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ID 604970

Francis Lacroix

Software Engineer

ID 775865

Jeremy Race

Director, Engineering @socrates-md-inc • Founder SocialTreatment • Worked at @english360, @lookbooks-1, @medcafe

ID 881471

Adi Bar-Lev

Founder NexStop Studio • Worked at @formlabs, @samsung-electronics • Studied at @technion-israel

ID 661927

Ilyas Bakouch

I create beautiful, interactive and scalable software that just happens to run in a web browser. Focused on turning the brightest ideas into captivating apps.

ID 186282

Etienne Thouin

ID 932514

Yohan Launay

I am settled in the Bay Area in the US, building cool stuff in car-sharing technologies with Local Motion. Also enjoys building mobile games on my spare time.

ID 612892

Ehsan Khakbaz

Founded IRNUX, Currently working at AT&T.

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