole-polytechnique-de-montreal

ID 641984

Leonid Auslender

Web applications developer - 20 years in software development. Strong IT consulting and team management background. Worked at McGill University, AARP, etc.

ID 487566

Patrick Poirier

Programmer, product visionary, EdTech passionate, and neuroscientist.

ID 605236

Richard Karp

Junior developer specializing in Ruby on Rails.

ID 453127

Angus Ning

Brown Applied Math/Philosophy, worked in technology, advertising, film, and journalism. Looking to learning from the tech industry's best by joining a startup

ID 526413

Sergey Sheinblum

22 yrs software engineer/architect/tech lead: 15 years dev. with MS softw., 7 last years architect/ on Hadoop/Cassandra/java/ hive platforms.

ID 954061

Ariane Schang

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at McGill University. Experience in marketing and analytics. Interested in start-ups and social causes. 

ID 394029

Alexandre Leclair

CTO at @selective-few, Helped build @frank-oak back when we were only 8 people. Grew to 130 employees. 

ID 76114

Dan Lussier

PhD candidate at University of @oxford-university in Mechanical Engineering as Rhodes Scholar. Teacher and strong generalist engineer who can code.

ID 68020

Martin Weiss

Co-founder of @moral-fibers. CS student at McGill. Happy hactivist, montreal marathoner, and enthusiastic entrepreneur.

ID 689082

Michael Burkat

Concordia computer science new grad, interested in big data, machine learning, distributed systems.

ID 35902

Alan Munroe

Virtual Sales Exec, BizDev Mercenary, Piranha Class Telemarketer, Ideas Guy, Spin Doctor, Go-To-Guy, Producer-Developer and now Published Short Story Writer

ID 494059

Andy Mauro

Comp Sci grad, worked at Nortel and Nuance as Developer, Manager, and Director of Engineering, transitioned to Senior Director of Product Management

ID 504759

Khalid Sakib

Working in Heddoko and D3 innovation center of Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

ID 635497

Eric Thiffeault

Software Technical Director @cloudcade , former Game Engine Technical Lead. Worked 14y @ Ubisoft Montreal, father of 4 wonderful girls.

ID 1028091

Marie Charbonneau

Robotics Engineer looking for ambitious startup to take over the world. Strong design background and persistence to make things work.

ID 379836

Kambiz Behfar

Please contact me for more info. I am currently working on a E Marketing Map generator for: 1. Network of Online Video Games 2. Network of Open Source Software

ID 882135

Thomas Pasturel


Co-founded a quantitative global macro hedge fund, worked at ABC arbitrage, TradeLink, BNP-Paribas. Obsessed with market research, data, FinTech

ID 380042

Andrew Wyllie

Experienced entrepreneurial type seeking a company that technology can be an enabler for local opportunity development.

ID 216034

Vincent Lamanna

VP Engineering at @cakemail

ID 129672

Ted Strauss

Researcher, coder, artist, founder. Ready to build great products as part of a passionate team. <3 data viz, audio, collaborations, micro econonomies.

ID 326930

Khalique Williams

Recent Grad, McGill BSc Computer Science.

ID 369218

David Mongeau-Petitpas

Creative geek, Programmer, Co-founder of @folklore.

ID 22994

Olivier Lalonde

Friendly hacker & entrepreneur. Sr Software Engineer. Full-stack web developer.

ID 449900

Damien Galan

CTO @gymbirds

ID 596331

Jeremy Attali

Front end engineer specialized in making websites shine. Strong passion for UX/UI Design, big Linux fan and git lover. You cand find me at the dojo :)

ID 428068

Victor Parmar

McGill CS, full-stack engineer and product developer. Launched an event listings website, worked at Morgan Stanley and now doing amazing stuff @pplconnect !

ID 280813

JP Simard

CTO & iOS developer at @dashbookapp (founder). Founded @magneticbear studios, electrical engineer, musician, runner, jazz aficionado, fake graphic designer

ID 959132

Sebastien Dalgo

`Software Engineer

ID 970408

Oruj Ahmadov

Undergrad student at McGill, Java guy, no bug has ever escaped from my Eclipse, quick learner

ID 421182

Samuel Audet-Arsenault

Founder @tenor Labs, @tenor • Worked at @lockheed-martin, @cae • Studied at @telecom-paristech, @university-ecole-de-technologie-superieure

ID 418046

Hue Tai Vuong

CTO and Cofounder of FeelBuzz • Strong technical background. • Worked at @miranda-technologies, @ati-technologies • Studied at @ecole-polytechnique

ID 31423

Rian Robertson

Founder @gigditty • Worked at @blackberry-2, @tungle-me • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 657004

Jacy Wang

Ruby on Rails Developer/Web Analytics Specialist

ID 415171

Jessica Ip

McGill Master's, Queen's CS; UX designer and developer; Mobile specialty; 5+ shipped apps.

ID 879665

yousof erfani

PhD in Machine Learning and Signal Processing, Strong aptitude for coding and research, fast learner 

ID 746588

Ramzi Maalej

I'm a software engineer/agile practitioner who worked for many companies in N America. I'm passionate about technology and enjoy a challenging and diverse role.

ID 125232

Rémi Dion

Co-Founder TonoLabs. Was executive president of a Montreal based leadership development and education non-profit, amateur slackliner, conference speaker.

ID 881471

Adi Bar-Lev

Founder NexStop Studio • Worked at @formlabs, @samsung-electronics • Studied at @technion-israel

ID 470764

Jinsu Kim

ID 740260

Andrew Evans

I am a focused & goal driven Computer Engineering Graduate seeking a challenging full time position that builds my knowledge and experience.

ID 176385

Bartek Borowinski

UWaterloo Math / CS, full stack generalist, data processing, visualization

ID 523195

Jean-Benoit Richard

Canadian serial entrepreneur looking for his next challenge.

ID 499040

Maxime Dulude

Worked at @nowinstore

ID 352320

Jeffrey How

New graduate of CS.

