Meet 30 Product Development View everyone

ID 347941

Patrick Minotti

Worked at @flurry, @electronic-arts , @jamdat-mobile

ID 438031

Thibaud Marechal

Founder @igloo. Previously founded @uniiv-1 . Studied IS @mcgill-university-1 . Went to @mit-global-founders-skills-accelerator

ID 86813

Joost Ouwerkerk

Founder and CTO @hopper • Worked at @expedia, @newtrade

ID 392279

Marit Brademann

Worked at @groupon, @sapient • Studied at @university-of-mannheim, @warsaw-school-of-economics

ID 669039

Jonathan Brotto


Information Tech Evangelist.

ID 800806

Athina Stantzos

Master student at Mcgill. Actually working on an app project, Active member of Aiesec Belgium

ID 875996

Yaz Khoury

Co-Founder Terasofya • Studied at @concordia-university-montreal

ID 949732

Anatoly Romanov

Founder Online Marketing Plus Inc

ID 885761

Omer Khan

Co-Founder Terasofya Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Concordia University

ID 704151

Bruno Banicles

ID 343143

Jonathan Lavoie-Levesque

ID 352526

Jason Stanley

Strategy, User Experience, Product Development @ Provender; Rhodes Scholar; PhD New York University

ID 131667

Sean Morrow

Marketing leader with extensive experience in growth & automation, including developing operational teams, cost efficiency initiatives & optimizing go-to-market

ID 1009108

Ultimate Subliminal

Founder Ultimate Subliminal

ID 281182

Özgür Taylan Gültekin

I design modern, usable, and accessible graphics.

ID 655456

Jonathan Peralta

Worked at @nibble • Studied at @hec-montreal

ID 848059

Alex Christof

University of Ottawa. Creative problem solver. Recently assembled first team for startup idea. Received Scotiabank's Best of the Best designation.

ID 572826

Antoine Delacressonniere

Web-Design-Colored Entrepreneur | Ex-organizer @swmontreal | Partner @octaveoscar + @potloc_mtl | It's all about emotions.

ID 638688

Thierry Tanguay

Young entrepreneur, I already have many experiances in the web marketing and commercialization.

ID 532455

Jennifer Stein

Co-founder and COO of MUthins. Quick study. Self-motivated. Diplomatic. Looking for an industry-forward environment and start up to flourish and grow with.

ID 875358

Mitchell Sorkin

COO - Founder Zazz

ID 280774

Brandon Chatreau

Formerly Cofounder @ Dashbook, mix of Software Dev and Biz Dev. I like to build great products and strong relationships...Lover of Tech, Hugs, and Rock & Roll

ID 799430

David Molina

Master Student in HEC Montreal, International Business with IT,Worked in business dev. in a Junior Consulting firm and as market analyst in the Healthcare Ind.

ID 908459

Colin James Belyea

Marketing Strategist and Business Developer.  Relationship Focus and entrepreneurial flare 

ID 766635

Ariel Harlap

Maker / techie, strategist & innovator

ID 700371

Jonathan Brodeur

Aerospace Engineer, Strong entreprenarial and management skills, Co-Founder of Empact Performance and Founder of OpenTek (

ID 403607

Jason Lor

Toronto. San Francisco. Photographer, Designer, Engineer.

ID 814751

Shahab Forghani

ID 856378

Laurent Vincent

CEO - Founder Zazz 

ID 260312

Jason Shatilla

Founder Streetster • Worked at @bombardier-aerospace, @surface-3-design-office • Studied at @concordia-university-montreal.

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