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ID 288354

Amanda Williams

Co-founder, Fabule. PhD in CS, UC Irvine 2009. Symbolic Systems at Stanford 2001. Expertise in physical computing, design. Worked at Adobe, Intel, MS, PARC.

ID 72633

Steve Panetta

COO Dedicated 10+ years showcasing brands in the best possible light. Founded, grew and exited a design agency that worked with some of Canada's largest brands

ID 189530

Mike Schmidt

Building $SFXE/ @beatport. Founder @listn-4 (acquired by $SFXE). Alumnus @the-next-36 @launchpadla @founderfuel. Engineering @queen-s-university

ID 42920

Niall Brown

Co-Founder/ VP of Product Development @empire-avenue Inc. steering product development as part of the executive committee and managing development team

ID 113871

Angus Woodman

Founder @crew, @patroniz-1 • Worked at @verafin, @ThriveSoftware • Studied at @memorial-university-of-newfoundland

ID 90313

Mikael Cho

Founder at @crew | Former Olympic Development Soccer Player | Studied Psychology & Neuroscience @university-of-wisconsin

ID 57521

Brendan Sera-Shriar

Founder @daychamp @presswork, Creer Magazine, StartupBump • I'm a driven creative, brand developer and technologist. • Worked at @vanilla-forums, @mega-bloks

ID 224560

Sam Vermette

Better cities entrepreneur. Design, code, urbanism, transit. CEO @transitapp.

ID 392076

Chris O'Connell

UI/UX/Product at OrderWithMe. Love Bike Polo, Guitar, Coffee, Tea, VideoGames, and Design.

ID 27511

Renaud Teasdale

Co-founder of @mycustomizer. Developed product customization platform @Warrior/New Balance. Studied design at UdeM & PoliMi.

ID 36425

Dan Benoni

Funky-haired Product Director at @officevibe. Engineering graduate. Design and Gamification addict. Passionate by company culture. Loves office pushups.

ID 231537

Reza Khadjavi

Co-founder at Nettoyeurs Express. Front-end developer @hubba

ID 131401

Naoufal Kadhom

I dual-wield Design and Development— and my name is phonetically pronounced Nofell.

ID 288375

Bruno Nadeau

Technical Lead @ Fabule. MS.CS from UCIrvine. Entrepreneur with a background in application design, software development, and experience manufacturing hardware.

ID 58983

Theo Ephraim

Full-stack engineer/designer @breather. Startup entrepreneur and @500startups alum.

ID 191137

Luke Chesser

Product Designer @crew @Unsplash • Studied Engineering at @mcgill-university

ID 222235

Michael TURRI

Director of Experience Strategy and Innovation Lab co-founder at Sid Lee.

ID 89198

Sebastien Malherbe

VP Product at PasswordBox and Partner at Buddypilots Aviation. UI Specialist, Designer and Architect.

ID 815236

Carlos Marin

Honours Mechanical Engineer at McGill. Strong leadership experience (President of McGill EUS). Currently Analyst Intern at Real Ventures.

ID 29613

David Gross

Co-Founder and Product Manager at Dolbeau and 5by. UI / UX ninja. Obsessed with every little detail. Entrepreneur for life.

ID 343967

Shoshana Eidelman

Design strategist and User Experience Designer.

ID 77031

Felix Menard

Product guy. Founded @weroll @exitlist. Well-travelled, designed-focussed, art-lover, dedicated coder, bicycle rider.

ID 281182

Özgür Taylan Gültekin

I design modern, usable, and accessible graphics.

ID 652039

Charles Gedeon

Marketer that loves design, writing and exploring.

ID 550407

Kirill Gertman

Web, mobile and wearables - concept to use case development to pixel-perfection. User advocate, always focusing on improving product design and usability.

ID 201426

ying gao

Head of Intelligent Fashion at Om signal; Fashion designer; Prof at UQAM

ID 48283

Jean-Pierre Levac

Entrepreneurial technocrat excelling at business development and networking, striving to build teams that help ideas grow into marketable products & businesses.

ID 438031

Thibaud Marechal

Founder @igloo. Previously founded @uniiv-1 . Studied IS @mcgill-university-1 . Went to @mit-global-founders-skills-accelerator

ID 163495

David Chouinard

Imagineer at @disney. Harvard grad. Product designer, formerly at @flightaware and developer-in-residence at @techstars.