ID 986552

Harsh Shah

UWaterloo grad, CE 2014

ID 634570

Axel Moussard

PHP Symfony and NodeJS developer

ID 834480

elva chu

master student at McGill University

ID 219576

Thierry Blais

JavaScript and Mobile application developer

ID 973191

Abolfazl Keighobadi

Data Mining / Business Intelligence at Dow Jones with strong SAAS skills in the entire design to delivery life cycle, looking for an IT/Management opportunity

ID 181861

Michael Ghattas

Started Smart Wall App during University at McGill University. Currently a Software Eng at Wiseleap Solutions. 

ID 829857

William MURA

Student in master degree from France, currently in exchange program at ETS (Montréal) and looking for an internship. Strong knowledge for REST API

ID 713757

Ali Sharabiani

Software Developer with experience in Front-end development and testing with a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Concordia University

ID 499050

Jean-Amadou Soumah

Worked at @nowinstore

ID 285864

Julien St-Laurent

Developer at @spundge • Fell into a HTML tag soup when he was young, still building cool things on the Web • Worked at @cgi, @electronic-arts and freelance

ID 476172

Caroline Baab

Information Professional

ID 742787

Paul Daniel

M.Sc. Computer Science, founder of healthstored, published on Google Play store, 10 years IT experience, worldwide personal and professional experience

ID 814680

Francis Amankrah

ID 797569

Edmund Weekse

23 year old Concordia University Industrial Engineering masters student. Soon to graduate. Interested in Data Science, Supply Chain, and Operations Research.

ID 421558

Derick Lyle

Experienced (20+) Business Analyst / Solution Architect. My passion is process - HOW and WHY the product is built is more interesting to me than WHAT is built.

ID 274045

Charles Barbier

fullstack web developer

ID 290358

Benjamin Chambon

Student in Computer Science

ID 587297

Thibaut Diehl

Software engineer, Master degree in Information Systems

ID 216739

Mustapha Kerouch

Software engineer @ebay.

ID 967233

Chetan Dalal

Master's student at Concordia University. Worked on Java, Android and QA in software organizations.

ID 778730

Harris Robin Kalash

Full stack web developer with 3 years of experience developing and designing user interfaces and web components.

ID 78289

Carl Alexander

Founder @helthe

ID 752413

Tony Kaijie Ren

University of Waterloo Software Engineering Graduate. Worked at Google, Amazon and IBM.

ID 364623


Dev for 8 years. Co-founder of Currently working on customer development.

ID 457308

Adam Albarghouthi

Studies at @mcgill-university

ID 834142

Christophe Lé

Full-Stack Developer with strong experience in a large-scale SaaS solution. M.Eng. in IT. Open to new technical and business challenges.

ID 545052

Manon Deloupy

Computer Science student at SUPINFO, will graduate in april 2014. I have an experience as CEO in a startup-like in France, and am looking for an internship.

ID 677329

Yogesh Anbalagan

McGill CS, Launched a successful Android app on Penetration testing, Developed a standalone java application for managing dealerships.

ID 630115

Gilles Yvetot

Junior Web Developer - Software Engineer who just want to work for the innovation!

ID 429151

Rajkumar Parasuraman Viswanathan

Software developer with 3+ years research experience in graphics, 3D, VR and AR applications, computer vision and signal processing.

ID 540857

Matthew Goulet

McGill Software Engineering, Mobile & Web Dev experience, Startup experience

ID 509696

Giancarlo M. Guerra

B.S in Comp. Sci. with Business and Statistics. Experience in public and private sector. Worked at Merrill Lynch,GoEnnounce,and Rochet Business Technologies

ID 355002

Mitchell Bundy

Founder @lunch-beat-montr-al, @cirquantique • Worked at @boiler-room-1, @tp1 • Studied at @university-of-calgary

ID 403607

Jason Lor

Toronto. San Francisco. Photographer, Designer, Engineer.

ID 210832

Ian Gerald King

ID 978453

Frederick Parsons

Current student in software engineering. 

ID 317198

Joaquin LUKOKI

Founder @buzztc, @closeapp • Worked at @eagle-2000 • Studied at @hec-montreal, @universite-du-quebec-a-montreal-1

ID 1090842

Sorin Muchi

McGill CS, 2 Year Back-End Software Engineering Experience, Hackathon Hacker, Startup Hustler

ID 342182

Hubert Gagnon-Lamonde

Co-Founder and CTO @enlightly, passionate about how technology can improve productivity at work. Versatile, curious, I am always looking for Excellence.

ID 1050068

Tejas Puranik

Masters in Computer Science Thesis Concordia University,International paper on Elliptic Curve Cryptography,IBM TGMC Website ,Keep calm and beileve in JAVA

ID 516875

Hassan Ali

Created a game in Java titled: Ball Jump

ID 764116

Hervé Mensah

M.Sc Student at HEC Montreal in Business Intelligence/Data Science: Consultant

ID 844872

Aaron Krajeski

Interaction design voodoo shaman. Love UX/UI, data visualization, front-end web development and sensor interaction. JS/CSS/Python/C++ and many more! (

ID 525164

Spiros Methenitis

Studied at @concordia-university, @universite-pierre-mendes-france

ID 928474

Devon Macey

Experience n-tier JEE and core Java developer. Interested in functional programming with Java 8 as well as newer JVM-languages like scala.

ID 302823

Peter Mitchell

Freelance developer

ID 382580

Maurice Zhang

ID 938152

Stéphane KUO

ID 419345

Antoine Lamy

iOS developer

ID 394501

Roland Yung

Games C++ programming for almost 10 years

ID 392865

Damien Ramé

High-Tech Executive : Digital Marketing & Product Management (MBA, PMC, B.Eng.)

ID 454357

Chris Drogaris

Computer Science / Fine Arts background specializing in web development. Looking for opportunities to help a startup grow.

ID 1048535

Jason Wiener

Mcgill CS, Worked at TripAdvisor, Software Engineer, Web Developmemt

ID 548272

David Zhang

Generalist developer with 4 years of professional experience in various technologies, BSc in CS from UBC.

