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Empowering the Customization Revolution.
MyCustomizer empowers brands and retailers to offer outstanding product customization experiences with a ready-to-use SaaS platform. Step 1: Build a Customizer Businesses provide products pictures, define customizable areas and options like colors, textures or ...

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Training Mobs

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Website and social fitness community that helps you find awesome group workouts near you.
Training Mobs lets you easily find and share awesome group workouts near you. You can also add your own, and invite friends and others from the community to join you. Our "Mobsters" love it because it's clean, simple and helps them find just 2 things: awesome ...

ID 31409

Vanilla Forums

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Modern forum software
Vanilla is community software that powers discussions on over 500,000 sites around the world. In the community discussion space, next-generation websites like Stack Exchange are dominating by solving a problem where traditional communities have failed: differentiating ...

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Bus Travel Made Easier
Busbud makes bus travel easy. Busbud makes it a breeze to search, compare and book city-to-city bus tickets, anywhere in the world. and the free mobile application are the most comprehensive source of city-to-city bus schedules and tickets around the ...

ID 25395

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Break Music
Wavo is a social network and blogging platform for music similiar to Reddit. We're focused on building engaged communities that can discover, surface and break new music faster than traditional labels or media. Example communities: 100K Dance music community: ...

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Wearable Body Metrics for Human Health and Performance
Hexoskin is wearable body metrics for human performance and health tracking. It comes with free mobile apps to manage individual and team training. Hexoskin is the first movement + respiration + heart activity tracker. It records more than 42,000 health data ...

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B2B marketplace for growers and buyers of fresh food.
A marketplace that empowers farmers to quantify and organize their yields, and to make that data accessible to buyers everywhere. Applying network dynamics to a traditional industry dominated by intensive hierarchies and reliant on a-synchronicities of information ...

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Mobile platform for student engagement.
The mobile platform that helps students take control of their social and campus life.

ID 140257

OM signal

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Bio-Sensing Apparel for Wellbeing
Line of bio-sensing clothes, which connect seamlessly to iPhones/iPads. Provides biofeedbacks for greater wellbeing, lower stress, more active lifestyle +Algorithms to interpret bio-signals into engaging consumer feedback, including emotional related feedback. +Smart ...

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Bringing people together to do business
Trendr is available at large scale sporting events, festivals, trade shows and corporate conferences to be the mobile based engagement property of choice for global brands to reach fans though sponsorship activation using the Trendr Meeting Zone Experience.

ID 156318

Transit App

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Moving Cities Forward
Transit App is a mobile first solution that simplifies public transit. We integrate with over 170 transit agencies, across 62 cities in America and Europe. We also pave the way to the future of mobile ticketing; frictionless, transparent payment of transit fares. ...

ID 133833


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Smart Spaces put Things in context
reelyActive enables Smart Spaces. Our invisible technology makes computers contextually aware of the physical world. Think "Context-as-a-Service". Our novel hardware infrastructure can identify and locate, within a Smart Space, people and objects via the billions ...

ID 76083


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A Marketplace for Freelance Travel Experts
Flightfox is a marketplace for freelance travel experts. You pay a finder's fee and our experts compete to save you the most time and money. No other website covers all the airlines, frequent flyer programs, special offers and travel routes. We do... because we're ...

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We're not trying to change the world; just music.
Listn is the best way to listen and share your musical life. Listn collects all of the music from your favourite streaming services and builds a unique profile for each person. By creating a giant catalog of listening histories, playlists, and favourites you can ...

ID 16294


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Measure, target, engage the TV audience on social media
Seevibes is the leading provider of ratings for social engagement in TV programs to provide data for the improvement of social media campaigns and the growth of advertising revenue. Seevibes analyzes and categorizes the billion messages about TV content posted ...

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The missing email API to leverage email data in applications
Context.IO is the missing email API that makes it easy and fast to integrate your user's email data in your application. With Context.IO developers no longer need to build, scale and maintain low-level integrations with arcane email protocols. They save time, ...

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Password & Digital Life Manager
PasswordBox® is the world's first digital life manager. It is a free service that allows users to securely store, retrieve and share passwords and other personal data anytime, anywhere, on any device. PasswordBox provides robust online security for users, without ...

