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ID 809881

Stephane Paul

Programmer Generalist

ID 973191

Abolfazl Keighobadi

Data Mining / Business Intelligence at Dow Jones with strong SAAS skills in the entire design to delivery life cycle, looking for an IT/Management opportunity

ID 589284

Goussé Jérémy

C++ developer, passionate about programming art.

ID 140945

Alexander Wenzowski

Technical Co-Founder @dialoghq • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 699326

Patrice Gauthier

ETS IT Bachelor, Full stack generalist, Launched Django backends for a newspaper. Worked at Ericsson, Yellow Pages and iWeb.

ID 932514

Yohan Launay

I am settled in the Bay Area in the US, building cool stuff in car-sharing technologies with Local Motion. Also enjoys building mobile games on my spare time.

ID 56658

François Beausoleil

VP Architecture @seevibes, where I measure millions of social media interactions around TV. Self-learner with database and web programming background.

ID 871471

Harshdeep Singh Saluja

Waterloo CS, Full Stack Software Developer, Worked at Expedia and Adobe

ID 1051084

Sara Yazdani

ID 348959

Trevor Starick

Co-Founder/CTO - Zilyo. Student, Hacker, Entrepreneur,

ID 428068

Victor Parmar

McGill CS, full-stack engineer and product developer. Launched an event listings website, worked at Morgan Stanley and now doing amazing stuff @pplconnect !

ID 503697

Pierre-Yves Poujade

Web developer, bilingual with startup experience.

ID 932425

James Morton

Web Technology student looking for a full time junior web developer position in Montreal.

ID 10175

Cedric Dugas

With more than 6 years in web development, Cedric is your perfect front-end developer that can also work in the back-end.

ID 206442

Emir Aydin

Software Engineer & Tech Entrepreneur

ID 41487

Jean-Luc David

Founder | Ed @york-university | Chief Evangelist @microsoft | CTO @digiflare @spently | API @yellow-pages-group | @facebook @y-combinator hack winner

ID 972521

Jake Shamash

McGill CS graduate, Dean's list student, team lead at a startup, passionate about software and all things tech.

ID 742787

Paul Daniel

M.Sc. Computer Science, founder of healthstored, published on Google Play store, 10 years IT experience, worldwide personal and professional experience

ID 129672

Ted Strauss

Researcher, coder, artist, founder. Ready to build great products as part of a passionate team. <3 data viz, audio, collaborations, micro econonomies.

ID 848307

Tung Nguyen

Concordia CS, PLS Systems Inc, AiTS Concordia

ID 1048535

Jason Wiener

Mcgill CS, Worked at TripAdvisor, Software Engineer, Web Developmemt

ID 829857

William MURA

Student in master degree from France, currently in exchange program at ETS (Montréal) and looking for an internship. Strong knowledge for REST API

ID 421558

Derick Lyle

Experienced (20+) Business Analyst / Solution Architect. My passion is process - HOW and WHY the product is built is more interesting to me than WHAT is built.

ID 766635

Ariel Harlap

Maker / techie, strategist & innovator

ID 816229

Ben Swearingen

Newly graduated from McGill this December; B. Eng. in Computer Engineering; Two internships at Synaptic;

ID 854531

Oliver Walerys

McGill BCom, Local Web Dev Entrepreneur, Passionate Salesperson, Motivated and Driven Student

ID 977505

Geeta Bhambhani

New McGill grad, taking a gap year, Interned at the Austrian Institute of Technology

ID 886001

Andrew Patton

Web developer at the web agency Pure Cobalt. Huge range of experience in front-end, back-end, deep-end, shallow-end, big-end-ian (

ID 834142

Christophe Lé

Full-Stack Developer with strong experience in a large-scale SaaS solution. M.Eng. in IT. Open to new technical and business challenges.

ID 1018339

Abubakar Sambo

McGill University graduate. passionate about taking on the most daunting tasks. A Muhammad ali complex some might say.

ID 740260

Andrew Evans

I am a focused & goal driven Computer Engineering Graduate seeking a challenging full time position that builds my knowledge and experience.

ID 105930

Oshri Cohen

Full Stack Developer / Enterprise Architect

ID 1026660

Charles-Philippe Clermont

Independent Consultant; Full stack generalist; Clojure + Javascript; Bestcase;

ID 1080320

Lauran Jansen

BSc Psychology, full-stack web developer with a passion for UX.

ID 903956

William Syms

Worked at Seedbox Technologies

ID 848958

Patrick Desmarais

Software developer. McGill University, Software Engineering. Experience with JavaScript building Node.js, Windows 8 tablet, and other web apps.

ID 176385

Bartek Borowinski

UWaterloo Math / CS, full stack generalist, data processing, visualization

ID 814469

Dwijesh Bhageerutty

Software Engineer; Graduated from @mcgill-university-1; Worked at @orange, @mcgill-university-1, @nuance

ID 654008

Corey Woodcox

Ruby Programmer, specialize in Ruby on Rails. JSON APIs, payment integrations, CDN integrations, and iOS applications are my bread and butter.

ID 980625

Pratik Bidkar

Concordia Computer Science, Ruby on Rails Developer, Strong Software Consulting Experience, Believe in Collaborative Development.

ID 313652

Jean-Philippe Rivard Lauzier

ID 833575

Sebastian Bulzak

Hands­-on CTO and startup team leader. Built innovative products from scratch to production. Stays on the cutting edge thru regular technology intelligence.

