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ID 229721

Laura Di Costanzo

Marketing Manager at @seevibes

ID 838158

Line Trepanier

Founder ProductionsEndorphines ZoneYogaSports | Previous: PM Engineer IBM Intl Negotiator Bombardier | Interests: Health Tech eLearning | Moto: Learn.Do.Repeat

ID 644686

Al-Aliyy Abdulrehman

Marketing & Community Management Intern @dashbook. Previously worked at a digital marketing agency. 

ID 711237

Chelsey Ancliffe

Freelance Project Management. Wordpress, Inbound Marketing, Design, Copy Editing, Email Marketing, eCommerce, Business Development.

ID 499651

Caio Andrade

Digital communications and marketing professional focused on business development, user acquisition strategies and user experience design for tech startups.

ID 599801

Ashley Joseph

Worked at @vain-pursuits • Studied at @mcgill-university, @university-of-nottingham

ID 647947

Griselda Pagès

Marketing Specialist | Brand, Digital, e-Commerce & Social Media

ID 814692

Leah Fried

ID 914622

Alexander A.T. Rainville

A self-motivated, creative & experienced project management, client relations & digital marketing specialist with over 40 successful projects and clients.

ID 624551

Robyn Paton

ID 951776

Jeehye Jung

I skipped high school and went to University at the age of 15. If you're looking for the average employee then I'm not for you. If you aren't, reach out to me. 

ID 800806

Athina Stantzos

Master student at Mcgill. Actually working on an app project, Active member of Aiesec Belgium

ID 1009108

Ultimate Subliminal

Founder Ultimate Subliminal

ID 1013467

Catalin Iancu

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