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Path for passions
Bunch is a new topic-based network where members can publish and engage around topic they are passionate about with people who feel the same way. The vision of the company is to bring depth to social media by connecting people passionate about a topic and by ...

ID 71489

Frank & Oak

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Premium menswear under $50.
Frank & Oak is a vertically integrated menswear brand and e-tailer that designs, manufactures, and curates a monthly collection of fine clothing and accessories. We are a lifestyle partner, a style aficionado, and a go-to source for the latest trends in menswear. ...

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The agency of the future.
Crew connects you with a handpicked community of designers and developers who have worked on products like Hotel Tonight, Dropbox, and Path. 1. Submit your mobile app or website idea 2. Get an automatic budget recommendation 3. Begin working with the best maker ...

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Redefining Guest Engagement
GuestDriven helps hospitality brands build guest engagement, loyalty and drive advocacy. GuestDriven's platform provides deeper insights into guest preferences and behaviors in real-time, as well as through our suite of integrated tools for targeting, campaigning ...

ID 184469


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Powering commerce across the visual web.
DoBundle powers commerce across the visual web by linking every image to a transaction. Every day 25 million marketing images are published across the visual web. Up to 85% of them don't lead to an e-commerce transaction. Lost links, mis-links and and defective ...

ID 33111

Beyond the Rack

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Finding the best neighborhood for you - easily, efficiently, and stress free
Navut was created to solve a two pronged problem identified by its founders after moving so many times. On one side, the 1 in 10 people that move every year have to perform several time consuming research using unreliable sources of information which leads to overspending, ...

ID 197098


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Expressive Devices for Creative Homes
Fabule gives you the tools to craft your own smart home experience to suit your lifestyle. With every smart object, we see opportunities to create things that are also expressive, delightful, and full of personality. Imagine being able to download personality traits ...

ID 151616


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Reconnect with your music
Groove is a smart music app that analyzes your music taste to suggest personalized playlists. A pandora for your music. Exploring a large music collection can be overwhelming, so we build your musical taste profile to play the right music. - No more wasting time ...

ID 192342


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Social fundraising platform for college savings
College education costs are rising rapidly. Over 80 million parents are financially unable to save for their children’s higher education. Student debt has escalated to a trillion dollars. Parents and children need help saving for college education. This is a huge ...

ID 26115

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Group buying club for exclusive products and experiences is an online group-buying club for exclusive products and experiences. Every week, members are offered the opportunity to buy exclusive products for a limited period of time. The offers are hand-picked by curators and come from the world's best ...

ID 190851


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We power online retail marketing for the world's biggest brands
Consumers search the Internet for locally available products & services. They rely on accurate business information, positive reviews & engaging social interactions to make purchasing decisions. sweetiQ is a unified local search marketing SaaS for retail chains ...

ID 26047


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Build a captivating app for your brand, business or event in under a minute, without code.
Appifier has built a platform for rapidly creating captivating native app and app experiences for individuals and small businesses. Our platform builds iOS apps for WordPress bloggers, realtors, events and more in under 60 seconds without code. To date, we've ...

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Jobs map to explore all opportunities near you
ekoom is a powerful Jobs map (Web and mobile platform) to explore talents and jobs near you wherever you are. You can explore talents, find jobs, create requests to get things done, follow friends and people nearby. With ekoom you also know when your friends ...

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Get things done, locally. Mobile proximity marketplace that makes life easier.
A mobile marketplace to help you get things done. Laundry, cooking, yoga, and everything in between. Connect with trusted local providers and get amazing services right at your door.

ID 127971

Crowdsourced Testing company

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Crowdsourced software testing platform
Founded by software testing company QA on Request, the Crowdsourced Testing company manages a fully automated crowdsourcing platform that connects web and software developers with expert software testers around the world. Our mission is to help web and software ...

ID 234806

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Bitcoin payments for online commerce allows any website to accept bitcoin payments, in a user-centric and brand strengthening way. It gives website owners their own credits system (like AIRMILES or Facebook Credits). Users pay with bitcoins to top their account and can then exchange ...

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Save time and money optimizing Google Adwords.
Helping online advertisers optimize their spent.

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Connecting talented photographers with publishers
CrowdMedia is a social marketplace connecting talented photographers with time-sensitive publishers. Our two-sided platform caters to the needs of photographers and editorial publishers. - For photographers, we are a high-quality photo community. - For publishers, ...

