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ID 951005

Marissa Cristiano

creative hustle + media strategy @ dormbooker and Book Mgmt Researcher @CUSRA  Dean's List @concordia Coms Nominee @ Golden Key writer @ ask men + upstarted 

ID 599801

Ashley Joseph

Worked at @vain-pursuits • Studied at @mcgill-university, @university-of-nottingham

ID 953763

Ashley Yue

Undergraduate student at McGill; PR intern at London Tea Club; Blog Contributor at The Main; Coming project: Tastesmith, a blog on food entrepreneurs.

ID 1001316

Hannah Kessler

Graduating International Management student at McGill. Corporate intern for 4 summers (UnitedHealth Group). Hospitality, health, Asia business and start-ups.

ID 484047

Matthew Chaim

ID 644686

Al-Aliyy Abdulrehman

Marketing & Community Management Intern @dashbook. Previously worked at a digital marketing agency. 

ID 777116

Lourie Contaoe

Enthusiastic and worldly undergraduate business student seeking for new challenges. Strong interest in marketing

ID 686673

Neus Pla Juarez

Web & Graphic Designer based in Montreal with a background in Arts Management & Communication. Fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan.

ID 229721

Laura Di Costanzo

Marketing Manager at @seevibes

ID 881516

Anselme Trochu

10 years of exp in the Internet. Establishment of 2 startups. Self-taught web-programmer since the age of 13 Graduated from an International business school

ID 647947

Griselda Pagès

Marketing Specialist | Brand, Digital, e-Commerce & Social Media

ID 682610

Vanessa Butler

Writer, Project Manager & Social Media Maverick. Worked at & freelance in my down time when I'm not working as a Project Manager.

ID 1042114

Guillaume Leverdier

A highly motivated and results driven marketing professional with strong leadership, communication and problem solving skills.

ID 674345

Corey Padveen

Founder Novabranch • Working at @t2-marketing-international • Studied at @mcgill-university • An expert in econometrics, data analytics and digital marketing

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