ID 854531

Oliver Walerys

McGill BCom, Local Web Dev Entrepreneur, Passionate Salesperson, Motivated and Driven Student

ID 720460

Alexandre Gorelik

McGill Software Engineering Student, experienced web developer, worked at WordLink, Appen Butler Hill, Wong Wing.

ID 816229

Ben Swearingen

Newly graduated from McGill this December; B. Eng. in Computer Engineering; Two internships at Synaptic;

ID 704573

Maude Lemaire

McGill CS; Full stack; Passionate about design & UX

ID 931438

Karan Shahani

McGill Graduate, Software Engineer. Currently employed as an integration specialist.

ID 559227

Michael Ho Chum

Software passionate. Full-stack Web Developer. iOS curious.

ID 1027157

Stefan Davies

McGill CS, Volunteer research assistant in AI group, back-end programmer mainly Java, Python, C and SML, some HTML/CSS/Javascript.

ID 607040

Ethan Macdonald

McGill CS

ID 903956

William Syms

Worked at Seedbox Technologies

ID 714513

Sam Imberman

Versatile Web UI developer and designer with strong marketing chops and the diverse skill set to execute any idea

ID 826187

Trevor Ayre

I am a Computer Science and Economics student at McGill University graduating in May 2015. I have experience and a strong interest in web development

ID 845605

Vincent Arabian

Electrical Engineer at McGill; FPGA Design; Mobile Developement; Worked at Sun Life.

ID 779052

Serge Nasr

ID 1048865

David Hakopian

Java Game Developper, Developed many mini games and one large project (Bomberman)

ID 507505

Sameer Sethi

McGill Computer Science & Biology; Bioinformatics research; EEG research; Versatile skillset; Highly interested in eHealth applications and technology

ID 666651

Benjamin Suire

C/Python developer with experience in FPGA design, embedded software, QA automation and web development.

ID 814469

Dwijesh Bhageerutty

Software Engineer; Graduated from @mcgill-university-1; Worked at @orange, @mcgill-university-1, @nuance

ID 364423

Paul Reinlein

McGill CS Grad; Strong OO Principles; Full Stack Experience; Quick Learner & Driven;

ID 717716

Maude Lemaire

Simply in the pursuit of an exciting opportunity in software development and start-ups.

ID 490118

Marcus Bischof

McGill CS

ID 848958

Patrick Desmarais

Software developer. McGill University, Software Engineering. Experience with JavaScript building Node.js, Windows 8 tablet, and other web apps.

ID 800482

Mohamed Adam Chaieb

McGill Software Engineering student, Co-Founder of HackMcGill. Worked at Morgan Stanley.

ID 882134

Ossama Ahmed

Undergrad student at McGill Engineering; Student Researcher; Worked at startups before. 

ID 1053589

Justin Dalrymple

ID 431071

Faiz Khan

ID 1065434

David Zheng

McGill CS; Java Developer. Strong knowledge of Test Driven Automation.

ID 379843

Gianni Settino

Mobile Team Lead @wherecloud-inc-1 • Comp Sci & former quarterback @mcgill-university-1

ID 719536

Justin Bell

McGill University Software Engineering. State estimation developer at McGill robotics.

ID 766635

Ariel Harlap

Maker / techie, strategist & innovator

ID 575986

Saige McVea

B.Sc. Software Engineering at McGill. Director for HackMcGill, Fashion Writer at Leacock's. Past intern for DRAGON astrophysics team at TRIUMF.

ID 566180

Adam Carruthers

Enthusiastic, efficiency-oriented self-starter motivated by challenges - McGill CS undergrad; front and back end web developer, ERP/CRM consulting experience

ID 459972

Andrew Papadopoli

McGill science graduate, shifted careers from research, found passion in coding and technology

ID 693960

Mihran Abrahamian

Junior web developer

ID 903099

Alexandre Murphy-Gonthier

Full stack dev that really likes technologies, learning new languages and doing new stuff.

ID 378609

Karim Tarek

I'm a full stack Ruby on Rails web developer/UI designer, a problem solver who always loves a challenge and enjoys working on precise & detailed projects.

ID 175021

Kinza Nasri

Works at ca va de soi. Studied at @mcgill-university. BA M. Economics, m. Art History. Strong experience in product design, manufacturing, merchandising of fashion/ knitwear. Founder of Understated (business/marketing consulting)

ID 323483

Sami Jaber

McGill CS&Math, co-founded HackMcGill, organized the largest Canadian Hackathon (McHacks), interned at Google Summer of Code, Genetec, and Amazon.

ID 334807

Eric Yen

PhD student in biology creating many of his own tools and web interfaces for internal use.

ID 1055169

Shardul Baral

Computer Science and Statistics undergraduate at McGill University. Interested in working on anything involving data and/or social media.

ID 105930

Oshri Cohen

Full Stack Developer / Enterprise Architect

ID 595684

Jason Seungkyu Lee

McGill CS/Econ 14'

ID 773367

Stepan Salenikovich

ID 587838

Jean-Simon Barry

Physics and computer science student at Concordia.

ID 958460

Hannan Syed

McGill CS. Aspiring Entrepreneur. Hackathon Hacker. 

ID 236126

Michael Lakhia

I build things. Currently @intel

ID 117446

Mihai Freeman

Senior .NET Developer and great software designer, successfully build MConcierge Systems (now Guest Driven -

ID 665319

Michaelson Britt

Senior Software Developer, 3ds Max veteran team lead at Autodesk, BSc Computer Science, and multi-talented artist and videographer

ID 691995

Guillaume Masse

Software Engineer, Ace of trades. No respect for the status quo. Eat Scala for breakfast.

ID 922399

Jean-Guy Augustin

Experienced Software Engineering Manager/Professional Scrum Master with strong management, coaching, and people development skills. HEC Montreal MBA 2008.