ID 23531

Wall Street Survivor

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Demystifing Investing
Wall Street Survivor is the only place for the beginner to learn about investing. Guided missions, beginner-focused learning content, combined with the web's best stock simulator help users effectively manage their financial future. Passive and active investors ...

ID 159332

Swipe Identity

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The security API for the Internet
Millions of user accounts are hacked every year due to bad passwords. Only a small amount of companies can afford the time or money to implement a two-factor authentication system. With Swipe Identity's API, any company can now have two-factor authentication ...

ID 33124


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Infrastructure for social software is the high-performance social API server. It implements the basics of social software -- user profiles, the social graph, distribution, likes and comments --- so developers can create awesome over-the-top functionality.

ID 192113


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Delivering The Information You Care About Most
Stay connected with what matters to you most. Dashbook lets you create your personal view of the internet by curating the information you care about, when you need it. With Dashbook you skip all the clutter and get to what matters most in one beautiful screen. Stop ...

ID 191028


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Vacation Rental Meta Search
A place to stay, for everybody. We carry a passion for traveling but like to feel at home, even when away from home. Zilyo is the world's top vacation rental search site with currently over 2 million listings in more than 50,000 destinations around the globe. ...

ID 96392


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Luxury corporate housing for business relocations.
Founded in 2008, creates personalized corporate housing experiences, offering thousands of specialty properties in a growing list of destinations worldwide. Globally, a team of over sixty passionate corporate housing specialists and partners ...

ID 26858

Moral Fibers

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Threadless for Ethical Fashion
Moral Fibers lets users adapt artwork from our artists in the developing world onto our fashion bodies of the month using our on-site editor. Users then submit their custom fashion designs to our monthly contests. Winning designs net both the user and the artist ...

ID 227116


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Datacratic’s real-time MLDB solves machine learning infrastructure problems.
RTB Optimizer RTB Optimizer is a real-time bid management system that computes a unique probability score for each impression, then uses that score to calculate an optimal bid price based on campaign goals. It can be integrated with any front-end RTB stack and ...

ID 102611


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Better carpooling for everyone
Weroll is a matchmaking platform letting daily commuters team up on their transportation so they can save time and money. It is a new and simple product for commuters and employers.

ID 94376


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Easily track expenses with friends and get back what you're owed.
Easily track shared expenses with your friends & social groups and get back what you're owed through easy & secure payments right in the app. We make money by taking a small cut on the transactions between our users. Our goal is to become the peer-to-peer microdebt ...

ID 166440


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Fashionable Eyewear for the urban woman
Eyeglasses and Sunglasses are fashion accessories. We offer a curated and stylish selection of eyewear for women and we make it easy for our dear clients to reorder! Our clients are women between 18 and 39 yrs old who wish to accessorize their looks. For only ...

ID 140268

Vandal Games

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We built Technologies to enable 3D Realtime Multiplayer games
We are bringing real-time gaming to a whole new level. Our homemade platform allows our developers to develop more 3D interactive games in the future easily and faster based on next-generation technology. With this technology we can bring many multiplayers 3D ...

ID 151296

Decode Global

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Gaming for Social Good.
Fun and engaging educational games that teach kids about important global challenges like water scarcity. ★New & Noteworthy in Apple App Store. ★Best New Game in 10 countries in Apple App Store. REVIEWS ★“The game’s art and music are first rate and captivating, ...

ID 19974


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AS-3D Productions, Diginal Signage Solutions, Glasses-Free 3D Networks
iTRIX Media, the first 3D Agency and Leader in Auto-Stereoscopy Technology, is a media agency focusing on the application of Glasses-Free 3D products. The products are widely used in different areas, such as media advertising, exhibition, post-production, scientific ...

ID 24709


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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
Timereaction creates a transparent workplace that allows team members, customers and suppliers to communicate, collaborate and manage business processes in real time regardless of geographic location from development of products or projects through to production. The ...

ID 149947


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Global leader in sports crowdfunding for athletes, teams and clubs is the global leader in sports crowdfunding for athletes, teams and clubs. MAKEACHAMP has raised more than $1m for athletes, in 50 sports and 20 different countries. We are revolutionizing the way sport is funded, and results are great for athletes ...

