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ID 49138

Kyle Seaman

Mobile @freight-farms Startup entrepreneur, @500startups  alum.

ID 8797

Jonathan Nelson


Hacking Silicon Valley. Founder @hackers_and_founders

ID 41171

Duleepa Wijayawardhana

CTO, Green Elk, former CEO/Co-Founder of @empire-avenue. Worked at @bioware-corp./MySQL AB/Sun. Coffee Boy, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Developer.

ID 281286

Ramez Debbas


‎Founder @kwirk-software-inc Software Engineer | Hacker Entrepreneur | Investor

ID 23473

Sebastien Provencher

CEO & Cofounder, Folders. Tech Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor & FounderFuel mentor. Ex-HomeAdvisor, YPG, Ubisoft. Marketplaces & Local Search industry expert.

ID 343968

Eric Chouinard


Founder of in 1996. I have achieved a fair level of recognition within the industry, and I have been exposed to a wealth of experiences in fields. 

ID 70024

Susan McGill


Executive Director, @jolt-accelerator-1. Builder. Negotiator. Strategist. Advocate for innovation. Passionate about the intersection of design & technology.

ID 413032

Stephane B.


Founder @innovastreams, Entrepreneur, Investor, Bitcoin

ID 98692

David Nault


Principal at @inovia-capital

ID 41624

Frederic Lalonde

Founder - @hopper, Tnooz, @newtrade (Acq. by @expedia) Angel - @istopover, @jewlr Board - MakeMyTrip (MMYT)

ID 34758

Evan Prodromou

I make the future come sooner.

ID 47159

Ian Jeffrey


General Manager of FounderFuel & Venture Partner at @real-ventures. Previously was VP Marketing for, acquired by Shutterfly.

ID 257008

LP Maurice

CEO/Co-founder of travel startup @busbud. Harvard MBA. Entrepreneur, traveler, photographer.

ID 93115

Daniel Lieberman


CEO of Cory Vines / Venture Partner @indicator-ventures

ID 206

Ty Danco


Director, Techstars Boston. Founder, eSecLending and BuysideFX. Massive AngelList groupie. Love mobile, fintech.

ID 23411

Sylvain Carle


Managing Partner @founderfuel & @real-ventures. Was: Senior Developer Advocate @twitter, CTO & co-founder at @needium , @praized, @interstructure , @messagia.

ID 1559

Greg Isenberg


CEO of 5by (Acquired by StumbleUpon) & Venture Partner @indicator Ventures

ID 143347

Jean-David Begin


ID 22985

Scott Lake

CEO/Founder of @swix. Co-Founder of Experience in leading consumer and enterprise web-app companies. 10 years of startup experience.

ID 23990

Marc-Antoine Ross


Co-Founder and CDO of @passwordbox. Serial Entrepreneur & Investor aka Explorer of the digital era.

ID 192065

Adam Perkins

Co-founder of 900dpi. Entrepreneur and full-stack developer of eight years. @university-of-wisconsin-whitewater

ID 46025

Bruno Goulet


Serial entrepreneur, startup expert, internet marketer, growth hacker, strategic thinker, systems designer, author & investor aspiring to make the world better.

ID 4972

Bernd Petak

Entrepreneur. Consultant. Investment Professional. Advisor. Opportunities Evaluated, Innovation Managed, Problems Solved, Ideas Developed Into Businesses.

ID 24977

Jonathan Moyal


3rd time Founder @lucky-ant, @dowza @one-song • Worked at @jp-morgan • Studied at @wharton-school, @university-of-pennsylvania, @sciences-po-paris

ID 24944

Bruno Morency

Founder of @context-io. First startup right out of school in 2001, acquired 2 yrs later. @mcgill-university B.Eng. Electrical + Minor Tech Entrepreneurship.

ID 106088

Lauren McLeod

Co-Founder at @flightfox. Co-founder at @globetrooper (sold 2011). Desert Explorer. Crossed Mongolia's Gobi Desert entirely on foot.

ID 82049

Frederic Boulanger


CEO Macadamian, emotions observer & explorer of technologies, design&build from napkin sketch to market ready

ID 2901

Cassandra Girard

COO, @buyosphere (current); Advisor, Spectrum Data Technologies; Business Development, Fluid; Business Development, Truition

ID 4108

Cherif Habib


CEO @emcision-international, formerly @mckinsey-company & @wharton-school MBA

ID 29595

David Caplan

CTO of SolveBio. Full-stack web developer, and published computational biologist.

ID 220103

Caithrin Rintoul

Co-Founder Provender, product mgmt in Ag+Tech companies in North America and Europe. Food Sys speaker and 30 under 30 winner in Canada.

ID 75848

Alexandra T. Greenhill

CEO co-founder @mybesthelper, disruptive family tech. Award winning physician leader 15+ yrs experience, last led $108M health IT project. Top 40 under 40.

