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ID 23473

Sebastien Provencher

CEO & Cofounder, Folders. Tech Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor & FounderFuel mentor. Ex-HomeAdvisor, YPG, Ubisoft. Marketplaces & Local Search industry expert.

ID 494139

Priscilla Lavoie

Co-Founder/CMO @ Binder. Founder/CEO @ CrowdEats. Online expert. Nstein + Open Text in Bus Dev + Marketing management. 2014 MBA from IESE Business School.

ID 484047

Matthew Chaim

ID 655998

Liliana Gomez

Founder @ventana

ID 117525

Christophe MacIntosh

Worked at @wavo-me, @bandsintown-group • Studied at @university-of-edinburgh

ID 610313

Christa Fairchild

Nimble kick-ass business development & product manager: MBA grad with over 15 years marketing experience. Raised +$800k on Kickstarter as COO at Neptune

ID 669039

Jonathan Brotto


Information Tech Evangelist.

ID 641984

Leonid Auslender

Web applications developer - 20 years in software development. Strong IT consulting and team management background. Worked at McGill University, AARP, etc.

ID 838158

Line Trepanier

Founder ProductionsEndorphines ZoneYogaSports | Previous: PM Engineer IBM Intl Negotiator Bombardier | Interests: Health Tech eLearning | Moto: Learn.Do.Repeat

ID 131667

Sean Morrow

Marketing leader with extensive experience in growth & automation, including developing operational teams, cost efficiency initiatives & optimizing go-to-market

ID 438031

Thibaud Marechal

Founder @igloo. Previously founded @uniiv-1 . Studied IS @mcgill-university-1 . Went to @mit-global-founders-skills-accelerator

ID 451128

Maxence G

Passionate business dev who love helping businesses grow FAST 

ID 935833

Michel Gagnon

Business Dev. & Strategy professional in one of the Big Four. Founded and ran two startups (fashion accessories & machinery exports). Highly entrepreneurial

ID 21216

Armine Saidi

CEO & Founder of @wicastr ;CEO & Founder of @viinyl ; CMO @musigram ; Founder @NekenDigital

ID 334326

Brian Luong

Founder @schedulingdirect & Glimpse | Associate @bcg | Owner @scholars-at-your-service | Canada's @the-next-36 | Studied at @wharton-school, @mcgill-university

ID 336016

Taylor Gendron

"Publish, don't patent"

ID 130862

Brad Wing

VP Parternships & Platform @sweetiq. Local & Geo Expert. New Media Nerd. Digital Strategies. Strategic Partnerships. API Platforms.

ID 458728

Sébastien Roy

Founder @prevly. CEO @spr-consult. Entrepreneur & consultant in the healthcare management & technology space.

ID 346999

Vanessa Cherenfant

Founder Elysia, Inc. Problem Solver, Strategic Thinker, Team Mobilizer, Customer oriented and passionate about innovation, travel and entrepreneurship.

ID 372873

Anna Li

Project Manager and life adventurer. Airbnb-host turned travel-blogger. Idea generator, quirky solution provider, DIY enthusiast. McGill Neuroscientist.

ID 638649

Jason Dominique

Founder and CEO at Ensemble. Father of one, social entrepreneur and traveller. Strong business, sales and philanthropy background.

ID 35469

Arthur Delaporte


Entrepreneur-Minded Student • Seed investor Interested in Technology and Art Undergraduate in Finance

ID 277427

Gadi Pollack

Co-founder & President Floop Technologies with strong Management and Business Development background.

ID 1009108

Ultimate Subliminal

Founder Ultimate Subliminal

ID 671645


Finance student at McGill; Marketing Manager at MIKA Audio; Intern at Environment Canada; CEO of Triptych Publications

ID 621431

Steven Tulman

Steven built and scaled sales operations at,, Info-Tech Research Group, and currently serves as VP at ICM Consulting and Media Corp.

ID 689327

Grant Ethan Caldwell

Global Business Developer. International Marketing Strategist.

ID 726133

Daniel Gal

Founder Adapt2me, Adapt2me • Studied at @concordia-university

ID 749826

Amy Lilien, MBA

Recent MBA with extensive management and sales experience looking for an opportunity with a growing firm.