ID 24270

Band Trackr

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Never miss another concert again!
Band Trackr (BT) is an innovative mobile app that mixes 2 components of our daily lives that we deem very important; mobile communication & music. BT takes both aspects of our lives and puts them together in a surprisingly useful, easy and fun way. Did you ever ...

ID 106300


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Solving complex security problems with 3D video-game technologies
Fortem offers an intuitive 3D platform to unify security systems: video cameras and recorders, access control, GPS, radar, gunshot detection, analytics, etc. Our patent-pending technology, inspired from video-games, eliminates bottlenecks and helps better prevent, ...

ID 130223


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Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis
Semantria is a cloud based text analytics and sentiment analysis API. What does that mean? It will analyze your text for you. Analyze thousands of tweets, survey responses, comments, user feedback, etc. with no technical experience, in under 2 minutes, using Microsoft ...

ID 116566


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Patient Centered Decision Support
Our platform engages cancer patients in their care by combining evidence-based guidelines, clinical trials, and patient preferences to generate personalized recommendations that allow the patient and doctor to jointly plan the best course of care for the patient. ...

ID 27733


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Augmented Reality Games and Marketing App
We are creating cutting edge Augmented Reality games and marketing app for mobile and tablets that will bring unique multiplayer/multi-platform functionalities. So far the only AR games available were “geopositioning” type of app or providing little gameplay experience ...

ID 463712


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Transforming the way tech support is delivered by agents and experienced by users
1) Reveal: helps tech support agents find the best tech support solutions from across the web and effortlessly shares them with the whole team. 2) SupportKit: connects you to your iOS app's users so you can provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to ...

ID 200791


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Innocentive/Odesk for students
ThoughtBasin is a social platform that connects students looking to make a difference with organizations looking for difference-makers. This is done in the goal of providing strategic and tactical innovation for organizations at great value. ThoughtBasin takes ...

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Social Data Analytics Engine
Nexalogy has developed a leading edge data-agnostic social data analysis system that allows users to extract value from their existing data feeds and cope with the information overload prevalent in social media monitoring. Users can collect and analyze data from ...

ID 234149


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Simple, secure teamwork and file sharing
Syme gives groups a safe and private place to communicate online. Using Syme, you can create private, encrypted groups for your friends, family and colleagues in less than a minute. We protect your privacy using a technology called end-to-end encryption. What ...

ID 90704


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Collaborative Campus made by students, for students, only! -
UniYu is a Campus, online! This website is for students only. With UniYu, students can find out what is happening, right now, on their Campus, share their notes, buy or sell their textbooks, make the right choice when it comes to classes, professors, or student ...

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An independent, full stack ad platform for publishers and advertisers.
AdGear Technologies, Inc. is a digital advertising technology company, providing software and services for the digital media industry. The company's full-stack advertising platform offers customers advanced advertising analytics, attribution measurement, ad serving, ...

ID 156919

EMcision International Inc

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Beating cancer though innovative RF devices

ID 163524

Annecto App

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Networking made Efficient.
Annecto is a networking app that allows you to Search & Connect with professionals at any Event, Up in the Air, or ANYWHERE!

ID 119082

Virtual Process

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Cloud based Operational Process Management Software
Virtual process has created codeless programming software that is able to organize, create, execute and track any operational procedure in real time. Our cloud infrastructure permits all this data to be accessed in real time and globally. Our customer’s immediate ...

ID 206542


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Social Giving Platfrom
We believe every dollar you spend is your vote on how you want the world to be. We call this conscious consumption. We believe the Conscious Consumer can be the single largest force for good in the world. icangowithout exists to empower and assist this force, ...

ID 67782


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Turn your computer/tablet into your phone.
Turn your computer and tablet into your phone. SMS, Text, Free Messaging, Call with your phone number. PPLCONNECT is a free app which lets you send/receive your SMS as well as Free Messages, all in 1 thread. And then continue the conversation on your computer, ...

ID 128696

Selective Few

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Powering Omnichannel Retail for Luxury Boutiques
Selective Few is an omnichannel platform that unites a hand picked group of independent luxury boutiques from around the globe. By joining together on one platform, we bring shoppers unrivaled collections sourced from elite boutiques. Our focus is on bringing ...