ID 104942

Stephanie Liverani

Founder at @crew | Past actuary

ID 343231

Charles-Eric Gascon

Making People Happy & CEO @ Spoil. Founded Nettoyage Océan (Sold 2013), Founded AREI Entertainment (Merged 2012), Ex Officer in the Canadian Army 

ID 41487

Jean-Luc David

Founder | Ed @york-university | Chief Evangelist @microsoft | CTO @digiflare @spently | API @yellow-pages-group | @facebook @y-combinator hack winner

ID 7989

Laurent Feral-Pierssens


Founder and CEO of @silentale. Computer Science and Mathematics at @mcgill-university

ID 181445

Marcus Daniels


Founder/CEO @highline ( @extremestartups-deleted + @growlab merged Accelerator ). Seed Investor. Digital Product Entrepreneur. Innovation Platform Architect

ID 71310

Daniel Drouet

Founding Partner at early stage VC Montreal Startup Co-Founder at Ajah. Startup adviser and mentor.

ID 428358

Michael Gradek

Co-founder/CTO at travel startup @busbud • Rocked development and project management @microsoft • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 90313

Mikael Cho

Founder at @crew | Former Olympic Development Soccer Player | Studied Psychology & Neuroscience @university-of-wisconsin

ID 72577

Adrian Ghizaru

Web developer at the National Film Board of Canada.

ID 28011

Laurent Maisonnave

CEO @seevibes — leading provider of social TV audience intelligence. I'm a geek entrepreneur who lives his passion. I love tech, marketing, people, talk EN/FR.

ID 133083

Nicholas Asch

Founder @gliph, @caravan • Studied at @concordia-university. Fluent in web infrastructure, MongoDB, Redis, Python, Web front-end and Android.

ID 93351

Connor Dickie

Co-Founder @synbiota, Alumni @mit-media-lab & @singularity-university-1, Fellow @mozilla-webfwd, Synberc Fellow, Inventor Samsung "Smart Pause"

ID 161411

Eyal Toledano

CEO @CatnapGames | Founder @international-gaming-league | #5 @planbox | Product Marketer & Startup Strategist.

ID 3463

Charles Nouÿrit

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder @smartpay-me, Certified (solution deploy by groupe La Poste in 2011 & addressing a €1B yearly recurring revenue market)

ID 428373


Worked at @nextly

ID 30171

Danial Jameel

CEO, co-founder at OOHLALA.

ID 64929

Eric Pham-dinh

Co-founder and CEO of @iget-it

ID 458587

Sebastien Perreault


CEO and Founder @ekoom. Senior Developer. Serial entrepreneur. Strong business background. I've been building startups for 18 years

ID 44000

Peter Lalonde

Canadian Entrepreneur. Founded @openera to manage the cloud and automate boring tasks. Ex Gridiron, @open-text, @interleaf... sales, marketing and bd.

ID 36425

Dan Benoni

Funky-haired Product Director at @officevibe. Engineering graduate. Design and Gamification addict. Passionate by company culture. Loves office pushups.

ID 137732

Emmanuel de Gouvello

Entrepreneur, CEO, Executive coach

ID 1689

Rory Olson

Built (sold or IPO'ed) 6 technology startups. Surefire Commerce, Total.Net, BCE Emergis.

ID 231537

Reza Khadjavi

Co-founder at Nettoyeurs Express. Front-end developer @hubba

ID 11388

Phil Noelting

CEO and Founder of Qwalify. Babson Alum. Triathlete. Traveler. Foodie.

ID 12205

Mark Ury

@storybird CEO. Built & sold 3 companies since college. Had a kid, then built products & services for Nike, Starbucks, and @apple. Back to building my own thing.

ID 50212

Colin Surprenant

internet and open source software developer, self-starter/entrepreneur, distributed/scalable/realtime social media data/stream processing.

ID 51151

Conor Clarke

Co-founded and Montreal's favorite late night fast food delivery and event company respectfully...Now onto @wavo-me

ID 56656

Audry Larocque

CEO of iPerceptions. Co-Founder of 3 companies with 3 successful exits. 13Y as CEO of venture backed companies.

ID 56388

Mike Gozzo

Product @radialpoint , Founder @appifier (acquired '14). Once named one of the top 25 emerging entrepreneurs in Quebec. Mobile Engineer. John Molson MBA.

ID 393363

Oleg Rogynskyy


CEO & Founder @semantria democratizing @sentiment-analysis & @text-mining-1 • Fueled growth at @lexalytics & @nstein-technologies • @boston-university-1 grad

ID 51160

Gabriel Lespérance

CTO & co-founder of @wavo-me Inc. Hacker / Entrepreneur / Programmer / Free Thinker

ID 218960

Mitchell Richler

Worked at @epic-media-group • Studied at @concordia-university

ID 228953

Robert Masse

20 year security professional and entrepreneur, Founder Swift Identity, @gosecure • Worked at @kpmg

ID 7267


Engineer, Entrepreneur @seedingfactory - co-organizer of @mtlnewtech

ID 256488

Jeffrey Fermin

Workplace enhancer. High Five Supplier. Minimalist. Functions > Titles.