ID 17512

Mike Lee


Funding Expert (R&D tax credit, gov't programs, private sector)

ID 596774

Mike Hansen

Designer - I help companies and startups design user experiences for web and mobile. Notable companies include @tesla-motors @nike @coca-cola @apple & Indiegogo

ID 90704

Philip Miresco

Founder of Traderific. Successful exit from first startup. Creative, driven, passionate about building awesome businesses..

ID 83149

Vera Newman

Founder/CCO of 2NGageU INC. Creator of @cinealoop-1  Expert in Women + Sex in Gaming. Focused on Mobile, Social & Gaming. Women in Softech Evangelist.

ID 340538

Farid Rener

Developer at @provender. @mcgill-university Honours EE grad + Architecture H&T Masters. I work on eco-people-friendly tech.

ID 314114

Kirill Zakharov

Designer @crew

ID 201456

Joanna Berzowska

Head of Electronic Textiles, @om-signal; Professor & Chair, Design & Computation Arts, Concordia; Research Director & Founder, XS Labs; MIT Media Lab 1999.

ID 102082

Ben Hamey

Great Ape @ @bonobo. Designer of multiple #1 apps. I'm all about smashing business, design and technology into a delicious concoction.

ID 242406

Oliver Chank

ID 680765

Thibault Renouf

Local food system designer. Agriculture / Food Industry

ID 103142

Jon Phillips

UI/UX and product designer, enthusiast photographer and musician. I run a photography magazine @contrastly and I work as a product designer at @buysellads

ID 22919

Peter Kovacs

COO at V12software. User interface Designer and Project Manager. Strong Cross-Cultural Background.

ID 68020

Martin Weiss

Co-founder of @moral-fibers. CS student at McGill. Happy hactivist, montreal marathoner, and enthusiastic entrepreneur.

ID 521920

Danielle Thompson

Founder of The Intern Company. Branding, Graphic Designer. @Barnard College @university of Waterloo,  @Concordia University.

ID 195822

James Mai


Entrepreneur, Investor, Management Consultant, Headhunter. Worked @fujitsu, Entrepreneur In Residence @seedbox, 15yrs Strategic Growth/Team Building

ID 378503

Vladimir Vervelsky

Creative marketing & advertising strategist, sponsorships, activations & branded entertainment (LG, Cirque du Soleil, Eventim, ALDO, Bell Canada).

ID 129672

Ted Strauss

Researcher, coder, artist, founder. Ready to build great products as part of a passionate team. <3 data viz, audio, collaborations, micro econonomies.

ID 662797

Shanna Wang

McGill CS Student, UI/UX Front-End Design & Full Stack Developer. Passionate about Interactive Design. Hockey Enthusiast.

ID 415171

Jessica Ip

McGill Master's, Queen's CS; UX designer and developer; Mobile specialty; 5+ shipped apps.

ID 220033

Thierry Maréchal

Senior UX Designer and strategist with many experiences in different sectors (ecommerce, media, games, airlines, web, mobile).

ID 22994

Olivier Lalonde

Friendly hacker & entrepreneur. Sr Software Engineer. Full-stack web developer.

ID 128846

Emmanuel Darmon

Founder & CEO @uniyu

ID 463354


Multidisciplinary Creative. Startup, Agency and Studio experience. Recovering Computer Science major. Trilingual Nomad. Exhibited photographer.

ID 193219

Florent Vilmart

CTO at I Can Go Without; Building mobile apps for 10+ years

ID 448201

Severin Smith

Co Founder of Minuum, the tiny keyboard for big fingers.

ID 54753

Luke Séguin-Magee

Co-Founder of @tinkatolli. Illustrator, designer, tinkerer with over a 15 years experience making interactive games for kids

ID 773036

Forrest Cronin

Equal parts strategist, planner, and marketer looking for an entry-­level position or internship at a small to midsize startup or digital agency.

ID 481087

Dorian Scheidt

Developer at @infoactive, Studied at @mcgill-university, @concordia-university, Music/Media/Web/Econ nerd.

ID 622043

Gareth Morgan

UX veteran. Designed much of Softimage|XSI. Builds & mentors user centered design teams • Worked at @microsoft, @softimage

ID 825783

Mehdi Jamai

Front-End Developer @ Seamless Planet CS Bachelor @ Concordia University

ID 94075

Etienne Delagrave

UX / UI designer with more that 15 years of experience and a deep understanding of web technologies. Worked for Adviso, Cossette. Started and sold Ideonova.

