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ID 58983

Theo Ephraim

Full-stack engineer/designer @breather. Startup entrepreneur and @500startups alum.

ID 348959

Trevor Starick

Co-Founder/CTO - Zilyo. Student, Hacker, Entrepreneur,

ID 699326

Patrice Gauthier

ETS IT Bachelor, Full stack generalist, Launched Django backends for a newspaper. Worked at Ericsson, Yellow Pages and iWeb.

ID 641984

Leonid Auslender

Web applications developer - 20 years in software development. Strong IT consulting and team management background. Worked at McGill University, AARP, etc.

ID 452907

Sherri Flemings

Software Swiss Army Knife, Lead Game Developer and Certified Scrum Master

ID 266791

Marie-Lynn Richard

After 20 yrs. building the Web, I invested 8 months into becoming #bitcoin competent. Again I am in a space where everything needs to be built! Feels like 1994!

ID 380274

Frederic Gingras

Passionate full-stack engineer, big self-learner, uses the right tool for the right job, would be glad to meet you for a coffee!

ID 176385

Bartek Borowinski

UWaterloo Math / CS, full stack generalist, data processing, visualization

ID 206442

Emir Aydin

Software Engineer & Tech Entrepreneur

ID 677480

Ben Black

Carleton Graduate w/ Honours, Full Stack Web Developer, Experience with Mobile Apps

ID 22994

Olivier Lalonde

Friendly hacker & entrepreneur. Sr Software Engineer. Full-stack web developer.

ID 834142

Christophe Lé

Full-Stack Developer with strong experience in a large-scale SaaS solution. M.Eng. in IT. Open to new technical and business challenges.

ID 61108

Delano Mandelbaum

CTO @ JBF Sports and creator of One-Time Secret. Previously ran a funded web monitoring company and exited with search company ApproxiMatch in 2007.

ID 978352

Julien P.Lefebvre

lRuby on rails social website specialist IT project manager, Lead web developer, social analyst, web marketer
http://Ruby on rails social website specialist IT project manager, Lead web developer, social analyst, web marketer

ID 742787

Paul Daniel

M.Sc. Computer Science, founder of healthstored, published on Google Play store, 10 years IT experience, worldwide personal and professional experience

ID 428068

Victor Parmar

McGill CS, full-stack engineer and product developer. Launched an event listings website, worked at Morgan Stanley and now doing amazing stuff @pplconnect !

ID 825783

Mehdi Jamai

Front-End Developer @ Seamless Planet CS Bachelor @ Concordia University

ID 140945

Alexander Wenzowski

Technical Co-Founder @dialoghq • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 973191

Abolfazl Keighobadi

Data Mining / Business Intelligence at Dow Jones with strong SAAS skills in the entire design to delivery life cycle, looking for an IT/Management opportunity

ID 871471

Harshdeep Singh Saluja

Waterloo CS, Full Stack Software Developer, Worked at Expedia and Adobe

ID 42920

Niall Brown

Co-Founder/ VP of Product Development @empire-avenue Inc. steering product development as part of the executive committee and managing development team

ID 1026660

Charles-Philippe Clermont

Independent Consultant; Full stack generalist; Clojure + Javascript; Bestcase;

ID 814694

Kiran Phalak

• SCRUM Master and Electronics Product Design Engineer at District 3 • Skilled fabrication, measurement, Embedded systems based on PSoC, PRoC, ATMEGA families

ID 1047415

Eric Damphousse

30 years of software design and development experience with a record of innovative and creative software solutions delivered on schedule & budget.

ID 884140

Jade Tremblay

Founder and CTO Simple P

ID 1040403

Logan Martel

BSc Honours Software Engineering McGill University; Non-profit HTML/CSS Instructor; Economics minor; Project-Management and business experience

ID 903099

Alexandre Murphy-Gonthier

Full stack dev that really likes technologies, learning new languages and doing new stuff.

ID 889056

Tristan Tran

I'm passionate about Software Engineering and Technology. I currently work as a front-end developer for Morgan Stanley in Montreal.

ID 364423

Paul Reinlein

McGill CS Grad; Strong OO Principles; Full Stack Experience; Quick Learner & Driven;

ID 219961

Antoine Brault

Full Stack Web Generalist. M.Sc.

ID 654008

Corey Woodcox

Ruby Programmer, specialize in Ruby on Rails. JSON APIs, payment integrations, CDN integrations, and iOS applications are my bread and butter.

ID 1048535

Jason Wiener

Mcgill CS, Worked at TripAdvisor, Software Engineer, Web Developmemt

ID 105930

Oshri Cohen

Full Stack Developer / Enterprise Architect

ID 1083395

Zoya de Frias Lakhany

Undergrad student at Concordia University; actively looking for new opportunities.

ID 547964

Simon Eames

Australian openand .NET full stack web engineer. Release engineering with first 5 employee startup experience.

ID 841574

Laurens Coderre

Comp Engineer graduate. Interested in full stack dev and modern techs. Total of 20 months interning at various companies.

