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ID 876089

Camille Laurent

Founder @vmersion-technologies Studies @mcgill-university-1 Editorial Intern @elle-magazine Development Intern @img-media

ID 703631

Maxine Williams

Founder Nexus Miner • Studied at @mcgill-university, @university-of-the-west-indies COO of Nexus Miner, serial Entrepreneur

ID 634623

Chris Labelle

Founder @mosaicmfg • Worked at Urbanatomy Media in Beijing, and Flea's Partners• Studied @queensu @QSB

ID 643564

Lucas Pellan

ID 604628

Oscar Malo

Founder @friimi • Studied at @university-of-montreal

ID 800162

Johan Eile

Over the last 16 years I have built a strong background as both entrepreneur and intrapreneur and helped organizations build + execute blue prints for growth.

ID 699710

Diana Reyes

Background in Industrial Design , PR and Communications Managment. Experience in developing Corporate Social Responsibility and Disaster Relief Projects.

ID 1030167

Mohamed Hamad

ID 905837

Noah Jobbook


I have been working on Start-ups for over 10 years. I enjoy the begining creation stages of business, not as much for the rest.

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