ID 106459

Manuel Vélez Arango

Co-founder / CEO @micarga • Studied at @concordia-university

ID 50857

Avery Abramovitch

Co-founder/Product/Tech at @qwalify. @makefly. @beyond-the-rack. @ice-com-2. MBA from Queens. Startup advisor.

ID 191782

Jeffrey Dungen

Objective: to contribute significantly toward the sustainable advancement of humanity. CEO of reelyActive. Engineer meets entrepreneur. Creating an open IoT.

ID 96198

Karim Helal


Engineer @ericsson, MBA @hec-montreal, Co-Founder and CEO of @protenders, Advisor at @seedstartup, Angel Investor, Sportsman and adventurer.

ID 49391

Francois Gaouette


Founder and CEO of Amilia. Successful early stage VC for 15 years.

ID 297949

Brandon Waselnuk

Co-Founder & CEO @tattoo-hero, Ex-IBM Business Analytics investment lead, volunteer, and lover of coffee, video games, and new technology.

ID 208422

George Stamatis

Co-Founder & CRO of @trendr (Bringing people together to do business)

ID 132486

Richard Btaiche

Product & Growth @guestful CEO @fastgrab (Acquired by @guestful) @founderfuel graduate.

ID 172925

Grant Yim

Co-Founder/CEO of Evercondo

ID 134054

Pascal Hamel

Team leader at @crowdbase. Previously cofounder at @live-rides, FounderFuel Spring 2012 alumni. Studied in software engineering.

ID 288375

Bruno Nadeau

Technical Lead @ Fabule. MS.CS from UCIrvine. Entrepreneur with a background in application design, software development, and experience manufacturing hardware.

ID 56321

Gabriel Grisé

Cofounder and CTO of @glancee, inc. Software engineer graduated from Ecole de technologie superieure. Worked at Ericsson, CAE and collaborated with @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

ID 222235

Michael TURRI

Director of Experience Strategy and Innovation Lab co-founder at Sid Lee.

ID 559951

Augusto Sotelo

ID 5799

Helge Seetzen


Founder @brightside-technologies, @sunnybrook-technologies • Worked at @dolby-labs • Investor @suncentral-inc, @miad-inc, and others

ID 24985

André LeBlanc


Founder and CTO of Sky Motion Research. Founding Member Discreet Logic (IPO, subsequently acquired by Autodesk). Director of Technology at Ubisoft.

ID 72633

Steve Panetta

COO Dedicated 10+ years showcasing brands in the best possible light. Founded, grew and exited a design agency that worked with some of Canada's largest brands

ID 191017

Jonathan Schacter

Founder @classtrak Founder @who2you • Worked at @babytel • Studied at @mcgill-university, @concordia-university

ID 61930

Mathieu Simard

Co-Founder -- APTGEEK TECHNOLOGIES INC. -- Tech Addict -- If you never give up, you never lose.

ID 343058

Mohamed Alborno

Founder @the-new-country-film @crowdsway. Filmmaker, Engineer and Marketer. Top 25 Tech Stars of the Middle East. Winner of Startup Weekend and Patent Pending.

ID 140169

Philippe L'Heureux

CTO at @crowdmedia-1 in Montreal, PQ. Interested in startups, Scala, OpenSource in general and damn good music!

ID 61738

Olivia Dufour

Co-Founder of & (prev. Invup), Enterprise & Gamification Lead at NTT Data, Creative Technologist & MassChallenge winner.

ID 176217

Alexandre Bourget

Co-Founder/CTO at, Python/AngularJS dev, Bitcoin enthusiast

ID 128539

Martin Roldan

CEO of @crowdmedia-1. Ph.D. studies at MSU and UQAM. Focused on growth.

ID 61108

Delano Mandelbaum

CTO @ JBF Sports and creator of One-Time Secret. Previously ran a funded web monitoring company and exited with search company ApproxiMatch in 2007.

ID 27511

Renaud Teasdale

Co-founder of @mycustomizer. Developed product customization platform @Warrior/New Balance. Studied design at UdeM & PoliMi.

ID 77031

Felix Menard

Product guy. Founded @weroll @exitlist. Well-travelled, designed-focussed, art-lover, dedicated coder, bicycle rider.

ID 222604

Gil Michel-Garcia


Founder @wafu • Worked at @blue-hf • Investor @wafu • Studied at @mcgill-university, @state-university-of-new-york-at-buffalo

ID 193325

Pier-Olivier Genest

CTO of reelyActive • Indoor location startups • R&D Scientist and Entrepreneur • Master in AI

ID 34326

Etienne Garbugli

Lean B2B Author. Psykler Co-Founder. Senior UX Researcher. Ex Hirevoice & Flagback Co-Founder.

ID 377129

Juliana Araujo Lima

Founder Kanoa Life - Inspiring and beautiful Brazilian Jewellery. From Sao Paulo Brazil. Now in Montreal, Canada. Foreign Trade & venture Capital background.