ID 768683

Olivier Gareau

Co-Founder of ; Marketing expert and Growth Hacking Enthousiast.

ID 415280

Long Nguyen

I am a Web & Graphic Designer who can write code. I am experienced in building simple, clean and user-friendly websites for clients across the galaxy.

ID 128415

Sebastien Rothlisberger

Product Designer at @chronogolf. Builder at heart, explorer of the world.

ID 306412

Mikaël Héroux-Vaillancourt

Launch 2 startups, Good business and engineering background, Master adobe creative suite, experience in marketing and sales. Leadership, creativity and strategy.

ID 323434

Audran Guerard

Self-taught, Worked at Ubisoft, and Electronic Art, now freelancing.

ID 476172

Caroline Baab

Information Professional

ID 845729

Jonathan Boemi

Graphic & Web Design

ID 355002

Mitchell Bundy

Founder @lunch-beat-montr-al, @cirquantique • Worked at @boiler-room-1, @tp1 • Studied at @university-of-calgary

ID 456248

Mikala Grante

Multilingual senior graphic designer with strong business background, specializing in print, mobile design, social media. Graduate degree in digital technology.

ID 380865

Paul Dukes

Currently with @acquisio, Worked at @niteroll

ID 338755

Chris Köser

Co-Founder, CBO, and Interface Designer of Vlyy; BFA Parsons School of Design, NY; MDes, Carleton University, Ottawa; Strong graphic design & branding skills.

ID 1003557

Kiersten-Ashley Daniel

Interdec College graduate in interior design; Currently working freelance interior design contracts for Flatbook and other small ventures.

ID 125232

Rémi Dion

Co-Founder TonoLabs. Was executive president of a Montreal based leadership development and education non-profit, amateur slackliner, conference speaker.

ID 686673

Neus Pla Juarez

Web & Graphic Designer based in Montreal with a background in Arts Management & Communication. Fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan.

ID 742787

Paul Daniel

M.Sc. Computer Science, founder of healthstored, published on Google Play store, 10 years IT experience, worldwide personal and professional experience

ID 290358

Benjamin Chambon

Student in Computer Science

ID 844872

Aaron Krajeski

Interaction design voodoo shaman. Love UX/UI, data visualization, front-end web development and sensor interaction. JS/CSS/Python/C++ and many more! (

ID 1048819

Merit Shokry

Second year student at McGill School of Architecture; high skilled at Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

ID 578187

Charles Deluvio

Good enough designer.

ID 1039591

Nicole Pacampara

Exploring the way we learn, play and interact with our environments

ID 389945

Matthew Leavitt

Figuring out how the brain works, running CS conferences, owned a recording studio

ID 378609

Karim Tarek

I'm a full stack Ruby on Rails web developer/UI designer, a problem solver who always loves a challenge and enjoys working on precise & detailed projects.

ID 212281

Jason Gendreau

McGill Neuroscientist turned entrepreneur

ID 577155

Alice Phieu

Visual / Interaction Designer

ID 162819

Arthur Cormon

Video Production work for Jean-Paul Gaultier, Montreal Museum of Modern Art; Video Post Production work for Bravo!, Manwin Canada.

ID 814469

Dwijesh Bhageerutty

Software Engineer; Graduated from @mcgill-university-1; Worked at @orange, @mcgill-university-1, @nuance

ID 775585

Mike Jerugim

Interactive creative director, UX/UI designer, artist, musician, technologist, Lightcycle enthusiast, part-time carbon-based life-form

ID 1080320

Lauran Jansen

BSc Psychology, full-stack web developer with a passion for UX.

ID 175021

Kinza Nasri

Works at ca va de soi. Studied at @mcgill-university. BA M. Economics, m. Art History. Strong experience in product design, manufacturing, merchandising of fashion/ knitwear. Founder of Understated (business/marketing consulting)

ID 717292

Dragos Tudor

Business Strategy and Management Msc with experience in diverse startups. Passionate about business strategy, technology and design.

ID 420638

Guillaume Lavezzari

Experienced Graphic Designer, with a strong focus on UI & Ergonomics.

ID 702496

Tara Campbell

Developer at the McGill Center for Integrative Neuroscience. McGill Neuroscience 2014.

ID 548340

Yutaka Takahashi

App Design Specialist

ID 349070

Mauricio Padilla

Founder - beysik. ERP Visualization consultant. Expert in visualization of Analytics. Motorcyclist. Globetrotter. Geek.