ID 559227

Michael Ho Chum

Software passionate. Full-stack Web Developer. iOS curious.

ID 1093583

Joey Litalien

Undergraduate student in Mathematics & Computer Science at McGill University. Interests in software development, computer graphics and complexity theory.

ID 778730

Harris Robin Kalash

Full stack web developer with 3 years of experience developing and designing user interfaces and web components.

ID 1080320

Lauran Jansen

BSc Psychology, full-stack web developer with a passion for UX.

ID 704573

Maude Lemaire

McGill CS; Full stack; Passionate about design & UX

ID 1053396

Thomas Tige

Master's Student, Works at Accenture

ID 877123

Hardik Patel

Seeking Summer Internship Position

ID 931674

Alexey Moujeer

Full stack web developer

ID 1008519

Simon Li

Web Developer of English Montreal School Board

ID 7271

Roberto Martinez

Founder of @kloomo • Full stack dev.

ID 1016053

Dooley Nsewolo Lukula

Fullstack generalist

ID 771230

Markus Weiland

Full-stack software Engineer; experienced in moving complex software projects forward at small to large companies

ID 938794

Nilovna Bascunan-Vasquez

Web Developer / Front End Developer

ID 1022953

Mikhail Chliakhovski

Full-stack developer; BCompSc Concordia Montreal; Ruby/Rails

ID 1085442

Luke Belton

Web development enthusiast, codes include HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, SQL, ASP .NET

ID 930332

Jeremy Allard

Passionate about technologies.

ID 295769

Jeff Marshall

Full-stack dev. Six years of building for the web from idea-to-product. Ships.

ID 411051

Chris Cameron

Bitmaker Labs alumni, growing as a full-stack developer every day.

ID 619464

Slim Caesar

Founder fistful of coins • Studied at @universite-de-montreal

ID 971623


Polytechnique EE, New Graduate, Matlab lover

ID 292115

Vahan Ayvazyan

engineer and dad

ID 983741

Julien Prugne

Developer /Osédea

ID 244176

Costa Caruso

Self-taught, full stack web developer. Voracious learner / sponge. Love figuring out new ways to get sh*t done. I really get a kick out of leveraging open-source + the cloud + APIs to facilitate exponential growth.

ID 843845

Charles-Antoine Giroux

Full Stack Web Developper

ID 996553

sebastien de saint florent

ID 867786

clemence lelong

Full stack Ruby On Rails dev - Front end, back end, devops, BA

ID 836891

Rohit Patidar

Core knowledge of Computer Science, Good problem solving skills, Launched 10 websites and 1 iOS custom app.

ID 1066773

Stephen Hammond

Over 10 years experience developing pro Web UIs & APIs, 5 years experience adapting solutions for cloud environments including British Telecom, UbiSoft, AMEC

ID 661927

Ilyas Bakouch

I create beautiful, interactive and scalable software that just happens to run in a web browser. Focused on turning the brightest ideas into captivating apps.

ID 1083471

Alexandru Busila

Fullstack Web Developer

ID 690097

Danielle Bakhazi

McGill Engineer, Ruby on Rails full stack, Co-founding my second startup, worked at EA Mobile (mobile game dev), active DJ/producer

ID 239808

Thomas Brenneur

Full Stack developer. Up to date with latest technology trends. Worked from startups to international corps. and distributed teams.

ID 1019942

Philippe David

Montreal based software engineer 

ID 1000941

Nicolas EnLp

Full-Stack Developer, with a creative mind and an eye for design.

ID 880011

Frederic Maheu

15yrs experience Solutions/Software Architect with management experience. Lived the growing pains of a startup.

ID 963146

Trevor Postma

Customer support veteran at SculpinQA. Previously with Business student. Aspiring programmer.

ID 175299

Nicolas Cadou

Full stack software engineer, with a preference for devops and backend development, and a passion for automating all the things.

ID 391419

Geoffrey Goodman, CPA, CA

Self-taught, launched Plunker ( solo. CPA, Chartered Accountant, Business Valuator. Tech / Business mixup. Bilingual french / english.

ID 1088430

Denis Pasin

Tech lover, cook and climber. Currently full-stack Ruby(-and-Rails) developer @koolicar.

ID 887350

Martin Rancourt

Full stack developer, work on the web since 1999. Work for media, agency and R&D.

ID 1066220

Nathaniel Ram

Concordia University Student

ID 1055687

Tyler Call

Full-stack developer looking to sharpen data skills and use them to drive social change.

ID 381904

Dustin Blackman

Love to work with Python, Coffeescript, and NodeJS.

ID 436945

Julian Squires

Full-stack engineer with over fifteen years of professional experience

ID 363913

Lino Rosa

Software engineer, Full stack generalist

ID 1050147

Benoit Côté-Jodoin

Software engineering student at ÉTS

ID 78738

Cédric Guillemette

Stagiaire chez Institut de recherche Hydro-Québec

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