ID 188334

Julien Dreux

CTO @fastgrab. Previously built Voice Applications @nuance Communications. @founderfuel grad, McGill University engineer

ID 8038

Chris Bryson

Founder @unata • Worked at @aeroplan, @warrillow-co • BCOM at @queen-s-university

ID 442900

Martin Peters

CMO and Co-Founder ExecuteSales. 1st internet start-up out of business school. Strong marketing, product and strategy background.

ID 64652

Michael Beddows

Founder & CEO at @trendr, the professional networking app. Where you are in five years depends on who you meet today.

ID 256854

Adam Hirsch

Entrepreneur, Investor and Founder at

ID 102082

Ben Hamey

Great Ape @ @bonobo. Designer of multiple #1 apps. I'm all about smashing business, design and technology into a delicious concoction.

ID 186821

Mauro Repacci

Founder @navut • Worked at @procter-gamble-2, @air-canada • MBA at @queen-s-university, @fundacao-getulio-vargas

ID 108495

Noah Bloom

Mobile entrepreneur & tech anthropologist. CEO @jiber, founding team @Blueslice, Harvard/H150, race bikes for @lgevolution, adventure skier, guitar slayer

ID 83149

Vera Newman

Founder/CCO of 2NGageU INC. Creator of @cinealoop-1  Expert in Women + Sex in Gaming. Focused on Mobile, Social & Gaming. Women in Softech Evangelist.

ID 83823

Daniel Haran

Winner of the github recommendation engine contest. 1st startup is doing great; available for consulting until I start my next company.

ID 153947

André Forest


ID 183852

Andrew Peker

President & Co-founder @SelectiveFew // Formerly of @SSENSE

ID 239788

Sophie Boulanger

Founder @bonlook • Worked at @l-oreal, @christian-dior • Studied at @mcgill-university, @sda-bocconi-school-of-management. 10+ yrs experience as buyer/merchandiser

ID 48283

Jean-Pierre Levac

Entrepreneurial technocrat excelling at business development and networking, striving to build teams that help ideas grow into marketable products & businesses.

ID 74658

Daniel Cowen

Co-Founder & CEO of @echoer and one of the creative minds behind @lastnightapp; Oxford graduate, qualified lawyer, and strong commercial background.

ID 31459

Achille Pinson

Founder of @prepmyfuture (Paris). Former product manager at @helpmycash (Barcelona). Studied Business (HEC Montreal, @wharton-school) and Computer Science (@mcgill-university)

ID 224513

George Easton

Founder @ludo-1, @ion8 • Worked at @ibm, @the-ben-farella-group • Studied at @stanford-university, @seneca-college-of-applied-arts-and-technology

ID 119989

Yonatan Weic

Senior Sales Executive EMEA at Acquisio

ID 59194

Allan Diamond

Co-Founder @timereaction Social Process-Driven Communication Platform

ID 55997

Jake Hirsch-Allen

Legally trained technology entrepreneur and educator with international affairs, intellectual property and global health experience.

ID 182815

Simon Papineau

Founder of the Crowdsourced Testing company • Worked at @gameloft • Studied at @hec-montreal

ID 281661

Craig Silverman

Founder of Regret the Error. Entrepreneurial journalist, award-winning writer & author. Adjunct Faculty @ The Poynter Institute for Media Studies.

ID 638649

Jason Dominique

Founder and CEO at Ensemble. Father of one, social entrepreneur and traveller. Strong business, sales and philanthropy background.

ID 300013

Nick Saltarelli

Co-Founder, VP business development @ Dynamo Media. Advisor @ SelectiveFew. I’m an Entrepreneur by trade and serial marketer by passion.

ID 7863

Matt MacNaughton

CEO of PromoJam, former Digital guy at Interscope Records, @claremont-mckenna-college alum and also play in a Johnny Cash cover band...

ID 261730

Laurent Mascherpa

Co-founder of Floop Technologies, founder of Massive Finger. Tech and Mobile Entrepreneur; Worked at Ubisoft WW Studios.

ID 838158

Line Trepanier

Founder ProductionsEndorphines ZoneYogaSports | Previous: PM Engineer IBM Intl Negotiator Bombardier | Interests: Health Tech eLearning | Moto: Learn.Do.Repeat

ID 294140

Roger Huang

Founded @thoughtbasin , Advisor @gymbirds, ex-employee @breather, published on @techvibes-media, @the-next-web , and @techcrunch.

ID 46884

Christian Painchaud

Launching Taïga Ultimate. Worked at MyCustomizer, 12Punch, Osisko Mining Corp. and Desjardins Group. Studied Finance at HEC-Montreal.

ID 394484

Jean-Michel Beaudoin

Founder MissingLINK • Worked at @nokia • Studied at @mcgill-university, @hec-montreal

ID 58531

Antoine Meunier

Team USA Athlete & co-founder of Medalist

ID 19583

Saima Khan

Visionary Entrepreneur, Focused, Diplomatic. Over 19 years of Consulting Thought Leader, Professional, Fun, and Witty.

ID 242563

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier

CEO at @hexoskin • Wearable Health Tech • Mobile Apps • Data Analytics • Product Designer and Entrepreneur.