ID 186447


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Telemedicine ERP reducing readmissions and unplanned hospitalizations
Sentimed offers to patients a mobile platform which allow them to constantly inform their primary care community about their health status and obtain a continuously optimized treatment, thus improving their health and life expectancy while reducing costs, unplanned ...

ID 46550


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All-in-one Contract Management Solution for Small and Medium Businesses.
All-in-one Contract Management Solution for Small and Medium Businesses. Easily create new contracts from our library of 1,800+ templates or upload your own templates. Transform Word documents into smart forms to automatically save the fields information into ...

ID 190014

Floop Technologies

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floop is a platform for kids apps and an ad marketplace for kids brands
The new generation of kids live and breath mobile connected technology. They start using technology at 1 year old. Unfortunately mobile technologies have not been designed for kids, and are not always safe and appropriate. As a result, despite the massive adoption ...

ID 149433

Lightspeed Retail

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LightSpeed POS software is the best retail point of sale system. Try LightSpeed POS free for 14 days.

ID 199626


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Get shopping recommendations from your favorite brand influencers
Brandicted is a website that helps people shop for products spotted on social media. People are frustrated because they see products they like on social media but there is no easy way to buy them. Influencers who are posting these photos don't have a way to monetize ...

ID 164338


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Bringing social-gamification to loyalty programs
Friendefi is a social media marketing app that helps loyalty programs drive consumer engagement and purchasing behavior by making their promotions more interactive, social, and fun. Our application combines social sharing with powerful game mechanics to allow ...

ID 24242


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WordPress HTML5 Theme Framework
PressWork is an HTML5 WordPress Theme Framework fro developers, designers, and publishers. The idea is simple - let's put the power of PressWork on the front end. We wanted to give designers, developers, and publishers alike the ability to make all changes in a ...

ID 17427


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Great dates. Great deals. Great relationships.
Gigditty generates date ideas and suggests related sponsored deals that users can redeem.

ID 20259

AdOps Garage

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Online sales manager and ad-operation worflow system [AdOps Manager]
We have developed a platform that manages the workflow of online marketing operation. This application, in addition to our creative validation tool is the only one in the market that manages the entire process

ID 10219


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Viinyl is the for songs. 1 Song. 1 Site. 1 URL
How songs should be branded,consumed,experienced & distributed. viinyl allows anyone to create an interactive & visually appealing site in minutes,optimized to seduce fans. We're creating loyalty & relationships one song at a time. Take one song & promote it ...

ID 307905


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Online plotting and data analysis
Plotly is a collaborative platform for analyzing, graphing, and sharing data. It's like GitHub, for data and graphs. Users get powerful analytical tools to make sense of data with beautiful graphs. The product is online, social, and collaborative, meaning you ...

ID 235696

Strategic Planner

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Helping companies turn their competitor’s data into a powerful business advantage.
Startup to mid-sized companies often struggle in creating compelling and credible information in key areas of their business, strategic or product plans. While there are many templates and tips and tricks out there, there are no tools to help build the content. ...

ID 28961

Leading Boards

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Board portal for medium and private companies
We provides a unique bi-lingual, highly secured and user-friendly Corporate Governance web portal for company directors to facilitate their board meetings, better manage their risks, improve their performance and reduce company board related costs.

ID 401116


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Client management cloud software for web hosting providers.
Nukern is an automation, billing and support (help desk) software in the cloud (SaaS) for small and medium web hosting providers. Nukern allows hosting businesses to work and interact with employees and customers in a faster, easier and centralized way. It's also ...

ID 414687

Erudite Science

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The toolbox for educational game and app developers.
Erudite Science is the creator of Sphinx, a toolbox, which extend the most popular game engine like Unity3D, to accelerate the development of educational games and mobile apps.

ID 491147


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Hilton Hotel for Apartments
Flatbook is Hilton for apartments. Thanks to Airbnb and HomeAway, it’s now possible to rent apartments to travelers for only a few days. For hotels - if you go on Expedia, you see Hilton or Marriott. On Airbnb, there’s no brand. Flatbook is building it.

ID 33112

OZ Communications

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Watch Live TV on your favourite device. Record anything from TV and simply watch when you have the time. Create your free OZ account today.

