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ID 343143

Jonathan Lavoie-Levesque

ID 700371

Jonathan Brodeur

Aerospace Engineer, Strong entreprenarial and management skills, Co-Founder of Empact Performance and Founder of OpenTek (

ID 397660

Christian Poschmann

I've helped corporate and independent clients optimize their web presence. I work to synthesize unique problems to drive innovative user experiences. I dream in pixels.

ID 655461

Maxime Beaudoin Pellerin

Studied at @universite-de-montreal

ID 403607

Jason Lor

Toronto. San Francisco. Photographer, Designer, Engineer.

ID 742787

Paul Daniel

M.Sc. Computer Science, founder of healthstored, published on Google Play store, 10 years IT experience, worldwide personal and professional experience

ID 689291

Kasra Zandi

PhD candidate in Computational biology - Data Scientist - Web Developer

ID 1058281

Anastasiya Tarnouskaya

ID 329760

Alex Pajusi

Product Guy @viewpoint-1, a groundbreaking new CRM to manage the government permitting process.

ID 1078501

Axel Gillino

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