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ID 782952

Scott Wilson

CTO @alayacare in Montreal

ID 889296

Martin Drapeau

ID 855364

André-Philippe Paquet


ID 585775

Nicolas Lee

Creative entrepreneur and results-oriented technology leader with more than 15 years in online games and software development.

ID 212415

Fabien Lafontaine

Founder Picmile

ID 932514

Yohan Launay

I am settled in the Bay Area in the US, building cool stuff in car-sharing technologies with Local Motion. Also enjoys building mobile games on my spare time.

ID 394029

Alexandre Leclair

CTO at @selective-few, Helped build @frank-oak back when we were only 8 people. Grew to 130 employees. 

ID 833575

Sebastian Bulzak

Hands­-on CTO and startup team leader. Built innovative products from scratch to production. Stays on the cutting edge thru regular technology intelligence.

ID 868414

Anthony Dahanne

Software engineer since 2005, passionate about software development and agility, co-founding

ID 38484

Christian Lavoie (CTO & Cofounder). Sand Reckoning Consulting (Owner; Technical Due Diligence Expert, Startup Advisor). Google (2004-2010; Developer, SRE).

ID 681210

Jose Martinez

Founder @kosmo Studio

ID 1048792

Guillaume Boudreau

ID 997520

Mathieu Nayrolles

Ph.D ECE @concordia-university-1   Author @packt-publishing-ltd , @Inkstall Lecturer @ecole-de-technologie-superieure

ID 1044779

Michel Plante


Founded Versus in Montreal and sold to Fusepoint (Savvis, CenturyLink). Sucessfull in combining a software development team and managed hosted services company.

ID 414329

Maxime Fafard

Software engineer Founded Meet R&D, a platform for researchers and students in R&D

ID 686762

Jason Ernst

PhD ABD, Expert in Seamless Wireless Mesh Networks. First place in CODE 2014 Canada’s Largest Hackathon. 20+ publications. Founder @redtree-robotics

ID 97162

Mehdi Mehni

Growth Hacker & Viral User Acquisition Expert

ID 884140

Jade Tremblay

Founder and CTO Simple P

ID 86813

Joost Ouwerkerk

Founder and CTO @hopper • Worked at @expedia, @newtrade

ID 90754

David Esteves

Co-Founder & CTO at WiCastr

ID 1024831

Eric Walker

CTO of Flatbook, co-founded Navendis

ID 166571

Mohannad El-Barachi

Entrepreneur. Technologist. Co-Founder & CEO @sweetiq.

ID 61108

Delano Mandelbaum

CTO @ JBF Sports and creator of One-Time Secret. Previously ran a funded web monitoring company and exited with search company ApproxiMatch in 2007.

ID 881471

Adi Bar-Lev

Founder NexStop Studio • Worked at @formlabs, @samsung-electronics • Studied at @technion-israel

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