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Real-time collaborative video production & discovery
Vybe is a quick and simple way to capture short videos with your friends in real-time. Preserve fun and meaningful moments together and instantly watch different perspectives merged together in one seamless video on the go. Follow your friends, family and the ...

ID 69915


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ID 318479

Double Stallion Games

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Old-School Arcade Games
Big Action Mega Fight! is a classic-style beat 'em up/brawler game with a modern twist! Hilarious cartoon fighting action meets incredibly fluid touch-screen controls, designed from the ground up for smartphones and tablets. Megatropolis is overrun with vicious ...

ID 170368


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Facilitating interactions between golf courses and golf players
Chronogolf facilitate interactions between golf courses and golf players by letting them book and manage online there tee times.

ID 218809


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Expedia for wireless plan
Just as Expedia revolutionized travel bookings for travelers, Snoobe wants to change the way consumers shop for mobile providers. In less than 1 minute, Snoobe users receive a recommendation for the best wireless package for them. Snoobe is a downloadable app ...

ID 428242


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Shazam for shopping
Ventana is a Fashion Mobile App that uses image recognition to search and curate near-matches, from different brands, for you to choose. With Ventana you can identify and purchase apparel anywhere, anytime, simply by snapping a picture with your smart device. Ventana ...

ID 418474


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The hispter loyalty Program
Fidelizr is a Digital loyalty program for small businesses (mostly independent coffee shops, fast-food, food-trucks, flower store, clothing store...). The mobile app in collaboration with the shop owner rewards all their customers at the moment they visit the ...

ID 256003

Kanoa Life

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Community Designed, Inspiring Brazilian Jewellery #Unique
The place to enjoy the best of brazilian jewellery. Community designs, unique materials, high quality and accessible prices. L'endroit pour trouver des bijoux fait au Brésil. Beauté, qualité et prix au bout des doits. Kanoa Life, for the fashionable woman Kanoa ...

ID 53941


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Shopify for organizations selling activities, memberships and receiving donations.
Amilia’s e-commerce platform is designed to increase revenue and streamline operations for community, sports and non-profit organizations as well as professional and business associations and any other group needing an always-on virtual storefront that allows visitors ...

ID 27342


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Concert focused social media site
UpVenue is a concert social media network. Users can upload their concert pictures, rate pictures, get badges. The interface is very app-like (see screenshot of our working demo above). We're looking for funding to acquire an extra developer, pay for freelancers, ...

ID 28815


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Shape the thoughts around you.
Winner of the LeWeb’11 Google People’s Choice Award and Flurry Spotlight Finalist at South by Southwest, Echoer makes it easy for users to share their local experience and see the most relevant thoughts, events and discoveries around them. Echoer also solves ...

ID 288567


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Big Data Analytics for Internet-of-Things
mnubo provides Big Data and Analytics to the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) space – we enable ‘connected things’ to become ‘smart objects’. Our focus is to help extract true value from sensor data by delivering advanced analytics, strategic ...

ID 205192


Bad entry?

TagMyDoc brings life to your documents
TagMyDoc is the only service that offers everyone an instant access to the latest version of all documents. TagMyDoc makes your most updated content available anytime, anywhere and in any context. With TagMyDoc’s revolution, no matter where your document is saved, ...

ID 297111


Bad entry?

Learn more at Meet us for what's coming.

ID 286289


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ID 116182


Bad entry?

Digital space for tenants and landlords
CleverTower provides the tools for landlords and tenants to come together digitally. It's property management software for the Social Web generation.

ID 76157

Bad entry?

Analysis of personal social activity
Still in stealth mode, anyone who wants to learn more feel free to contact me directly.

ID 279725


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SaaS for Time Series
DataToWeb is the Internet of Things Monitoring Platform that allows individuals and organizations to collect, store, analyze, publish and sell their time series data online. DataToWeb is a Platform-As-A-Service that enhance and add new web feature for sensors ...

ID 455664


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Intelligent Music Production SaaS
We use machine and deep learning to create powerful cloud based intuitive music services for musicians. Our first product, is the world's first drag-and-drop mastering studio. Our tools are radically changing the music production space. We have been ...

ID 29866


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White-label online wedding planner
WeddingDeck is the easy way to manage everything about your wedding. We manage guests, tables, contractors, tasks and much more. You can also save money shopping with us for all your wedding papers need. More than that it's a complement tool for professional ...