ID 979701

Alec Harmon Blumenfeld

MCGILL Software Engineer, Launched full stacks white-labeled applications.  Excellent communication skills and Design Experienced. 

ID 802037

Letian Xu

I am working at Nuance on speech recognition software development kit.

ID 478270

Akash Patel

Concordia CS

ID 359349

Pierre-Luc Soucy

VP of Engineering at TapClicks

ID 521846

Simon Ferron-Forget

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, worked at Zimmer CAS (Computer Assisted Solutions for joint replacement surgeries)

ID 790771

Brendan Games Gordon

Computer Science Student at McGill University

ID 576483

Olivier Caron-Lizotte

Cofounder at Gradsters. Master of science. Programmer / Bioinformatician.

ID 869459

Safan Maredia

A Software Developer with over 3.5 + years of experience in designing and developing software applications utilizing OOD and Agile methodologies.

ID 118774

Mirza Trokic

Ph.D. Student (Economics) at @mcgill-university University; iterated bootstrap procedures; Unit root testing; Bounded time series; Statistical analyst; Advisor

ID 547964

Simon Eames

Australian openand .NET full stack web engineer. Release engineering with first 5 employee startup experience.

ID 572337

Gordon Chung

Queen's University, volunteer baseball coach

ID 260312

Jason Shatilla

Founder Streetster • Worked at @bombardier-aerospace, @surface-3-design-office • Studied at @concordia-university-montreal.

ID 467009

Etienne Noreau-Hebert

Founder and CTO of @liine • Worked at @vantrix • Studied at @university-of-montreal • Maker of things

ID 841574

Laurens Coderre

Comp Engineer graduate. Interested in full stack dev and modern techs. Total of 20 months interning at various companies.

ID 414198

Jean-Philippe Léveillé

Founder Webgraphe • Worked at @xtranormal, @gameloft • Studied at @university-of-sherbrooke

ID 662685

Éloïse Dubé

Développeuse curieuse et autonome, aimant participer à toutes les étapes d'un projet. Apprécie les environnements dynamiques et joviales.

ID 546440

Dorine Allali

French Engineer, graduated in 2012. Web and mobile design training in 2013. Worked as a freelance since. Web design, development and video editing.

ID 914346

Vladymir Nekras

Technical Support at Millenium Group Inc. for access control systems. Software Developer at Foss since 2011. Created custom website like

ID 219961

Antoine Brault

Full Stack Web Generalist. M.Sc.

ID 691103

Jacob Cook

Founded The CitizenWeb Project (non-profit), Skylark, founder and lead developer on arkOS

ID 833575

Sebastian Bulzak

Hands­-on CTO and startup team leader. Built innovative products from scratch to production. Stays on the cutting edge thru regular technology intelligence.

ID 638411

Alex Sintu

Co-founder of Uwana. Software Developer at Ericsson.

ID 684724

vigneshwaran veeran

ID 360783

François Proulx

B. Eng. Software Engineering, Built dozens of large iOS applications as well as large Java EE backends. Also specialized in application security.

ID 336625

Jackie Fu

Studied at @concordia-university.

ID 1083395

Zoya de Frias Lakhany

Undergrad student at Concordia University; actively looking for new opportunities.

ID 1047415

Eric Damphousse

30 years of software design and development experience with a record of innovative and creative software solutions delivered on schedule & budget.

ID 420935

Marc-André Tremblay

Founder @thingsy, @cleverlist • Studied at @universite-du-quebec-a-montreal-1

ID 363478

Sébastien Testeau

Cs, 15 years experience in software engineering, currently senior software analyst in research and development at the National Film Board of Canada

ID 189644

Rémi Saïas

Consultant Developer / ScrumMaster. Strong experience in internet applications (20yrs). Studied at @university-of-montreal

ID 596678

Tony Anania

Ruby on Rails and .Net Developer

ID 296249

Adam Delfino

Team player looking for a challenging opportunity. Self-motivated and fast learner with a passion for new technology and comfortable with working in high stress situations.

ID 653944

Honglin Liu

Experienced mobile developer, software developer. Over 10 years in IT outsourcing company.

ID 578742

Olivier Roy

Full stack developer

ID 417730

Afshin Moazami

Java Developer

ID 199368

Joel Peralta Duran

CEO @nibble Web Developer & UI Designer

ID 93239

Andrew Gardener

CDO at Tutor With Me. Graduated in Computer Science with Great Distinction. Software Developer and aspiring entrepreneur.

ID 93010

Haritos Kavallos

Computer Science graduate (B.CompSc) currently studying in Educational Technology (M.A), Software Developer & aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for History.

ID 836891

Rohit Patidar

Core knowledge of Computer Science, Good problem solving skills, Launched 10 websites and 1 iOS custom app.

ID 278572


CS Degree, Project Manager of multiple projects, Product Manager of a couple of released Products, over 3 years of front-end development, and still coding.

ID 263174

Anas Uddin

Founder @mr-stitches, Native Touch • Worked at @mobecomm • Studied at @concordia-university

ID 575941

Philip Tolton

Founder DishGo • Studied at @concordia-university-montreal

ID 402638

Abdullah Kadhim

Co-Founder and CTO of RouteRaptor. Bachelor in Computer Engineering.

ID 888115

Julien Saad

Software developer. Launched several successful mobile apps in Montreal. Currently working as a consultant at Ubisoft Montreal.

ID 1085442

Luke Belton

Web development enthusiast, codes include HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, SQL, ASP .NET

ID 654008

Corey Woodcox

Ruby Programmer, specialize in Ruby on Rails. JSON APIs, payment integrations, CDN integrations, and iOS applications are my bread and butter.

ID 393498

Alexandre Guilbault, ing.

Founder @ iknowvations Professional Engineer, graduated with honours (GPA 3.91/4.00)

ID 961242

Donevan Adams

Musical Technologies Student at the University Of Montreal. Video Game Enthusiast. Audio Creator For Multimedia. ENGLISH/FRENCH.

