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ID 281321

Jonathan Bardo

Consultant at Yellow Pages. I developed web application for Fox, Air Canada, Rogers Media (Radio station and Canadian Grammy's), Lassonde and more.

ID 889056

Tristan Tran

I'm passionate about Software Engineering and Technology. I currently work as a front-end developer for Morgan Stanley in Montreal.

ID 630115

Gilles Yvetot

Junior Web Developer - Software Engineer who just want to work for the innovation!

ID 149246

Guillaume Demers


Founder of 4 successful companies, I explore fundraising and many of the other functions of managing a venture capital partnership.

ID 42920

Niall Brown

Co-Founder/ VP of Product Development @empire-avenue Inc. steering product development as part of the executive committee and managing development team

ID 238772

HiuKim Yuen

Founder @comlinker-1 • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 480199

Jay Singh

Founder Go Games • Studied at @vanier-college

ID 399587

Sofia Shendi

Founder of MTL State, Freelance Front-End Developer and Web Consultant

ID 181861

Michael Ghattas

Started Smart Wall App during University at McGill University. Currently a Software Eng at Wiseleap Solutions. 

ID 932514

Yohan Launay

I am settled in the Bay Area in the US, building cool stuff in car-sharing technologies with Local Motion. Also enjoys building mobile games on my spare time.

ID 380865

Paul Dukes

Currently with @acquisio, Worked at @niteroll

ID 548139

Stephane Espinosa

CEO & Founder @qexto and @snowtification • SW MTL Feb 2014 Winner • Comp. Engineering and Project Managment. Entrepreneur enthusiast.

ID 239198

Jeff Aldrich

Co-Founder Provender • Worked at @periscope, @lifetime-fitness, @independent-consultant • Studied at @university-of-minnesota-twin-cities, @carleton-college • 17 years in the software industry

ID 699326

Patrice Gauthier

ETS IT Bachelor, Full stack generalist, Launched Django backends for a newspaper. Worked at Ericsson, Yellow Pages and iWeb.

ID 689153

Nathan Boiron

ID 376131

Séraphin Hochart

Working at @breather, iOS & Web Developer with a background in Economy and Political science. Ukulele, Bass & Guitar player.

ID 454357

Chris Drogaris

Computer Science / Fine Arts background specializing in web development. Looking for opportunities to help a startup grow.

ID 415280

Long Nguyen

I am a Web & Graphic Designer who can write code. I am experienced in building simple, clean and user-friendly websites for clients across the galaxy.

ID 101395

Alex Mensi

Web and Distributed Application Architect, Photographer

ID 133100

Alex Seville

Founder @migrii, Front-End Engineer at Ziliko, 1st website developed at 12 years old, BS Comp Sci UofM

ID 29595

David Caplan

CTO of SolveBio. Full-stack web developer, and published computational biologist.

ID 170780

Michel Billard

Co-founder at @coachoasis. Team lead and 1st employee at @hint-innovation, Senior Dev at @code-g-nome.

ID 778730

Harris Robin Kalash

Full stack web developer with 3 years of experience developing and designing user interfaces and web components.

ID 641984

Leonid Auslender

Web applications developer - 20 years in software development. Strong IT consulting and team management background. Worked at McGill University, AARP, etc.

ID 607173

Arnaud Raulet

Full-stack Software developer working on a multi-platform, mobile client-server SDK.

ID 881516

Anselme Trochu

10 years of exp in the Internet. Establishment of 2 startups. Self-taught web-programmer since the age of 13 Graduated from an International business school

ID 56658

François Beausoleil

VP Architecture @seevibes, where I measure millions of social media interactions around TV. Self-learner with database and web programming background.

ID 462195

Israel Romero

Worked at @summit-tech, @manwin-canada

ID 139695

Myung Sun Kim

Co-Founder, @appfuel

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