ID 132224

Patrick Barbeau

Founder of, Creator of and Executive Producer at Venture Cap TV.

ID 282528

Ramin Hazegh

Founder & CTO @seamless-planet PhD Computer Aided Engineering

ID 50373

Alexander Cameron

Senior LAMP Architect based in Montreal with a specialism in audio/video: PHP5 (Laravel/FPM/Composer/Git), Nginx, Varnish, AWS, MySQL/NoSQL (Mongo/Couch).

ID 67955

Matthew Brightman

VP at @mirametrix-inc , former-CEO at @moral-fibers, Associate @tandemlaunch

ID 90704

Philip Miresco

Founder of Traderific. Successful exit from first startup. Creative, driven, passionate about building awesome businesses..

ID 210671

Artur Minacov

Managing Director at I am a creative, passionate young entrepreneur from Montreal.

ID 812490

Mike Kakogiannakis

Founder Dubuc Motors SLC, car designs and logistics. Background in leading commercial marketing services.

ID 217462

Kader Garnier Aw

Founder SportizingMe • Worked at @johnson & Johnson, @danone in Asia-Pacific, US and Europe • Studied at @hec-montreal & @INSEAD

ID 29919

Jimmy Gendron

Founder/CEO of a freemium games studio startup | Former EA/JAMDAT Executive Producer and Production Director

ID 55024

Ryan Hops

CPO at Wall Street Survivor. MBA from McGill University 2014.

ID 458728

Sébastien Roy

Founder @prevly. CEO @spr-consult. Entrepreneur & consultant in the healthcare management & technology space.

ID 22919

Peter Kovacs

COO at V12software. User interface Designer and Project Manager. Strong Cross-Cultural Background.

ID 402945

Alireza Saberi

Founder @digital Brain Zone Also, Ph.D in biomedical engineering @McGill University Passionate about building & scaling digital product startups

ID 280769

André Berthiaume

Founder CrowdMedia • Worked at @videotron

ID 221468

Anthony Omenya

Co-Founder and CEO @insidde | Former Soccer Player | Studied Economics at @university-of-montreal.

ID 66672

Marc Lamoureux

Entrepreneur. Serial startup enthusiast in the Mobile Software/Telephony space, as employee, executive and founder: Microcell, Clearnet, WordLogic Systems, SAI.

ID 161995

Bernard Poulin

Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007, Bernard Poulin launched his highly successful company while he was still an undergraduate student in Canada.

ID 12068

Francis Ouellet

Founder at

ID 341407

Domenic Durante

Management executive and entrepreneur with the proven ability to build a profitable and successful software and services company.

ID 396380

Patrick Brunet

CEO of Allea Solutions. Strong web and mobile background. Worked at @service-canada, @brookfield-marketing-group, @environment-canada, @allstream

ID 446569

Simon Tian

Founder & CEO at Neptune

ID 323138

Mathieu Laroussi


Founder @guarana • Studied at @nagoya-university, @open-university-london

ID 128846

Emmanuel Darmon

Founder & CEO @uniyu

ID 490790

Marko Jelavic

BD at Athlete Builder • Worked @tandemlaunch • Studied @hec-paris @mcgill-university • Kinesiologist with an MBA • Travel & Sports enthusiast • Passion for Startups & VC

ID 47068

Ralph Baddour


Co-founder of @polltogo. Engineer, former biophysics researcher. Web ventures since high school. Expert bootstrapper.

ID 95128

Jeffery Thomas

Thinkin' about stuff...

ID 230855

Aaron Carr

Founder of Friendefi. Expertise: loyalty industry, product and business development. Worked at Aeroplan (AIMIA), Air Miles (LoyaltyOne), Star Alliance GmbH.

ID 67599

Patrick Pecorilli

Founder @virtual-process-3 • • Studied at @concordia-university

ID 57008

Steve Hardy

Marketing Director @rallyengine | Ex: Co-founder @warms, Web & CE Director @wowwee, Producer @airborne-mobile, and Business Director @maisonneuve Magazine

ID 421182

Samuel Audet-Arsenault

Founder @tenor Labs, @tenor • Worked at @lockheed-martin, @cae • Studied at @telecom-paristech, @university-ecole-de-technologie-superieure

ID 403147

Hamidreza Eslami

Studied at @sharif-university-of-technology, @mcgill-university

ID 436881

Anthony Guay

CTO & Co-Founder @modde • Director @Binaloop • SW MTL Feb 2013 Winner • Comp. Engineering @ecole-polytechnique-de-montreal

ID 677196

Emmanuel Amara

Entrepreneur, Writer and Film Director. I am a passionate content builder. My goal is to reinvent the relationship between contents and viewers.

ID 281132

Didier Boucard MBA

MBA @McGill, Worked at @ibm, Analyst @GoldmanSachs, Trader @ CEWP, Senior Project Manager @DST, MD at @DGB

ID 129672

Ted Strauss

Researcher, coder, artist, founder. Ready to build great products as part of a passionate team. <3 data viz, audio, collaborations, micro econonomies.