ID 280774

Brandon Chatreau

Formerly Cofounder @ Dashbook, mix of Software Dev and Biz Dev. I like to build great products and strong relationships...Lover of Tech, Hugs, and Rock & Roll

ID 892114

Michael Fasold

Industrial Market Operations Executive looking for a challenge

ID 699207

Maximilian Cherney

Richard Ivey HBA, Consultant for StageHype Music

ID 896248

Michelle Feenstra

McGill MA '10; dynamic communications & marketing professional; currently Dir. of Development for national non-profit - looking to shift gears and go startup.
http://Forthcoming online journal for creative works of adaptation

ID 306413

Jeremy Dabor

Co-founder and CEO of LeadDynamo; @mcgill-university dropout; TEDx speaker

ID 905752

Morgan Herrick

ID 452491

Jane Sorensen

Worked at @doubleclick, @actional-software • Studied International Business @mcgill-university • loves analog life and nature • Social enterprise/innovator

ID 1002068

Francesco-Mario Petrozza

Graduated from McGill University in 2012. Over two years of overseas experience. Worked as a project manager for local Chinese company. 

ID 772236

David Lousky

Founder • Studied at @uppsala-university, @university-of-ottawa. Strong Finance background.

ID 882000

Alex Haq

President, McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship. Hustler. Innovator. Building R&D Startup @ McGill. Building igloo real estate disruptor w/ amazing team.

ID 848059

Alex Christof

University of Ottawa. Creative problem solver. Recently assembled first team for startup idea. Received Scotiabank's Best of the Best designation.

ID 1061993

Max Trudel

Specialised in shaping innovative business models and creating new revenue streams, worked with over 300 local and international businesses

ID 758833

Isaac Bellisha

• Studied at @mcgill-university, @john-molson-school-of-business

ID 531068

Christian Saucier

ID 499651

Caio Andrade

Digital communications and marketing professional focused on business development, user acquisition strategies and user experience design for tech startups.

ID 636342

Mark Santin, CPA, CA

M&A Consultant at Grant Thornton, Independent Advisor, and Digital Currency Investor

ID 800034

Agathe Flourent

Co-founder at 360 Talent Management, entrepreneurial mind-set, seeking for dynamic and international environment.

ID 522023

Jean-François Marcoux

Co-Founder @ekoom , B.A.A., Marketing HEC Montreal; Worked in Web Agency.

ID 682437

Gabriel Ibghy

ID 622871

Sami Dib

Founder iCanZoom • Worked at @kpmg, @fxcm-llc-forex-capital-markets • Studied at @lebanese-american-university

ID 1011224

Stephanie Muanda Tsumbu

Young, gifted and motivated

ID 607078

Tim Thomas

Founder @dishgo • Business & Web Development • Studied at @concordia-university

ID 464582

Ali Hassani

Big Data and Advertising Platform for Food, textile and Fashion

ID 364198

Zaid Derbi

Interested in Travel, Digital Media, eCommece and sports. Founded a Start-up and looking for ideas and opportunities.

ID 1001316

Hannah Kessler

Graduating International Management student at McGill. Corporate intern for 4 summers (UnitedHealth Group). Hospitality, health, Asia business and start-ups.

ID 1037715

Daniel Kang

Sales and advertising-whiz, always on the lookout for leads. Also a journalist and writer with a love for humanizing and impactful stories.

ID 814692

Leah Fried

ID 638688

Thierry Tanguay

Young entrepreneur, I already have many experiances in the web marketing and commercialization.

ID 532455

Jennifer Stein

Co-founder and COO of MUthins. Quick study. Self-motivated. Diplomatic. Looking for an industry-forward environment and start up to flourish and grow with.

ID 748674

Stan Padzunass

CEO at Hubaway

ID 774787

James Alexander Walker

Final Year McGill University Student; Interned at Crystal Lagoons (High-Tech) and Landmark Capital (M&A)

ID 978445

Carmen Ng

✔ Business Development Executive @busbud ✔ Worked at @morgan-stanley @american-century-investments ✔ Studied Joint Honors Biz @mcgill-university-1

ID 664586

Christopher Defour

Student Entrepreneur

ID 650161

Abdul S. Refaat

On a mission to blend original design, intuitive interfaces in to sustainable product offerings

ID 438881

William Roussel

Worked at @guarana, @valeo • Studied at @esc-rennes

ID 572788

Rodolphe Barrere

Potloc - Co-Founder & CEO LVMH - HEC Montréal

ID 228833

Jason Smolar

Founder @j2-interactive-inc

ID 908459

Colin James Belyea

Marketing Strategist and Business Developer.  Relationship Focus and entrepreneurial flare 

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