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ID 231537

Reza Khadjavi

Co-founder at Nettoyeurs Express. Front-end developer @hubba

ID 707481

Oluwole Obayomi

McGill University Software Engineering candidate. Avid front-end developer, budding game developer, hard worker. What will I help you build to change the world?

ID 90754

David Esteves

Co-Founder & CTO at WiCastr

ID 839177

Mohamad Wehbe

PhD McGill University 2014, Medical Devices Development Background.

ID 932514

Yohan Launay

I am settled in the Bay Area in the US, building cool stuff in car-sharing technologies with Local Motion. Also enjoys building mobile games on my spare time.

ID 129672

Ted Strauss

Researcher, coder, artist, founder. Ready to build great products as part of a passionate team. <3 data viz, audio, collaborations, micro econonomies.

ID 844872

Aaron Krajeski

Interaction design voodoo shaman. Love UX/UI, data visualization, front-end web development and sensor interaction. JS/CSS/Python/C++ and many more! (

ID 415280

Long Nguyen

I am a Web & Graphic Designer who can write code. I am experienced in building simple, clean and user-friendly websites for clients across the galaxy.

ID 825783

Mehdi Jamai

Front-End Developer @ Seamless Planet CS Bachelor @ Concordia University

ID 747610

Elisabeth Gill

Writer, Editor, & Researcher. Learning front-end. Trilingual Expat.

ID 875996

Yaz Khoury

Co-Founder Terasofya • Studied at @concordia-university-montreal

ID 140945

Alexander Wenzowski

Technical Co-Founder @dialoghq • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 713757

Ali Sharabiani

Software Developer with experience in Front-end development and testing with a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Concordia University

ID 829857

William MURA

Student in master degree from France, currently in exchange program at ETS (Montréal) and looking for an internship. Strong knowledge for REST API

ID 1091232

Joanna Marsden

Junior Developer in Montréal

ID 206442

Emir Aydin

Software Engineer & Tech Entrepreneur

ID 176385

Bartek Borowinski

UWaterloo Math / CS, full stack generalist, data processing, visualization

ID 10175

Cedric Dugas

With more than 6 years in web development, Cedric is your perfect front-end developer that can also work in the back-end.

ID 41487

Jean-Luc David

Founder | Ed @york-university | Chief Evangelist @microsoft | CTO @digiflare @spently | API @yellow-pages-group | @facebook @y-combinator hack winner

ID 742787

Paul Daniel

M.Sc. Computer Science, founder of healthstored, published on Google Play store, 10 years IT experience, worldwide personal and professional experience

ID 714513

Sam Imberman

Versatile Web UI developer and designer with strong marketing chops and the diverse skill set to execute any idea

ID 105930

Oshri Cohen

Full Stack Developer / Enterprise Architect

ID 975611

Dan Braverman

Former director and office manager of a small business. Versatile, with skills in HR/recruiting, marketing, and administration, as well as digital/technical.

ID 814469

Dwijesh Bhageerutty

Software Engineer; Graduated from @mcgill-university-1; Worked at @orange, @mcgill-university-1, @nuance

ID 702496

Tara Campbell

Developer at the McGill Center for Integrative Neuroscience. McGill Neuroscience 2014.

ID 616962

Frank Parent

Founder SmartUp • Studied at @university-of-montreal

ID 1083395

Zoya de Frias Lakhany

Undergrad student at Concordia University; actively looking for new opportunities.

ID 963149

Xavier Agostini

McGill Electrical Engineering, front-end developer; previous startup experience

ID 1080320

Lauran Jansen

BSc Psychology, full-stack web developer with a passion for UX.