ID 363478

Sébastien Testeau

Cs, 15 years experience in software engineering, currently senior software analyst in research and development at the National Film Board of Canada

ID 877123

Hardik Patel

Seeking Summer Internship Position

ID 1047415

Eric Damphousse

30 years of software design and development experience with a record of innovative and creative software solutions delivered on schedule & budget.

ID 841574

Laurens Coderre

Comp Engineer graduate. Interested in full stack dev and modern techs. Total of 20 months interning at various companies.

ID 1083395

Zoya de Frias Lakhany

Undergrad student at Concordia University; actively looking for new opportunities.

ID 889056

Tristan Tran

I'm passionate about Software Engineering and Technology. I currently work as a front-end developer for Morgan Stanley in Montreal.

ID 818327

Jerin Varughese

Ready and wiling to take up any challenging role.

ID 938794

Nilovna Bascunan-Vasquez

Web Developer / Front End Developer

ID 836891

Rohit Patidar

Core knowledge of Computer Science, Good problem solving skills, Launched 10 websites and 1 iOS custom app.

ID 875543

Kareem Sadat

Well versed in multiple Object oriented programming languages and different Database management systems. Experience in IT divisions. International Experience.

ID 575941

Philip Tolton

Founder DishGo • Studied at @concordia-university-montreal

ID 360783

François Proulx

B. Eng. Software Engineering, Built dozens of large iOS applications as well as large Java EE backends. Also specialized in application security.

ID 814666

Jean-Baptiste Morin

Senior Mobile developer : Android, iOS, WP / Back end developer: JAVA, Python / Product lead / Autonomous, efficient, curious, passionate and creative

ID 795037

Miklos Tusz

Back end developer at Kreate; Econ and CS minor; Craving more backend knowledge.

ID 884140

Jade Tremblay

Founder and CTO Simple P

ID 537631

Alexandre Kadian

Worked at Flamesoft Global as a JavaScript Developer, back-end developer.

ID 847323

Oleksandr Paldypanida

A.E.C Programmer Analyst GPA: A (90% - 100%) Herzing College, Montreal, Quebec

ID 295769

Jeff Marshall

Full-stack dev. Six years of building for the web from idea-to-product. Ships.

ID 948687

Xavier Sellier

ID 799895

Xin Huang

Master of Engineering student of University of Windsor

ID 1050147

Benoit Côté-Jodoin

Software engineering student at ÉTS

ID 983741

Julien Prugne

Developer /Osédea

ID 1016317

Julien Linglain

Web developer specialized in Ruby on Rails. Love tests. MangoPay, Sidekiq, TDD, JS...

ID 843845

Charles-Antoine Giroux

Full Stack Web Developper

ID 46229

Issam Hakimi

Opensource contributor and crazy developer

ID 619464

Slim Caesar

Founder fistful of coins • Studied at @universite-de-montreal

ID 292115

Vahan Ayvazyan

engineer and dad

ID 801761

Matthieu Keromen

Passionate, strong technical skills, beer lover, currently working at Absolunet (big web agency)

ID 897112

Julien Cousineau

CEO & Funder of @appolo-music Use technology as a tool for creation. Love the freedom of being part of something bigger then myself.

ID 767623

Kéven L'Archevêque

Web fullstack engineer specialized in backend.

ID 233008

Jake Summers

Software Developer

ID 1050946

Ntambwa Basambombo

Currently working on a mobile app. My first app in freelance.

ID 234406

Patrice Ricard

Web developer/integrator with startup background. Experience in development front-end and back-end, UX, project management, marketing, SEO, analytics.

ID 906607

Jean-Michel Safari Serufuri

Entrepreneur interested in IT innovative and affordable solutions

ID 78738

Cédric Guillemette

Stagiaire chez Institut de recherche Hydro-Québec

ID 1088430

Denis Pasin

Tech lover, cook and climber. Currently full-stack Ruby(-and-Rails) developer @koolicar.

ID 239808

Thomas Brenneur

Full Stack developer. Up to date with latest technology trends. Worked from startups to international corps. and distributed teams.

ID 979458

Christophe Lamachere


ID 968069

Antoine NION

ID 569282

Pascal Deschênes

Tech Thinker. @nuecho Co-Founder. Speech Recognition & Telephony Industry. Hike. Code. Read. Build. Garden.

ID 497482

Jerome Lefeuvre

Ruby on Rails backend developper

ID 381904

Dustin Blackman

Love to work with Python, Coffeescript, and NodeJS.

ID 1019942

Philippe David

Montreal based software engineer 

ID 887350

Martin Rancourt

Full stack developer, work on the web since 1999. Work for media, agency and R&D.

ID 974056

Carlos Sanchez

Audio Programming Student

ID 175299

Nicolas Cadou

Full stack software engineer, with a preference for devops and backend development, and a passion for automating all the things.

ID 838002

bob gratton

ID 717350

Louis-Philippe Perron

main technological skill = learn new technologies

ID 1058833

Stanislav Furman

Master's degree in Computer and Information Technology with a solid knowledge in Web Development and over 12 years of experience (since 2000).

ID 661927

Ilyas Bakouch

I create beautiful, interactive and scalable software that just happens to run in a web browser. Focused on turning the brightest ideas into captivating apps.

ID 880011

Frederic Maheu

15yrs experience Solutions/Software Architect with management experience. Lived the growing pains of a startup.

ID 585764

Nicolas Ménard-Guy

Technique en Informatique de gestion, I integrate easily in a team, am committed to functional design and evolving, readable code

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