ID 787972

Charles Vinette

Currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree at UQAM in Computer Science and Software Engineering and looking for an internship to expand my knowledge!

ID 1058476

Emeric Monnet

SwissKnife Software Developer, fast learning engineer worked mainly on SQL, C, Java (Android) and API for financial companies.

ID 814666

Jean-Baptiste Morin

Senior Mobile developer : Android, iOS, WP / Back end developer: JAVA, Python / Product lead / Autonomous, efficient, curious, passionate and creative

ID 736735

Alessia Bellisario

Full stack developer at Breather

ID 53326

Alexandre Croteau-Pothier

I am a Ruby developer from Montreal, I build business and web application.

ID 598355

Karl Pawlowicz

Entrepreneur, Investor, Digital Designer and Developer. Passionate about cars, finance, fitness, technology and travel.

ID 818327

Jerin Varughese

Ready and wiling to take up any challenging role.

ID 689153

Nathan Boiron

ID 930332

Jeremy Allard

Passionate about technologies.

ID 584726

Guillaume Lahaie

UQAM computer science graduate looking for exciting work opportunities.

ID 981343

Pavan Kumar Polu

I do have 5 + years of experience in software Quality Assurance

ID 980625

Pratik Bidkar

Concordia Computer Science, Ruby on Rails Developer, Strong Software Consulting Experience, Believe in Collaborative Development.

ID 370711

Farid Ait-Ouyahia

Software developer, Web/Mobile PHP, CMS , Wordpress, E-commerce, M.Sc.

ID 969174

Prajeesh Kumar

9.5 years of strong Experience in Architecture, development, implementation  of JAVA/J2EE, AWS and Enterprise Content Management (Documentum) Systems.

ID 266403

Lukas Tencer

Computer Vision / Machine Learning enthusiastic with strong experience in front-end development. PhD student at ETS in CV / ML and loving it.

ID 686751

Manoj Kumar Chowdary Thammineni

Master of Software Engineering, Recent Graduate, Concordia University, Canada

ID 1010036

srikanth kalvakuntla

Masters in Computer and Electrical Engineering at Concordia univeristy. 

ID 475903

Asrin Javaheri

Obtaining a contract (2008-2009) with Google –Zurich,as IT field Tech.and a job offer (2010) - London which I could not participate due to a work permit problem

ID 837812

Enzo Laurent

Engineering student in computer science; Exchange student at Polytechnique Montréal; 1st website sold at 14 years old;

ID 313652

Jean-Philippe Rivard Lauzier

ID 69690

Terry Karavoulias

Founder @upvenue. Web developer, tablet developer

ID 1018047

Eric Provencher

Undergrad CS Student at Concordia University;  C++, Python and JAVA enthusiast; Worked for Koios Media and CIBC

ID 244176

Costa Caruso

Self-taught, full stack web developer. Voracious learner / sponge. Love figuring out new ways to get sh*t done. I really get a kick out of leveraging open-source + the cloud + APIs to facilitate exponential growth.

ID 703178

Alex Globus

University CS student, proficient with Node/Javascript stack,

ID 982230

Nesrine Mehiri

Junior software engineer, worked at TC transcontinentale, Budges Studios and The data quality framewor Inc. 

ID 936861

Cristian Pilat

Experienced Test Engineer. Focused on Customer Satisfaction & User Experience

ID 624060

Maxence Leblanc

Student and web developer. I'm interested in technological advances in this domaine : node.js, JAVA and ASP.NET. I'm still interested in secirity/hacking.

ID 389440

Imad Mouaddine

Senior Ruby Engineer with 8 years experience in Web development and 3 in RoR.

ID 593012


Passionate about new technologies, I try to keep myself up to date on the latest trends.

ID 673730

Charles-André Huard

Polytechnique Graduate, looking to work starting summer of 2015. Well versed in relational databases and general object-oriented development (.NET, Java, C++)

ID 7271

Roberto Martinez

Founder of @kloomo • Full stack dev.

ID 818523

Elias Haroun

Computer science student. Highly motivated. Work in mobile app development.

ID 820351

Naresh Kumar

Experienced Java Developer with 2 years of Experience of Core Java, Back-End, Jasper Reports

ID 1061330

rohan paranjpe

Actively looking for full time jobs

ID 358351

Jules Gagnon Marchand

ID 1073449

Bona Tan

Software engineer Looking for opportunities in mobile and web development.

ID 795037

Miklos Tusz

Back end developer at Kreate; Econ and CS minor; Craving more backend knowledge.

ID 1049342

Mayank Kumar

Graduate student at Concordia University in Quality Systems Engineering, Co-op at Adobe, Strong professional background in QA methodology

ID 662024

Prakash Gunasekaran

looking for challenging opportunity.

ID 238368

Martin-Luc Girard

Hardware and firmware engineer. Passionate about my craft (and hobby for over 25 years) I always strive to learn new technologies and to use them creatively

ID 609443

Ricky Marcelin

Ecole Polytechnique - Software Engineer. Web Developer Generalist. Fast-Learner. Self-Learner

ID 976933

Nicolas R. Feller

Computer Engineering undergrad. Interested in Artificial Intelligence and Web Development

ID 843483

Amine Abdessemed

B.Eng in Computer Engineering.

ID 669279

Dany Caissy

Visit my linkedIn for more information.

ID 610672

shoaib khan

I am recent graduate in Information Systems and Security with strong programming skills.

ID 771230

Markus Weiland

Full-stack software Engineer; experienced in moving complex software projects forward at small to large companies

ID 951535

Muttabiur Raiha SK

Major CS at Concordia University, Canada. Worked at SAP, NCR, Bank of America, Medavie Blue Cross. as Software Engineer/Data Engineer.

ID 512416

Shurouq Abusalah

software engineering student. In my last year.

ID 908859

Dominic Jodoin

Humble Software Developer

ID 1009910

Kannan Sethuraman

Concordia University Graduate, Intern at BlackBerry and passionate towards Software Development and Quality Assurance

ID 404184

Jean Bagdoo, ing.