ID 1026660

Charles-Philippe Clermont

Independent Consultant; Full stack generalist; Clojure + Javascript; Bestcase;

ID 914346

Vladymir Nekras

Technical Support at Millenium Group Inc. for access control systems. Software Developer at Foss since 2011. Created custom website like

ID 886001

Andrew Patton

Web developer at the web agency Pure Cobalt. Huge range of experience in front-end, back-end, deep-end, shallow-end, big-end-ian (

ID 816229

Ben Swearingen

Newly graduated from McGill this December; B. Eng. in Computer Engineering; Two internships at Synaptic;

ID 975086

Dennis Brotzky


ID 1048535

Jason Wiener

Mcgill CS, Worked at TripAdvisor, Software Engineer, Web Developmemt

ID 559227

Michael Ho Chum

Software passionate. Full-stack Web Developer. iOS curious.

ID 848958

Patrick Desmarais

Software developer. McGill University, Software Engineering. Experience with JavaScript building Node.js, Windows 8 tablet, and other web apps.

ID 378609

Karim Tarek

I'm a full stack Ruby on Rails web developer/UI designer, a problem solver who always loves a challenge and enjoys working on precise & detailed projects.

ID 1053396

Thomas Tige

Master's Student, Works at Accenture

ID 982230

Nesrine Mehiri

Junior software engineer, worked at TC transcontinentale, Budges Studios and The data quality framewor Inc. 

ID 278572


CS Degree, Project Manager of multiple projects, Product Manager of a couple of released Products, over 3 years of front-end development, and still coding.

ID 964917

Kunal Locknauth

Bilingual Web Programmer

ID 1086288

Mathieu Bertram

Business student (HEC Montréal), Design graduate (Université de Montréal)

ID 1047415

Eric Damphousse

30 years of software design and development experience with a record of innovative and creative software solutions delivered on schedule & budget.

ID 575941

Philip Tolton

Founder DishGo • Studied at @concordia-university-montreal

ID 607078

Tim Thomas

Founder @dishgo • Business & Web Development • Studied at @concordia-university

ID 841574

Laurens Coderre

Comp Engineer graduate. Interested in full stack dev and modern techs. Total of 20 months interning at various companies.

ID 856378

Laurent Vincent

CEO - Founder Zazz 

ID 266403

Lukas Tencer

Computer Vision / Machine Learning enthusiastic with strong experience in front-end development. PhD student at ETS in CV / ML and loving it.

ID 1007088

Nicolas Duvieusart Déry

Bilingual front-end dev. with a background in interface and interaction design. Looking for challenging opportunities and helping people achieve their vision.

ID 466567

Todd Lawton Beauchamp

Passionate Front-end Developer with a strong aesthetic sense.

ID 1085442

Luke Belton

Web development enthusiast, codes include HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, SQL, ASP .NET

ID 980625

Pratik Bidkar

Concordia Computer Science, Ruby on Rails Developer, Strong Software Consulting Experience, Believe in Collaborative Development.

ID 889056

Tristan Tran

I'm passionate about Software Engineering and Technology. I currently work as a front-end developer for Morgan Stanley in Montreal.

ID 572826

Antoine Delacressonniere

Web-Design-Colored Entrepreneur | Ex-organizer @swmontreal | Partner @octaveoscar + @potloc_mtl | It's all about emotions.

ID 797271

Adolfo Rodriguez

An iOS developer with experience making applications involving deep concepts of computer vision, 2D and 3D graphics, and native user interface

ID 836891

Rohit Patidar

Core knowledge of Computer Science, Good problem solving skills, Launched 10 websites and 1 iOS custom app.

ID 938794

Nilovna Bascunan-Vasquez

Web Developer / Front End Developer

ID 233008

Jake Summers

Software Developer

ID 651717

Weixun Li

Graduated from Concordia computer science. Worked in EV tech game development team. Intern production coordinator in Bright View Textile Inc.

ID 843845

Charles-Antoine Giroux

Full Stack Web Developper

ID 799895

Xin Huang

Master of Engineering student of University of Windsor

ID 493304

Nicolas Laudo

Annoyed by little design default on common objects and smartphone applications. My goal is to improve the world and make it smoother and funnier to live in.

ID 948727

Alexanne Morneault

Soon to graduate from College LaSalle, passionnate about web design and new technologies.

