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ID 480199

Jay Singh

Founder Go Games • Studied at @vanier-college

ID 454357

Chris Drogaris

Computer Science / Fine Arts background specializing in web development. Looking for opportunities to help a startup grow.

ID 889056

Tristan Tran

I'm passionate about Software Engineering and Technology. I currently work as a front-end developer for Morgan Stanley in Montreal.

ID 462195

Israel Romero

Worked at @summit-tech, @manwin-canada

ID 881516

Anselme Trochu

10 years of exp in the Internet. Establishment of 2 startups. Self-taught web-programmer since the age of 13 Graduated from an International business school

ID 399587

Sofia Shendi

Founder of MTL State, Freelance Front-End Developer and Web Consultant

ID 42920

Niall Brown

Co-Founder/ VP of Product Development @empire-avenue Inc. steering product development as part of the executive committee and managing development team

ID 689153

Nathan Boiron

ID 699326

Patrice Gauthier

ETS IT Bachelor, Full stack generalist, Launched Django backends for a newspaper. Worked at Ericsson, Yellow Pages and iWeb.

ID 548139

Stephane Espinosa

CEO & Founder @qexto and @snowtification • SW MTL Feb 2014 Winner • Comp. Engineering and Project Managment. Entrepreneur enthusiast.

ID 239198

Jeff Aldrich

Co-Founder Provender • Worked at @periscope, @lifetime-fitness, @independent-consultant • Studied at @university-of-minnesota-twin-cities, @carleton-college • 17 years in the software industry

ID 56658

François Beausoleil

VP Architecture @seevibes, where I measure millions of social media interactions around TV. Self-learner with database and web programming background.

ID 607173

Arnaud Raulet

Full-stack Software developer working on a multi-platform, mobile client-server SDK.

ID 170780

Michel Billard

Co-founder at @coachoasis. Team lead and 1st employee at @hint-innovation, Senior Dev at @code-g-nome.

ID 139695

Myung Sun Kim

Co-Founder, @appfuel

ID 630115

Gilles Yvetot

Junior Web Developer - Software Engineer who just want to work for the innovation!

ID 641984

Leonid Auslender

Web applications developer - 20 years in software development. Strong IT consulting and team management background. Worked at McGill University, AARP, etc.

ID 29595

David Caplan

CTO of SolveBio. Full-stack web developer, and published computational biologist.

ID 778730

Harris Robin Kalash

Full stack web developer with 3 years of experience developing and designing user interfaces and web components.

ID 376131

Séraphin Hochart

Working at @breather, iOS & Web Developer with a background in Economy and Political science. Ukulele, Bass & Guitar player.

ID 415280

Long Nguyen

I am a Web & Graphic Designer who can write code. I am experienced in building simple, clean and user-friendly websites for clients across the galaxy.

ID 238772

HiuKim Yuen

Founder @comlinker-1 • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 181861

Michael Ghattas

Started Smart Wall App during University at McGill University. Currently a Software Eng at Wiseleap Solutions. 

ID 133100

Alex Seville

Founder @migrii, Front-End Engineer at Ziliko, 1st website developed at 12 years old, BS Comp Sci UofM

ID 281321

Jonathan Bardo

Consultant at Yellow Pages. I developed web application for Fox, Air Canada, Rogers Media (Radio station and Canadian Grammy's), Lassonde and more.

ID 932514

Yohan Launay

I am settled in the Bay Area in the US, building cool stuff in car-sharing technologies with Local Motion. Also enjoys building mobile games on my spare time.

ID 380865

Paul Dukes

Currently with @acquisio, Worked at @niteroll

ID 149246

Guillaume Demers


Founder of 4 successful companies, I explore fundraising and many of the other functions of managing a venture capital partnership.

ID 101395

Alex Mensi

Web and Distributed Application Architect, Photographer

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