Studied at @concordia-university

ID 327932

Prateek Mehta

ID 627380

Rabih G. El-Zahr

Computer Engineer; Team Player; Competent; Smart; sincere; Resourceful; Enjoys work and problem solving; CEO/Founder of ScorpionShade.

ID 1022580

Paterson Deshommes

B.SE at Concordia University, proefficient in getting things done, attracted by going beyond what can be done, Worked at Ericsson, Accedian Networks.

ID 846005

Dhana Shree

Masters student at Concordia.Worked at IBM.Former intern at Provitech and K-12 Solutions

ID 566244

Hamid Mezouar

More than 7 years experience in various companies on analysis, development and maintenance projects.

ID 814572

Ihab El-Waly

IT & Website Coordinator at SPA Canada, Web Developer at EagleWebz.

ID 470873

Jaime Yu

USPTO patent holder on network time synchronization. University project won numerous awards. Strong background in hardware but has a passion for software.

ID 757687

Hung Tam Nguyen

Able and willing to learn anything quickly and efficiently. Expert in DB2 / SAS / SAP, looking for new challenges.

ID 645444

Jignesh Rajodiya

Launched 1 app on app store

ID 903926

Sunpreet Singh Rathor

Concordia University MS, author of, creator of mini D&D game and FTP application.

ID 572779

Philip K. Adetiloye

Hire me...seeking fun projects to work on. Successfully developed several apps in App store. Check out

ID 573636

Arun Sundaresan

Masters Graduate from Concordia University with 2+ Yrs Experience in Software field

ID 958655

Mike Natale

Recent Grad. Looking for a young and dynamic work environment where coding and working with people are equally important. I'm an all-you-can-eat sushi monster.

ID 940361


Software Developer

ID 286333

Gijsbert de Haan

Developer @spundge Worked at @autodesk, @cozimo

ID 289610

Emile Girard

CTO at CastADeal. CEO and Founder of Strong programmer, active contributor to Wordpress & CodeIgniter. Father of two.

ID 391173

Denis Lessard

CTO Asimov. Entrepreneur. Self-taught web developer.

ID 881516

Anselme Trochu

10 years of exp in the Internet. Establishment of 2 startups. Self-taught web-programmer since the age of 13 Graduated from an International business school

ID 401530

Manuel Loigeret

Software engineer, Co-founder @gnito, Engineering degree at Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire de Tours (France)

ID 65768

Andrew Lank

Looking for a new challenges, strong Node.js, Neo4j and AngularJS. Responsible and deadline aware, some 30+ years exp.

ID 292115

Vahan Ayvazyan

engineer and dad

ID 348774

Abhinav Kumar

Full web stack generalist; Rare combination of Semantic + Programming + Cloud technologies knowledge

ID 507429

Dominique Derrien

Founder/Head of Technology Hexacto Entertainment

ID 877563

Dimitry Z

eComm director at Online programmer. Outspoken pragmatist.

ID 557196

Michael Nana

Graduated from @bishop-s-university in June 2014 with a major in CS. I've worked and maintain a few side projects and I'm always ready to expand my knowledge.

ID 722608

Jonathan Massot

Generalist specialized in web development. Still learning.

ID 701969

iori matsuhara

Rails developer.

ID 825607

Don Vaillancourt

Strong leadership, Design, Development and Analytical skills

ID 61168

Saidimu Apale

the truth changes color depending on the light and tomorrow can be clearer than yesterday.

ID 619464

Slim Caesar

Founder fistful of coins • Studied at @universite-de-montreal

ID 493304

Nicolas Laudo

Annoyed by little design default on common objects and smartphone applications. My goal is to improve the world and make it smoother and funnier to live in.

ID 233008

Jake Summers

Software Developer

ID 976357

André Pires, MSc

MSc. Computer Science, worked at Expedia 

ID 665316

Bell Jets

ID 308391

Pierre-Benoît Côté

Java, server-side, database, web services

ID 756029

Konstantinos Psimoulis

Ambitious with more than 10 years development experience in highly scalable applications. I consider myself a fast learner and a motivated team player.

ID 280852

Mo Mozafarian


Design Thinker .oO, Creative Director, Founder, UX / UI Guru

ID 864806

Thilaknath Ashok kumar

QA Automation Engineer, with proven experience in Consumer Industry

ID 567048

Rajinder Ramgarhia

iOS developer

ID 516213

Pierre-Luc Thivierge

web developer - worked at @jesta-digital, @laboratoire-creatif-five • studied at @lasalle-college-international, @cegep-de-jonquiere

ID 411051

Chris Cameron

Bitmaker Labs alumni, growing as a full-stack developer every day.

ID 768207

Diego Budny da Silva

Entrepreneur, always looking forward to growth and to develop a business. Enthusiast of new technologies and paradigms.

ID 234406

Patrice Ricard

Web developer/integrator with startup background. Experience in development front-end and back-end, UX, project management, marketing, SEO, analytics.

ID 196239

Ian Beaubien

Founder @linart at 19, Tongo • Worked at @leading-boards, @2xm-interactive, Techsolcom. Successful self taught dev and entrepreneur.

ID 239295

Laurent Ruhlmann

Independent developer, after gigs @ MS, ADSK. College teacher

ID 824740

Ricardo Macario

Full stack generalist. With a big passion for javascript, machine learning, data science, entrepreneurship and the YC culture.

ID 799895

Xin Huang

Master of Engineering student of University of Windsor

ID 795818

Alexandre Maari

Generalist Programmer able to work vertical codebase, from top level UI to deepest engine code.

ID 781314

Rahul Gupta

Worked at Accenture Services Pvt Ltd..Strong Software Testing and Quality assurance 7 years of experience , SCJP & ISTQB certified..Team Player ,Active learner.

ID 1053254

Steve Mathieu

CTO of Whatsnexx an co-founder

ID 651797

Marc Alloul

Able to quickly research, learn and implement new technologies, APIs, programming languages and open source tools. Former CTO and co founder of Wordlink.