ID 1096240

Andrea Cabral

Motivated and Involved leader

ID 975086

Dennis Brotzky


ID 522724

Yanick Cyr

Co-Founder of @ekoom, Art Director, Senior Designer; Worked for Reader's Digest Canada, Canadian Space Agency, Public Safety Canada, National Banque of Canada, Hydro-Québec

ID 260312

Jason Shatilla

Founder Streetster • Worked at @bombardier-aerospace, @surface-3-design-office • Studied at @concordia-university-montreal.

ID 519358

Robert Viengkhou

I believe in delivering pleasant and simple products that kindle users across all platforms. Defining end-to-end UI/UX, thrive on finding innovative solutions.

ID 607040

Ethan Macdonald

McGill CS

ID 357415

Martin Servant

CEO of Mobile Programmation. Manager of agile mobile developpment.

ID 199368

Joel Peralta Duran

CEO @nibble Web Developer & UI Designer

ID 912938

Alessandro Di Francesco

Strategist with experience in marketing, multimedia andI.T.. Creative, innovative and adaptable with strong interpersonal and management skills.

ID 546440

Dorine Allali

French Engineer, graduated in 2012. Web and mobile design training in 2013. Worked as a freelance since. Web design, development and video editing.

ID 876684

Mitch Schwartz

Product Coordinator, Industrial Designer and Customer Experience Specialist

ID 962665

Leo Rivas-Micoud

Award-winning App Developer, achieving over 1 million downloads in total.

ID 1085442

Luke Belton

Web development enthusiast, codes include HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, SQL, ASP .NET

ID 280061

Dr. Khalil Laghari

Multidisciplinary Experience, Expert on UX Research and testing, Multimedia, Digital and Neuromarketing and web delivery project management.

ID 593044

Jun Wang

Founder StallionEye, BFA, Studio Arts at @concordia-university-montreal

ID 785859

Catherine Hedler

MSc student in Interaction Design, background in Industrial Design Engineering, developed an educational app for pre-school children

ID 814666

Jean-Baptiste Morin

Senior Mobile developer : Android, iOS, WP / Back end developer: JAVA, Python / Product lead / Autonomous, efficient, curious, passionate and creative

ID 236126

Michael Lakhia

I build things. Currently @intel

ID 891231

Marina Yakovina

Position of User Interface Designer in an organization looking to leverage the depth of my design experience to deliver user experience solutions.

ID 478664

Stephane Curzi

Designer UX/UI, directeur artistique, photographe et CSS geek, j’ai créé

ID 607078

Tim Thomas

Founder @dishgo • Business & Web Development • Studied at @concordia-university

ID 1078501

Axel Gillino

ID 393498

Alexandre Guilbault, ing.

Founder @ iknowvations Professional Engineer, graduated with honours (GPA 3.91/4.00)

ID 840846

Ceara C

UX-minded with an entrepreneurial spirit. Dreaming of a world full of elegant, user focused design! #digital + #tech + #ux #innovation

ID 296249

Adam Delfino

Team player looking for a challenging opportunity. Self-motivated and fast learner with a passion for new technology and comfortable with working in high stress situations.

ID 940043

Karl-Antoine Simoneau

Master Degree in Cognitive Engineering, Worked with the UX team at Dassault System, Strong Mathematics background, MENSA member

ID 519815

Guillaume Petitclerc

I'm startup material: designer ux/ui mobile&desktop, marketer, artistic director, CSS/HTML integrator, creative writer, community manager. And I tell jokes.

ID 478213

Justine Sun Dela Cruz

UI/UX Designer at BlackBerry. ID student.

ID 943143

Hannah Materne


ID 839785

Catherine Bisaillon

Graphic designer; worked as a print and web designer for companies and as a freelancer; specialized in branding, web and marketing strategy.

ID 499263

Elio Bidinost

Concordia CS, Bioinformatics, Design

ID 598355

Karl Pawlowicz

Entrepreneur, Investor, Digital Designer and Developer. Passionate about cars, finance, fitness, technology and travel.

ID 969562

Mathieu Vo-Quang

ID 967289

Deirdre Ware

Deirdre Ware, Owner & Creative Director of her 2 previous interior design companies for over 25 years

ID 1018231

Jean-Philippe Dubois

Interactive Art Director working currently at DentsuBos. Worked at Brad and Evolio as Lead Creative and Interactive Art Director. 