ID 452491

Jane Sorensen

Worked at @doubleclick, @actional-software • Studied International Business @mcgill-university • loves analog life and nature • Social enterprise/innovator

ID 154848

Nitesh Patel

Co-Founder/CTO GymFuel, Founder/CEO at @imediadesigns, Masters Degree in Database enginneering from @concordia-university University

ID 65257

Reid Jackson

Age 16. Founded @calfix in 2011 to make planning parties and social events easier.

ID 49475

Alain Marchildon

Accomplished marketer that successfully built functional marketing and sales organizations from the ground up. Now helping Startups to connect to their markets

ID 463146

Todd Zeligman

Founder, Better Capital • 8+ years of Corporate Finance and Investment Banking experience • Worked at TD Securities, Scotia Capital • Ivey Business School MBA.

ID 341656

Avi Chaudhuri

In his current position as senior director of Kezzler AS, Dr. Avi Chaudhuri develops and implements strategies for eliminating counterfeit drugs.

ID 123970

Jeanne Shih

Founder Vlyy. Engineer.

ID 277819

Jean-Philippe Laforge

Founder Beehivr • Founded my first business at 18 to finance studies. CPA. Worked at @pwc other finance jobs, now back to my DNA, entrepreneur.

ID 369218

David Mongeau-Petitpas

Creative geek, Programmer, Co-founder of @folklore.

ID 379836

Kambiz Behfar

Please contact me for more info. I am currently working on a E Marketing Map generator for: 1. Network of Online Video Games 2. Network of Open Source Software

ID 76114

Dan Lussier

PhD candidate at University of @oxford-university in Mechanical Engineering as Rhodes Scholar. Teacher and strong generalist engineer who can code.

ID 157038

Alex Rodrigues

Founder of @Raango. Founded @Libero (eLance based in Brazil). Former @accenture

ID 186282

Etienne Thouin

ID 758833

Isaac Bellisha

• Studied at @mcgill-university, @john-molson-school-of-business

ID 22994

Olivier Lalonde

Friendly hacker & entrepreneur. Sr Software Engineer. Full-stack web developer.

ID 353232

Ahmed El Wassimy

Co-Founded Vybe. 1st/2nd place StartupWeekend (Silicon Valley/Montreal '13). Worked @luxury-retreats Retreats | @MarcusEvans | @concordia-university @McGill.

ID 280813

JP Simard

CTO & iOS developer at @dashbookapp (founder). Founded @magneticbear studios, electrical engineer, musician, runner, jazz aficionado, fake graphic designer

ID 335906

Sina Fakhrabady

Founder Addibuy • Studied at @schulich-school-of-business Founder @addibuy

ID 332485

Charles Boustany

Studied @McGill @HECMontreal

ID 150593

Terence Kao

Founder @dogwatch-media • Worked at @motorola, @nortel • Studied at @mcgill-university, @queen-s-university

ID 62209

Nathan Currier

Founder at @mangameslost. Co-Founder at USMLEQuickPrep. PhD in cell bio with startup and extensive biz dev experience.

ID 73709

Quinn Roukema

Co-Founder, Co-Founded, Alum Student Brand Manager at Red Bull. Good with people, words and obstacles. No-nonsense, creative and lean.

ID 458204

Sofiane Baltaci

Founder @partybay

ID 523016

David Cote

Founder TickSmith Corp. Entrepreneur and consultant with 17 years experience in IT infrastructure, specialized in banking, financial and online brokerage.

ID 337828

Léonard Greene

Founder GiveNAcquire

ID 181861

Michael Ghattas

Started Smart Wall App during University at McGill University. Currently a Software Eng at Wiseleap Solutions. 

ID 418046

Hue Tai Vuong

CTO and Cofounder of FeelBuzz • Strong technical background. • Worked at @miranda-technologies, @ati-technologies • Studied at @ecole-polytechnique

ID 342167

Liohn Sherer


ID 165530

Michael Yokota

Founder of @made-with-magnolia. Gemini award-winning digital producer.

ID 149246

Guillaume Demers


Founder of 4 successful companies, I explore fundraising and many of the other functions of managing a venture capital partnership.

ID 408482

Christian Ross, ing.

CEO and cofounder of FeelBuzz Inc. • Strong background in Research & Development • Natural Leader • Worked @miranda-technologies. Studied @ ÉTS.

ID 480199

Jay Singh

Founder Go Games • Studied at @vanier-college

ID 38826

Cats In The Bag Design

Founder @cats-in-the-bag-design, @design-le-chat-est-dans-l-sac • strategic creative designer and illustrator • creative genius behind What my Coffee says to me.

ID 409174

Peter Szilagyi

Co-founder & CEO of Samply, TEDx Speaker, Professional Engineer, Project Manager and Philantropist.

ID 349070

Mauricio Padilla

Founder - beysik. ERP Visualization consultant. Expert in visualization of Analytics. Motorcyclist. Globetrotter. Geek.