ID 82363

Joel Grenon

Software architect, I've touch all aspects of software in small and large companies. CTO consultant for the past 10 years. Advisors to some regional startups.

ID 765459

Jonathan Chaput

Coding Golang, JS and love ferrets !

ID 615949

Gordon B. Isnor

Ruby on Rails design and development

ID 902167

Anuradha Patil

ISTQB certified Software Tester with 6.5 years of Software Testing experience. Worked at Oracle, S1(now ACI Worldwide)

ID 549811

Julie Guého

Enthousiastic software engineer, fluent in Scrum and mastering project management.

ID 441242

Loïc Herry

Love writing code

ID 537631

Alexandre Kadian

Worked at Flamesoft Global as a JavaScript Developer, back-end developer.

ID 302835

Manuel Pineault

Creative director and mobile strategist, with background in interaction design and web.

ID 399587

Sofia Shendi

Founder of MTL State, Freelance Front-End Developer and Web Consultant

ID 410912

Joe Zhou

Young developer with well-around skills

ID 789775

Richard Wu

Electrical/Software Engineering Student at McGill University. Experienced in project management, front end development, and engineering research.

ID 280310

Anthony Mete

Bachelors of engineering, corporate finance, business analysis and software development experience, launched ACRE - The Recruiting Exchange

ID 714785

Miguel García Hernández

Software Engineer. Passionate about Web Development and making Software to Connect People. Always open to new challenges.

ID 993394

Olivier Fortin

Montréal student in Ing. CS

ID 295769

Jeff Marshall

Full-stack dev. Six years of building for the web from idea-to-product. Ships.

ID 810007

laxmareddy karnati

over 2 years of experience as a Business Analyst, I am looking for a entry level position.i have good statistical analysis, Business analysis skills

ID 324536

Pior Bastida

ID 115393

Vimal Atreya Ramaka

Design and Analysis, Development, Java, Python, User interface design, Project Management and various scripting languages.

ID 313608

Michael De Wolfe

Developed software used by fundrasining companies and major banks.

ID 1077927

Narges Leylian

ID 239625

Miguel Rochefort

Founder at Thingsy • Worked at @ea-mobile-montreal, @pinch-project • Studied computer science at Collège Édouard-Montpetit • Passion for the semantic web.

ID 567253

Song Jiang

Engineering student at ENSIM, France. An Android fun and Java programmer.

ID 884650

Hoda Nazeri

Studied IT & MBA and I have been involved in IT projects ,implementation , and Business Analysis in Montreal, London, Tehran and Dubai.

ID 891300

Mathieu Gayraud

Former software engineer and software project manager for 8 years, I am currently working on two startups launched in France.

ID 880011

Frederic Maheu

15yrs experience Solutions/Software Architect with management experience. Lived the growing pains of a startup.

ID 958198

Racquel Ilao

Mainframe developer with more than 9 years background in JCL, Cobol, Natural Adabas and DB2

ID 1050147

Benoit Côté-Jodoin

Software engineering student at ÉTS

ID 1087477


Senior C++ developer

ID 888343

Jonathan Lajoie

ID 258752

Mathieu Bougie

ID 1066035

Gabriel Amyot

Software Engineering student at Polytechnique Montreal.

ID 883511

Marc-André Nadeau


Computer Engineer with 10+ years of XP.  Architect, telecom specialist and developer.  Very strong technical skills.  Worked at Bell Canada and CAE.

ID 1050946

Ntambwa Basambombo

Currently working on a mobile app. My first app in freelance.

ID 887350

Martin Rancourt

Full stack developer, work on the web since 1999. Work for media, agency and R&D.

ID 847323

Oleksandr Paldypanida

A.E.C Programmer Analyst GPA: A (90% - 100%) Herzing College, Montreal, Quebec

ID 909735

Pierre-Emmanuel Viau

R&D Software Engineer with experience in many industries including multimedia, security, aerospace. Can learn and do anything I undertake.

ID 1088430

Denis Pasin

Tech lover, cook and climber. Currently full-stack Ruby(-and-Rails) developer @koolicar.

ID 945221

Benjamin Poumarede

Master at CPE Lyon. One year internship at Delcam Plc. 8 Months exchange at university of montreal.

ID 895881

Jean-Philippe Gauthier

ID 838016

Francis Lavoie

Passionate Software Creator and Thinker. Programming is the only kind of art without the boundary of our physical world.

ID 839803

Baljinder Kaur

software engineer at D3 innovation center concordia university. Having skills in html,css,javascript and java. Also had quality analyst experience.

ID 891387

Eyner Muniz

An enthusiastic programmer/web designer who would like to contribute to the success of IT project teams by applying my programming and analytical skills.

ID 717350

Louis-Philippe Perron

main technological skill = learn new technologies

ID 740070

Vincent Mercier

ID 788333

Maxime Beaudoin

Front-end developer using html5, css3, responsive, sass, javascript, angularJS, PHP, MySQL, SEO, Wordpress

ID 1052217

Sasithra Thanabalan

Recent Computer Engineering graduate from McGill. Fast learner, problem solver, diligent worker.

ID 706103


Data scientist in the making

ID 974056

Carlos Sanchez

Audio Programming Student

ID 726034

Sébastien HENRY

Certified VMware, Windows Server skills, CMS skills

ID 689598

Philippe Sasseville

Studying at polytechnique

ID 623056

Rosario Feghali

Project Management - Analytics - Information Technology

ID 746456

Philippe Kwiatkowski

Concordia CS Student. Front-end developer. Enjoy working with the MEAN stack.

ID 656853

Dorian Basuyau

ID 812181

Yevgen Kravchenko

I started as freelance software tester on e-commerce projects. After I started work in Playtech corp. on most important project.

ID 1050917

Stephane Lajoie

C++, 18 years experience.