ID 238368

Martin-Luc Girard

Hardware and firmware engineer. Passionate about my craft (and hobby for over 25 years) I always strive to learn new technologies and to use them creatively

ID 466567

Todd Lawton Beauchamp

Passionate Front-end Developer with a strong aesthetic sense.

ID 144207

Phil O'Connor

Worked at @codemasters, @ubisoft, @eidos-interactive, @sfi • Studied at @carleton-university

ID 877123

Hardik Patel

Seeking Summer Internship Position

ID 523333

Umair Aftab

Concordia ECE, Launched 2 Successful startups, Maker, Tinkerer.

ID 332778

Elyse Viotto

Book lover, traveler, and typography / web enthusiast.

ID 967170

Stacy Wolfenden

Accomplished Interior Designer and Eco-entrepreneur with extensive administrative experience, currently freelancing, seeking exciting full time opportunities.

ID 364873

Jean-Philippe Cyr

A freelance interaction designer who is a web enthusiast, avid traveler, epicurean, wine lover, tv series addict and outdoor passionate.

ID 883246

Alexandra Farmer

Senior Web Designer and Project Manager at Visicom Media and 2Square with 12-year experience.

ID 280852

Mo Mozafarian


Design Thinker .oO, Creative Director, Founder, UX / UI Guru

ID 867082

Chloé-Ève Levasseur


ID 107303

Burak Kaynak

Founder @ @playwho // Multi-disciplinary designer, artist and entrepreneur.

ID 1090666

Catherine Martial

ID 391173

Denis Lessard

CTO Asimov. Entrepreneur. Self-taught web developer.

ID 875232

Cynthia Irani

UI/UX Interactive Art Director, IOS/Android app Designer, launched featured apps

ID 847209

Sébastien Nolin

Art Director at WorldWebVision. Lead Senior WebDesigner at Manwin Canada.

ID 853857

Amanda Piedimonte

Web strategist focused on creating useful, valuable and usable online experiences for both brands and users.

ID 651717

Weixun Li

Graduated from Concordia computer science. Worked in EV tech game development team. Intern production coordinator in Bright View Textile Inc.

ID 493304

Nicolas Laudo

Annoyed by little design default on common objects and smartphone applications. My goal is to improve the world and make it smoother and funnier to live in.

ID 546962

Laura Zuckerman

Designer with 15+ years of experience in print, web, branding, UX/UI

ID 977996

Carol-Ann Lemaire

Innovation, Research & Development

ID 709246

Nicolas Boillot

UX designer based in Montreal, Mobile application (IOS/Android), website, Gamedesign

ID 308805

Adam Simms

Senior Designer at LightSpeed, Montreal-based visual Artist, I make visual things happen.

ID 873107

Mathieu Parent

UX/UI & graphic designer

ID 550999

Vanessa Alleyne

Graphic Designer with Web Design/Development & advertising experience. Worked for RED Interactive Agency and La Senza.

ID 311998

Miranda Lee

ID 151416

Adrien Niblock

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer @nowinstore

ID 796412

Maria Etinger

I am an interactive visual designer with 10 years of experience, specializing in user interface design, interactive and visual design, branding and print.

ID 397225

Adrian Sule

I live and breathe digital design. #1 goal is to democratize existing products by creating experiences that will simplify, beautify and improve people's lives

ID 847323

Oleksandr Paldypanida

A.E.C Programmer Analyst GPA: A (90% - 100%) Herzing College, Montreal, Quebec

ID 1079426

Carrie Booth

ID 1090237

Émilie Roy

ID 896098

neil maccarthy

Art Director / Designer.

ID 466879

Tyler White

Founder @lightbulbstudios-ca • Worked at @beezid-com • Studied at @lasalle-college-international, @herzing-university

ID 302835

Manuel Pineault

Creative director and mobile strategist, with background in interaction design and web.

ID 295769

Jeff Marshall

Full-stack dev. Six years of building for the web from idea-to-product. Ships.

ID 667904

Aurelien Bercon

Web&Graphic Designer; Designed over 15 websites for desktop and mobile

ID 868098

Zach Eichler

ID 887941

Frederick Mfinanga

Creative mind with an eye for design!

ID 965514

Vadz GHazaryan

UI/UX Designer, Animator

ID 1079294

Thomas Poblete

UX designer with hands-on experience in research, interaction design and prototyping. With a fondness for complex interfaces and long-term vision.