ID 184225

Florence Petit-Gagnon

Founded @planiclik •Worked at @cossette-communications • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 583798

Richard Abrich

Founder Deep Diagnostics • Worked at @rbc-capital-markets, @toronto-general-hospital • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 407333

Brandon Love

Canadian. McGill Student. Entrepreneur. @EsntlApparel

ID 467009

Etienne Noreau-Hebert

Founder and CTO of @liine • Worked at @vantrix • Studied at @university-of-montreal • Maker of things

ID 414198

Jean-Philippe Léveillé

Founder Webgraphe • Worked at @xtranormal, @gameloft • Studied at @university-of-sherbrooke

ID 216739

Mustapha Kerouch

Software engineer @ebay.

ID 274686

Sylvain Gaudreau

Founder and technical architect of LiveKiu. Worked for many big corporations and goverment departements as a security and network consultant.

ID 274636

Pascale Petit-Gagnon

Founder @planiclik • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 457308

Adam Albarghouthi

Studies at @mcgill-university

ID 359349

Pierre-Luc Soucy

VP of Engineering at TapClicks

ID 364623


Dev for 8 years. Co-founder of Currently working on customer development.

ID 683101

Alexandre Ponthier

Founder of Alex et Alex, consultant to Ernst & Young, Financial Planning to SFR, MBA Major in Finance 2008

ID 336028

Patrice Paquette

EN►FR Translator / CAT & Desktop Publishing Specialist / Social Networker / Online Music Publisher & Promoter

ID 1082296

Walid El Mernissi

ID 793574

Jf Brou

Founder at Interstude, Rep Your Flag Festival, Exchange Your Life, Studied at @bocconi-university

ID 288694

Francois Royer Mireault

Strategy at • Founder @everett-gray • Worked at @l-oreal • Studied at @hec-montreal

ID 313652

Jean-Philippe Rivard Lauzier

ID 598355

Karl Pawlowicz

Entrepreneur, Investor, Digital Designer and Developer. Passionate about cars, finance, fitness, technology and travel.

ID 951020

Gibson Odoka

Entrepreneur/Founder El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc.

ID 607078

Tim Thomas

Founder @dishgo • Business & Web Development • Studied at @concordia-university

ID 295033

Ilyes Hassani

Entrepreneur. Co-founder of Celagora. Investment banker turned tech entrepreneur.

ID 1097577

Taran Aujla, LL.L, J.D.

CEO of CrowdFuel • Former Lawyer @dentons-canada • Entrepreneur by heart, lawyer by profession. Studied Law @university-of-ottawa. A Passion for disruption.

ID 125432

Eric C. Dufour

Entrepreneur, internet/digital/mobile advertising specialist, and a passion for aviation

ID 93239

Andrew Gardener

CDO at Tutor With Me. Graduated in Computer Science with Great Distinction. Software Developer and aspiring entrepreneur.

ID 650161

Abdul S. Refaat

On a mission to blend original design, intuitive interfaces in to sustainable product offerings

ID 888115

Julien Saad

Software developer. Launched several successful mobile apps in Montreal. Currently working as a consultant at Ubisoft Montreal.

ID 466649

Houemavo Yemi

Founder @weetab-group-inc

ID 12732

Adrian Schauer

ID 157553

Clément Kpodar

Co-founder of, entrepreneur; fanatics of design and gadgets.

ID 401068

Denis Canuel

Founder Prohacktive • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @ibm • Studied at @universite-du-quebec-a-montreal-1

ID 244802

Charles Lapointe

ID 120250

Martin Perron

Founder @bloom-search-marketing

ID 77452

Manny I. Madi

COO of @rhubs.

ID 93010

Haritos Kavallos

Computer Science graduate (B.CompSc) currently studying in Educational Technology (M.A), Software Developer & aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for History.

ID 228833

Jason Smolar

Founder @j2-interactive-inc

ID 507429

Dominique Derrien

Founder/Head of Technology Hexacto Entertainment

ID 541527

Brice Salmon

Founder of Glasgow, a design studio. +10 years experience in communication agencies as producer, strategist and senior account manager

ID 33807

Ray Jelassi

Founder @itrix-media, 3D Digital Signage, built it from ground up starting with basic business plan and projections,to active sales/cashflow.

ID 57861

Pierre Rouleau

CEO -, CEO of Altair, VP Sales & Svc Novariant, CEO of Cultiva, GM of CSI Wireless, Airline Pilot License, Owner of Aviation companies in past.

ID 61168

Saidimu Apale

the truth changes color depending on the light and tomorrow can be clearer than yesterday.

ID 289610

Emile Girard

CTO at CastADeal. CEO and Founder of Strong programmer, active contributor to Wordpress & CodeIgniter. Father of two.

ID 881516

Anselme Trochu

10 years of exp in the Internet. Establishment of 2 startups. Self-taught web-programmer since the age of 13 Graduated from an International business school

ID 69690

Terry Karavoulias

Founder @upvenue. Web developer, tablet developer

ID 36406

J Gorelik

Team member of @appfar.