ID 759002

Nebez Briefkani

Software engineer, web developer; freelancer and startup enthusiast

ID 690097

Danielle Bakhazi

McGill Engineer, Ruby on Rails full stack, Co-founding my second startup, worked at EA Mobile (mobile game dev), active DJ/producer

ID 638696

Nicholas Charbonneau


ID 663039

Douglas Moreira

ID 659536

Salim Djeziri

Developed patentables algorithms specific to Image and Volume Analysis,

ID 658748

Simon Tourangeau

ID 664770

Onur Duman

Master's degree from McGill University in Computer Science, Highly Skilled, Quick Learner, Always willing to learn new things, Compatible team member

ID 480888

Federico Espinosa


ID 495616

Michaël Chemani

Analyst-Developer. Software engineering.

ID 595710

khanh tran

Mechanical Engineer, iOS Developer, freelancer.

ID 585764

Nicolas Ménard-Guy

Technique en Informatique de gestion, I integrate easily in a team, am committed to functional design and evolving, readable code

ID 449383

Alexandre Jasmin

Programmeur & Patenteux

ID 517528

Nicolas Markovic

I'm a generalist developper, i like coding and share knowledge.

ID 543874

Alan Gilmor

Just testing out right now?

ID 415358

Néstor Daza

ID 391637

Lindsay Radford

Tech savvy, ninja of the interwebs.

ID 442065

Frederic Ah-Yave

10+ years in digital financial services. Large mission critical system design. Security Expert

ID 401845

Philip Hassoulas

ID 534267

Md. Eftakhairul Islam

Software Engineer, Tech Blogger and Open Source Enthusiastic

ID 436945

Julian Squires

Full-stack engineer with over fifteen years of professional experience

ID 587443

Chris Hart

Cut my teeth in the web agency world leading teams and shipping many types of projects. Broad in business, deep in tech. Specializing in PM and development.

ID 545075

Valeriu Caramanuta

Software Developer

ID 442992

Jean-Baptiste PIN

Lead developer and business oriented minded. I'm the founder of UTDR. I advice startup in agile team efficiency, UX/UI, Business Innovation and Growth.

ID 497482

Jerome Lefeuvre

Ruby on Rails backend developper

ID 612194

Artem Derevianko

BCS, worked at Mentel

ID 569282

Pascal Deschênes

Tech Thinker. @nuecho Co-Founder. Speech Recognition & Telephony Industry. Hike. Code. Read. Build. Garden.

ID 492259

Cody Mazza-Anthony

McGill CS

ID 384723

Anonyo Hossain

Ruby on Rails Developer

ID 1006665

Andrew Ahlers

Undergraduate physics student at McGill University, avid Linux user and has been programming since a young age

ID 311729

Melvyn Laily

ID 295720

Sami Dalouche

Scala Software Development Engineer

ID 281321

Jonathan Bardo

Consultant at Yellow Pages. I developed web application for Fox, Air Canada, Rogers Media (Radio station and Canadian Grammy's), Lassonde and more.

ID 239808

Thomas Brenneur

Full Stack developer. Up to date with latest technology trends. Worked from startups to international corps. and distributed teams.

ID 360563

Raoul Cofinoglou

Just looking.

ID 374299


Bachelor in computer science engineering working in the Java stack since a few years

ID 314897

Quentin Ventura

Soon graduated as M. Eng from ETS - Montreal and from UTC- France

ID 379417


Multiples web projects done for Internationals companies

ID 228323


Senior Web Application Conceptor & Developper

ID 998155

Deesha Singh

Actively looking for full time opportunities.

ID 303730

Hadrien David

Python rasta

ID 322123

Moses Moore

Automate all the things! and the extra time spent writing documentation is always worth it in the long run.

ID 381904

Dustin Blackman

Love to work with Python, Coffeescript, and NodeJS.

ID 363913

Lino Rosa

Software engineer, Full stack generalist

ID 289324

Sébastien Ballangé

Senior Web developer, open source enthusiast and high-traffic addict

ID 230700

Audrey-Rose Savard

Analyst, Internet Applications at National Film Board of Canada. Believes that anything is possible in programming; if you can think it up.

ID 367593

Paule Lepage

Senior PHP Developer

ID 383431

Édouard Lavery-Plante

Senior iOS Developer

ID 91847

Benjamin Boudreau

avid learner and developer

ID 41124

Sylvain Picker

Highly skilled Farm Worker, extensive knowledge of edible wild plants and organic farming. Promoting Food Forests, natural food, organic farming innovations.

ID 175299

Nicolas Cadou

Full stack software engineer, with a preference for devops and backend development, and a passion for automating all the things.

ID 1011352

Tommy Leunen

Front End developer at Playtika, working on a web game built in React.js

ID 86546

Mathieu Méa

Java/Web/Android developer.

ID 101983

Sami Dalouche


ID 213004

Alvaro Cuervo

Software Developer (web/mobile) 

ID 134347

Florent Lamoureux

lead front-end dev @bugbuster , mobile dev, freelance teacher and sencha touch author

ID 66866

Paul Hamilton

VP Sofware Development at mConcierge Systems Inc.

ID 1029719

Olivier Steck

Senior Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the internet and client server domain with a focus on enterprise framework software.

ID 1019910

Thomas Joeisseint

Student in final year of Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, looking for a 5 month internship, starting in early May.

ID 131600

Olivier Buffon

Ruby developer at Webegy

ID 186989

Francis Brunelle

Leader of SAFE Pod Montreal

ID 80849

Guillaume Roy

Software Development Consultant. Serious code-fu and no-nonsense attitude. Blend of corporate & entrepreneurial experience. 12yrs experience, launched 5 teams.

ID 1019942

Philippe David

Montreal based software engineer 

ID 131558


LiveShout is a mobile app and a website to help TV & event producers get live feedback from their audience making their shows interactive, hence more involving.

ID 91674

Hugo Tremblay

Functional analyst and Software Designer.

ID 78738

Cédric Guillemette

Stagiaire chez Institut de recherche Hydro-Québec

ID 81301

Sumair Zafar

Founder @pakstarted and MS CS student @concordia-university University

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