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ID 603621

David R. McKenzie

Founder @godz-computer

ID 622810

Nnovation Page

Founder Nnovation • I have a strong background in programming and sale.

ID 215785

Fabrice Sergent


Internet entrepreneur with 20 years exp. Co-founded @cellfish, rebranded to @bandsintown in 2014. Founder of @club-internet, sold to Deutsche Telecom’s T-Online

ID 119303

Sara Ahmadian


Founder @seamless-planet, Engineer

ID 700371

Jonathan Brodeur

Aerospace Engineer, Strong entreprenarial and management skills, Co-Founder of Empact Performance and Founder of OpenTek (

ID 365724

Aayush Srivastava

Lawyer-turned-Entrepreneur. Using machine learning to solve the problem of hidden online contracts. Love data-driven decision making and playing AoE.

ID 585775

Nicolas Lee

Creative entrepreneur and results-oriented technology leader with more than 15 years in online games and software development.

ID 901940

David Keith Blum

Venture Builder, Latest Startups are @seedshirt-com @hometable  Nomadic, multiple city dweller, true global perspective, I see the future before it happens.

ID 561411

Yannick Gouez

Founder @trak-labs  & @unltd-fm-1 • Worked at @ez-systems • Studied at @efrei

ID 498686

Kaelan Désilets Langelier

CEO @ Grape Mate. B.Com Accounting McGill University 2014.

ID 587505

Wali Ahmed

Founder getData

ID 533189

Thomas Cailhol

Digital Hipie⎟Entrepreneurship⎟Tech⎟Lean

ID 805387

Ramon Garcia

Founder In1Go Technologies Inc.

ID 649201

Arsène Mamert Ekpini

Founder EHONISSA • Studied at @ecole-polytechnique-de-montreal

ID 60182

Marwan Bitar

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