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ID 689082

Michael Burkat

Concordia computer science new grad, interested in big data, machine learning, distributed systems.

ID 882135

Thomas Pasturel


Co-founded a quantitative global macro hedge fund, worked at ABC arbitrage, TradeLink, BNP-Paribas. Obsessed with market research, data, FinTech

ID 935281

Mehdi Mirza

Machine Learning researcher

ID 627098

Julian Tong

NYU Economics (Theory) and Mathematics BA 2013 and McGill MA Economics 2014. Experimental Economics concentration.

ID 129672

Ted Strauss

Researcher, coder, artist, founder. Ready to build great products as part of a passionate team. <3 data viz, audio, collaborations, micro econonomies.

ID 981491

Kim Thibault

One year of research experience with a music technology startup using strong research, programming and communication skills. Doctorate in Physics

ID 937150

Shideh Rahmanian

Marketing Manager with strong data analytics/research background. Worked at Nielsen. 

ID 879665

yousof erfani

PhD in Machine Learning and Signal Processing, Strong aptitude for coding and research, fast learner 

ID 263784

Ian Fichtenbaum

Building the satellite, wireless and space industries and bringing information access to the world. Business and Engineering background, McGill and UBC grad

ID 686717

Antoine Troadec

Project Director and Business Intelligence Analyst at CIRANO, #2 Research center in Canada. Double M.Ing (France & Canada) Easy to work with!

ID 693379

Rebecca Shusterman

McGill University Graduate, enthusiastic about marketing, brand strategy and data analytics.

ID 110213


Student at HETIC, multidisciplinary Master degree (programming, Online Marketing, Design) Full-stack marketer & product manager GDG Paris organizer

ID 963211

Cedric St-Jean

1/2 of an astrophysics Ph.D. at a Max Planck Institute, Germany. Independent AI research in Asia. Data Scientist at Beat Music, now at Recursion Pharmaceuticals

ID 954061

Ariane Schang

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at McGill University. Experience in marketing and analytics. Interested in start-ups and social causes. 

ID 704938

Leslie Primack

ID 788717

Hamed Kazemi

Award winning researcher, over 7 years of R&D experience, with solid mechanical and electrical skills, PhD from McGill

ID 689291

Kasra Zandi

PhD candidate in Computational biology - Data Scientist - Web Developer

ID 715629

Timothy Carbone

Data Scientist and Developer at Busbud. Dedicated to startups.

ID 973191

Abolfazl Keighobadi

Data Mining / Business Intelligence at Dow Jones with strong SAAS skills in the entire design to delivery life cycle, looking for an IT/Management opportunity

ID 814469

Dwijesh Bhageerutty

Software Engineer; Graduated from @mcgill-university-1; Worked at @orange, @mcgill-university-1, @nuance

ID 764116

Hervé Mensah

M.Sc Student at HEC Montreal in Business Intelligence/Data Science: Consultant

ID 797569

Edmund Weekse

23 year old Concordia University Industrial Engineering masters student. Soon to graduate. Interested in Data Science, Supply Chain, and Operations Research.

ID 790459

Mariolys Rivas

A highly motivated mathematician with expertise in data analysis and probabilities. An enthusiastic team worker and leader that enjoys connecting with people.

ID 421558

Derick Lyle

Experienced (20+) Business Analyst / Solution Architect. My passion is process - HOW and WHY the product is built is more interesting to me than WHAT is built.

ID 875433

Sadiq Saleh

PhD Candidate with experience in the application of statistical techniques to gene expression datasets. Proficient with the R/Bioconductor programming language

ID 674345

Corey Padveen

Founder Novabranch • Working at @t2-marketing-international • Studied at @mcgill-university • An expert in econometrics, data analytics and digital marketing

ID 351601

Ishita Abbott

Recent graduate from McGill University; Worked in Financial Institutions, Academic environment, and a Web startup.

ID 176385

Bartek Borowinski

UWaterloo Math / CS, full stack generalist, data processing, visualization

ID 448147

Henri Lajeunesse

Hardworking, dynamic B.Sc. Graduate with practical scientific and business development work experiences. goal: Trainee position in Business Development/Analyst.

ID 984410

Francois Giguere

Chemical Engineering Student at McGill

ID 287971

Thomas Triplet

Data Scientist; Big-Data integration, analysis and visualization; Machine learning; Problem solver; Project management.

ID 657607

Nan Hao

Founder of Snoozi. Master's in Math. Computation Finance. Trader for Private Investor from 2009-2013. Teaching Assist. for Investment and Derivatives at UdeM

ID 105930

Oshri Cohen

Full Stack Developer / Enterprise Architect

ID 972143

Martin Dionne

B.Eng. Chemical Engineering turned into a Data Scientist.

ID 766635

Ariel Harlap

Maker / techie, strategist & innovator

ID 877123

Hardik Patel

Seeking Summer Internship Position

ID 971623


Polytechnique EE, New Graduate, Matlab lover

ID 639948

Jean-Victor Côté

Experienced database programmer and econometric modeler. Also knowledgeable about science, optimization, financial markets, data science and cost accounting.

ID 410938

Jiva Kalan

M.A. in Economics with experience working for an investment consulting firm. I help people make sense of data.

ID 706103


Data scientist in the making

ID 928527

Maxime Joly

Business technologies,Bachelors degree Student at ESG-UQAM

ID 579447

Matthew Conti

Department head in sales at Atmosphere. Concordia University graduate in urban planning. Very experienced in sales and data analysis.

ID 733549

Félix Carrier

ID 850899

Alexandre Piché

ID 983458

Walid Laaraba, M.Sc

Msc. Analytics and Business Intelligence. Woked at Aiesec, Desjardins, BRP, Bell, and Danone.

ID 984439

Vanessa Jasmin

ID 576483

Olivier Caron-Lizotte

Cofounder at Gradsters. Master of science. Programmer / Bioinformatician.

ID 1093399

Peter Viereck

ID 985707

Hugo Juhel

double maîtrise statistique et économétrie : concentration en big data et data science

ID 919186

Rawan Hassunah

Economics co-op student at Concordia University

ID 266403

Lukas Tencer

Computer Vision / Machine Learning enthusiastic with strong experience in front-end development. PhD student at ETS in CV / ML and loving it.

ID 952319

Laura McDougall

McGill Cognitive Science. Frontend Developper

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