ID 276677


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Curated dreams to the right people

ID 426600


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Yammer for condo communities
Evercondo ( is a platform that allows web and mobile communication between residents, property management and developers in condo communities. Over one million people are moving into cities and into condominiums every week. But, communication and ...

ID 147899


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Trudat makes it possible to host, analyze, and collaborate on datasets.
A platform to find and understand open data sets that puts collaborative understanding ahead of data science wonkery. A repository of free data for research, app-ification and play. A community dedicated to solving problems and sharing solutions.

ID 313404


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Basecamp for K-12 Classes
At ClassTrak, we are passionate about helping kids do better at school and believe that educational tools should be simple and easy to use. Our mission is to be able to help hundreds of thousands, or millions, of K-12 students stay more organized while reducing ...

ID 29239

Vivo Musique Internationale

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Music Company: Artist Management, Media Relations & Recording Label
Vivo Musique Internationale is a Montreal based music company founded, owned and operated by Glenda Rush. Vivo Musique is a record label (Distribution with DEP/Universal Music Canada/Believe Digital) Artist Management, and Media Relations & Publicity with a focus ...

ID 16863


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Successful subscription SaaS business turned freemium via "reverse freemium" strategy
EquityFeed is a SaaS stock market data platform that has completely changed the game for retail traders and day traders. Never before has such a modern and ultra-powerful suite of real time tools been available to mainstream individual traders.

ID 369326

CaSA Connected Appliances Ltd

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Energy management and demand-response connected appliances
CaSA Connected Appliances designs, builds and sells intelligent devices to better control and monitor electrical energy consumption in the residential and commercial sectors. With it's first two products, Caleo and Waï, CaSA aims for a new level of demand-response ...

ID 105250


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Service designed to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle
Helthe was created to find a meaningful solution for people attempting to change to a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard. You face temptations every day and while you have been told what you need to do, most of it did ...

ID 396606

Vain Pursuits

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Skincare Made for You
Vain Pursuits puts the care back into skincare with data-driven personalized formulas. Vain Pursuits is a vertically integrated, natural skincare company. We craft premium skincare made for your needs and preferences - and adjust with you over time, so you never ...

ID 35700


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ID 170265


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Bringing communities to the next level
Eventsphere provides association (professional, sports, students, etc) with a powerful all-in-one service. Most of them struggle to grow, involve and engage their community, this is where we come in. Strong of our experience with Studentsphere, we're creating ...

ID 279768


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Vehicle Remarketing Made Easy
THE ULTIMATE REMARKETING TOOL XLane is a FREE Mobile Remarketing Tool for auto dealers to source & sell wholesale inventory faster and easier than ever before. Our Mobile Application lets dealers Share, Search, and Trade available inventory amongst their contacts ...

ID 428935

Elysia, Inc.

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Matching you to the trip you need for every occasion
Elysia matches you to the trip you need for every occasion. Through a seamless and integrated travel recommendation and booking platform focused on aspirations of the travelers, Elysia curates recommendations for destinations, local experiences and accommodations ...

ID 122953

Luxury Retreats

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Luxury Villa Rentals & Vacation Rentals from the specialists at Luxury Retreats. Find villas in Italy, Greece, France, Caribbean, Hawaii and around the world.

ID 337302


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Picture Clarity: Better pictures, thinner cameras, cheaper optics.
We embrace ever-increasing computational power to improve optics. Algolux uses computational photography to fix blurring problems traditionally solved by the physics of optics. This means that less optical elements are needed to correct aberrations, resulting ...

ID 276847


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Contextual search API for publishers
Marmalades allow publishers to get more engagement, retention and data from their readers. We use contextual search algorithms and Natural Language Processing to semantically index databases and aggregate content. Simply connect to our rest API and start driving ...

ID 273753

CraneUp - The Network builder

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Speed Networking on Video Chat

ID 128972


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The Basecamp of family organization and communication for separated parents
An all in one solution to help parents better plan their children's schedule and communicate more effectively. Planiclik is: -A shared calendar (can be exported to an Outlook calendar or synched with Google Agenda; - A profile for each family member which contains ...