ID 516213

Pierre-Luc Thivierge

web developer - worked at @jesta-digital, @laboratoire-creatif-five • studied at @lasalle-college-international, @cegep-de-jonquiere

ID 295769

Jeff Marshall

Full-stack dev. Six years of building for the web from idea-to-product. Ships.

ID 234406

Patrice Ricard

Web developer/integrator with startup background. Experience in development front-end and back-end, UX, project management, marketing, SEO, analytics.

ID 847323

Oleksandr Paldypanida

A.E.C Programmer Analyst GPA: A (90% - 100%) Herzing College, Montreal, Quebec

ID 942572

Adam Pietrantonio

Front End Developer and UX Designer - Highly energized, very social and hard working individual.  I want to work with great people who are doing great things.

ID 619464

Slim Caesar

Founder fistful of coins • Studied at @universite-de-montreal

ID 399587

Sofia Shendi

Founder of MTL State, Freelance Front-End Developer and Web Consultant

ID 1019053


Gained a good experience while working with academic projects

ID 909846

Alex Caza

Self taugh developer, designer and photographer. Freelancing for over 5 years; Advisor for Montreal start-up.

ID 958655

Mike Natale

Recent Grad. Looking for a young and dynamic work environment where coding and working with people are equally important. I'm an all-you-can-eat sushi monster.

ID 627380

Rabih G. El-Zahr

Computer Engineer; Team Player; Competent; Smart; sincere; Resourceful; Enjoys work and problem solving; CEO/Founder of ScorpionShade.

ID 1008478

junfeng lu

A web developer skilled on both frontend and backend, and particularly strong in the interaction between them.

ID 903274

Brian Wilcox

ID 78738

Cédric Guillemette

Stagiaire chez Institut de recherche Hydro-Québec

ID 746456

Philippe Kwiatkowski

Concordia CS Student. Front-end developer. Enjoy working with the MEAN stack.

ID 1050946

Ntambwa Basambombo

Currently working on a mobile app. My first app in freelance.

ID 838237

Lee Thomas

Social marketing and community manager with experienced multimedia production skills. A digital native comfortable working alone or in large teams.

ID 944220

Mylene Boursin

E-business HEC Montreal ; Computer Sciences UQAM ; Communication Paris8 ; Worked for small companies as web writer and journalist 

ID 1019942

Philippe David

Montreal based software engineer 

ID 1050147

Benoit Côté-Jodoin

Software engineering student at ÉTS

ID 998121

Luis Fernandez

I have 18 years as a software developer and team leader with stunning results. I have more than 16 products on the market and several web / mobile applications.

ID 788333

Maxime Beaudoin

Front-end developer using html5, css3, responsive, sass, javascript, angularJS, PHP, MySQL, SEO, Wordpress

ID 517528

Nicolas Markovic

I'm a generalist developper, i like coding and share knowledge.

ID 974056

Carlos Sanchez

Audio Programming Student

ID 723110

francois longpre

15 years in web design / UX design. Strong front-end coding skills. Worked for Videotron and big Ad Agencies. Teach web technologues at INIS. Master of RWD.

ID 661927

Ilyas Bakouch

I create beautiful, interactive and scalable software that just happens to run in a web browser. Focused on turning the brightest ideas into captivating apps.

ID 1034745

Jesse Bourns

Operations & Special Projects at Ajah & PoweredbyData. Autodidact and problem solver that work on: UX/UI, design, biz dev, and project & product management.

ID 952319

Laura McDougall

McGill Cognitive Science. Frontend Developper

ID 994817

Debbie Rouleau

ID 887350

Martin Rancourt

Full stack developer, work on the web since 1999. Work for media, agency and R&D.

ID 239808

Thomas Brenneur

Full Stack developer. Up to date with latest technology trends. Worked from startups to international corps. and distributed teams.

ID 844783

Benjamin Cabanes

front-end developer #html5 #css3 #sass also #geek and #webaddict

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