ID 952319

Laura McDougall

McGill Cognitive Science. Frontend Developper

ID 948727

Alexanne Morneault

Soon to graduate from College LaSalle, passionnate about web design and new technologies.

ID 399587

Sofia Shendi

Founder of MTL State, Freelance Front-End Developer and Web Consultant

ID 942572

Adam Pietrantonio

Front End Developer and UX Designer - Highly energized, very social and hard working individual.  I want to work with great people who are doing great things.

ID 833306

Marine Intartaglia

Web design and food stylist.

ID 664472

Alaa Sedki

ID 625258

Albert Castillo

Award-winning Graphic Design Ninja with 13-year Experience.

ID 798697

Mauricio Zambrano

100% Digital worker and thinker, believer of the tech startups and sports fan

ID 819928

Hugues Belaib

Designer/Project Manager, freelancing since 3 years, I love the hustle.

ID 692450

Louis-Philip Grenier

Technical artist - 2d art specialist with a pinch of Unity coding (C#)

ID 767982

Fabien Laborie

Full stack designer, grid lover and great challenger. I created many advertising campaign website and web products like La Fabrique Culturelle.

ID 611317

Yohan Antoine-Edouard

Founder ICU, @the-ys-inc

ID 489864

Dinos Ipiotis

AKTO art & design, 2 airports for MS Flight simulator released, freelance graphics designer

ID 453737

Nelson Marteleira

I’m a designer who helps businesses in product design, interaction design, social design, user experience and interface design.

ID 821320

Alexis da Silva-Mathieu

ID 723110

francois longpre

15 years in web design / UX design. Strong front-end coding skills. Worked for Videotron and big Ad Agencies. Teach web technologues at INIS. Master of RWD.

ID 503225

sarah semark

Graphic designer, web developer, world traveller. Makes beautiful things. Likes pretty shoes.

ID 480888

Federico Espinosa


ID 750552

Bart Jaillet

French art director, photoshopaholic, willing to break ceilings and work on kickass projects.

ID 610171

Zoran Pekovic

UX Designer with strong graphic design and 2D animation background.

ID 604622

Sébastien Chapelain

Just came in Montreal a week a go, looking for a Graphic designer, Ui artist job.

ID 759002

Nebez Briefkani

Software engineer, web developer; freelancer and startup enthusiast

ID 988089

sandra alexandre-aime

ID 587443

Chris Hart

Cut my teeth in the web agency world leading teams and shipping many types of projects. Broad in business, deep in tech. Specializing in PM and development.

ID 543874

Alan Gilmor

Just testing out right now?

ID 314897

Quentin Ventura

Soon graduated as M. Eng from ETS - Montreal and from UTC- France

ID 274085

David Friedman

ID 374453

gabby leon

Concordia Design Graduate, Multi-faceted designer, experience with websites and online apps.

ID 1016130

Ludmilla Attia

McGill University Graduate. Art History (Architecture) minor. Worked with Art Souterrain de Montreal. 

ID 286509

Maria Christina Malevitis

Montreal based designer with over 10 yrs experience. I’ve produced a wide range of printed & online media for small businesses and multinational corporations.

ID 317166

Martin Vallée

ID 93588

Will Vanderbilt

Climate Change adaptation research at McGill

ID 378270

Alexander Haniotis

ID 11512

noah chaimowicz

Lifetime entrpreneur

ID 86546

Mathieu Méa

Java/Web/Android developer.

ID 335996

Erwan Brosseau

Web, UI/UX ans motion designer. Worked at MRM worldwide and OgilvyOne Paris.

ID 1034745

Jesse Bourns

Operations & Special Projects at Ajah & PoweredbyData. Autodidact and problem solver that work on: UX/UI, design, biz dev, and project & product management.

ID 95770

Émilien Edmond

Interactive designer worked at Tink, propage (Québec, Canada). I look for a web project around music. More details soon

ID 316688


a young entrepreneur looking to launch multiple projects within the next 6 months

ID 391637

Lindsay Radford

Tech savvy, ninja of the interwebs.

ID 319386

Colin Cheasley

Creative, self-motivated and detail-oriented individual with more than six years experience in writing and editing web content, social media marketing, web development and optimization.

ID 91674

Hugo Tremblay

Functional analyst and Software Designer.

ID 415282

David Lejeune

Never stop learning.

ID 225001

Reuben Whitehouse

Independent graphic designer since 2001. Have worked for big agencies, small agencies, credible businesses and incredible startups. Collaborative and friendly.

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