ID 101395

Alex Mensi

Web and Distributed Application Architect, Photographer

ID 282860

Emily MacLeod

Community Manager @instagrad; Coordinator @ Folklore Studies Association of Canada. Strong background in oral history. MA in History @concordia-university

ID 164606

Philippe Chevry

CTO @s3r3nity Associate @luminary

ID 133100

Alex Seville

Founder @migrii, Front-End Engineer at Ziliko, 1st website developed at 12 years old, BS Comp Sci UofM

ID 89444

Simon Sayz

Tech Geek, Bean Counter, Entrepreneur, Founding CEO of @simther-capital, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of @accounting-firm-kgt-consultant. All around great guy.

ID 65784

Gabor Sommerhalder

Founder / Board member of @maximus-capital

ID 175821

Alex Le Moëligou

Co-founder of

ID 948739

Jerry Visser

Founder and CEO of Turing Computers • Studied at @british-columbia-institute-of-technology-1

ID 151416

Adrien Niblock

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer @nowinstore

ID 205784

Alexandre Fourtoy

Founder of Hoople, social network for parents, schools and clubs. Previously run UEFA digital activities for 10 years.

ID 82363

Joel Grenon

Software architect, I've touch all aspects of software in small and large companies. CTO consultant for the past 10 years. Advisors to some regional startups.

ID 192659

Frederic Rene

Founder Liki

ID 474415

Pascal Nguyen Deschênes

it will come

ID 219703

Younes El Moujahid

Founder of EVOSY, +10 years of customer service management, business relations, marketing and media production.

ID 671630

Marco Pardo

ID 216490

John Koumbourlis

Founder Hellasoft Studio • Worked at @bombardier-aerospace • Studied at @herzing-university

ID 191699

Omar Faruque

ID 196239

Ian Beaubien

Founder @linart at 19, Tongo • Worked at @leading-boards, @2xm-interactive, Techsolcom. Successful self taught dev and entrepreneur.

ID 343604

Alain Pilon

Co-Founder @touralix; Founder @tourika; Software Engineer @St-Lawrence.

ID 107303

Burak Kaynak

Founder @ @playwho // Multi-disciplinary designer, artist and entrepreneur.

ID 516258

Pascal Hébert

ID 452291

Corey Tonge

Founder Onevio Inc. • Worked at @apple • Studied at @john-abbott-college

ID 480457

Comedian Sony "D'


ID 441242

Loïc Herry

Love writing code

ID 515471

Anastasia Kay

Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 1011939

Robert Courteau

Want to work with an ambitious entrepreneur and their startup. I have been coached and have coached and can bring a lot of fresh ideas and managerial experience

ID 239625

Miguel Rochefort

Founder at Thingsy • Worked at @ea-mobile-montreal, @pinch-project • Studied computer science at Collège Édouard-Montpetit • Passion for the semantic web.

ID 399587

Sofia Shendi

Founder of MTL State, Freelance Front-End Developer and Web Consultant

ID 352693

Antoine van Eetvelde

ID 47133

Fabrice Quenneville

CEO of Fabulo enterprises, CEO and co-founder of inc.

ID 46834

Jason Ayoub

Co-Founder of LobbyFriend. Chartered Accountant with strong business background (@air-canada, KPMG), very entrepreneurial, hard-working leader, very creative

ID 442065

Frederic Ah-Yave

10+ years in digital financial services. Large mission critical system design. Security Expert

ID 81301

Sumair Zafar

Founder @pakstarted and MS CS student @concordia-university University

ID 52754

Datareowei Akangbou

ID 351066

Steve Mitchell

Web entrepreneur. School board commissioner. Married Dad of 2 amazo teens. EdTech prophet. #CleanWater #BizInfo - killer startups in the works...

ID 253607

Elise Pepin

Studied Law at University of Sherbrooke. Award-winning Quebec lawyer and financial services professional.

ID 33602

Jean-Nicolas Guillemette

Entrepreneur with extensive experience in project management, operation, business consulting, turnaround project. INSEAD MBA

ID 316688


a young entrepreneur looking to launch multiple projects within the next 6 months

ID 112963

Arnaud Faure

Entrepreneur. Love #tech #music #video #fashion #design and #architecture

ID 41124

Sylvain Picker

Highly skilled Farm Worker, extensive knowledge of edible wild plants and organic farming. Promoting Food Forests, natural food, organic farming innovations.

ID 223273

Malick Maachi


ID 459950

Florian MAS

CEO Copilote Immobilier - Real estate automatic SAAS marketing solution

ID 186989

Francis Brunelle

Leader of SAFE Pod Montreal

ID 213118

Roxanne Genier

Founder LuxeInACity, @luxeinacity.

ID 131558


LiveShout is a mobile app and a website to help TV & event producers get live feedback from their audience making their shows interactive, hence more involving.

ID 252140

Davide Baratto

President in real estate company (immobiliare europa) in italy, legal consulting of notary in italy, inventors. Strong business background

ID 275664

Joanan Hernandez

Founder Mollejuo • Worked at @ericsson, @digitel. Geek, integrator by nature

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