ID 81390

Devinx Development Innovative

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Social Media Agregator

ID 197132

Wyld Collective

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ID 503812

Inspiration Industry

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Productivity + Gaming
Bored? Looking for a Challenge? Or just looking to have fun with your friends? Challenge APPcepted is for you! Challenge APPcepted is an app which allows you to Challenge Yourself, or Challenge Your Friends in a way that would be familiar to anyone who has heard ...

ID 76871


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Social Discovery and Design Sales features weekly design sales and hand-picked products at members-only prices in Canada. Joining lets you discover, collect, share and shop daily curated selection of design objects from leading suppliers and up-and-coming designers.

ID 541647


Bad entry?

Matching people with places
When looking for a home or travel accommodation, location is critical. We all know what kinds of environments we want to live and stay in, yet it is tedious to sort through the thousands of housing and accommodation listings online to find the one that best match ...

ID 43470


Bad entry?

Woozworld, an amazing virtual world and social network for tweens where creativity is the only limit! Play games, create your own world, make new friends and much more! Come join the party, it's free!

ID 513544


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Simplifying content delivery for non-profits
Kreate helps schools deliver timely information through a private network. The Kreate platform allows educational organizations and non-profits to create their own iOS, Android, and Web Apps to send content to their members. Our mobile apps integrate with existing ...

ID 90888


Bad entry?

Mobile loyalty platform for busineses
Proximium will provide a state of the art mobile marketing platform to help brick and mortar consumer businesses acquire and retain clients through online extensions of their physical places of business. Most real world businesses know very little about their ...

ID 148203


Bad entry?

Everyone's Own Magazine on Mobile.
Fanzine is a magazine creation and sharing platform on mobile. We make it simple and fast for anyone to instantly create beautifully designed magazines to capture and share moments, stories, interests, events on the go. Fanzine builds on a unique technology to ...

ID 165920


Bad entry?

Flight Data Monitoring using Smartphones
Wi-Flight is a Black Box system for airplanes and helicopters. It automatically records the GPS flight path, altitude and vibrations of the aircraft. This data is automatically uploaded to the Internet over Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity at end end of each flight. ...

ID 276798

Meet R&D

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Make Researchers Happier.
Meet R&D is a recruitment and networking platform in scientific research, innovation and development. Meet R&D offers recruitment and managment tools to university professors, researchers, scientists and executives of the research and scientific sectors, so that ...

ID 197946


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Viral-boost your sales Our first product is CouponSLM. Coupons that goes Social, Local & Mobile. WHAT IS COUPONSLM? Almost like magic, CouponSLM viral-boost your store sales and visibility. Turn your clients into motivated promoters for your store and products ...

ID 27522


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Industrial recycling equipment manufacturing
We are the inventors of the shear shredder. A machine develeped in 1972 and used by almost every solid waste district, cement kiln, power plant, recycling company in the world. After 20 years of development, we now offer Western quality at Asian prices

ID 126608

Vitrin Image Search

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Next-gen image searching
Image search for stock photo power users

ID 122600

Arts Avenue

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Entertainment Listing Service for your City
Open since January 2012 Arts Avenue is a event listing service for cities. Like the newspaper in the past that would show concert dates, live theatre showings and other entertainment. We offer the service free to artists of all types to publicize there events with ...

ID 192236


Bad entry?

Forget your passwords !
Logrr is an identity as a service for corporations. It allows your employees to connect to your business applications in the cloud (Google Apps, Salesforce, Office 365, Workday, etc...) without using passwords. By using Logrr, you company will cut the costs of ...

ID 262174

Haricot Inc.

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Crowdfunding platform
Haricot enables its members to build crowdfunding campaigns in order to raise funds for their projects A new funding model for creative projects, open to the public and based on voluntary donations; A new fundraising channel for community and humanitarian initiatives; A ...

ID 120353


Bad entry?

Digital Branding Agency
iNexxus is a leading digital branding and marketing agency with experience in providing innovative and effective strategies for brands. Our mission is to deliver results, ensuring our clients reach all their goals. iNexxus's digital strategy expertise on web, ...

ID 254650


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DogSync - Simplify Pet Care.
We all love our dogs and take great care of them, but sometimes we can lose track of their needs. DogSync is the first app to help dog owners take better care of their dogs. It helps groups of people, such as families or roommates, to delegate and communicate ...

ID 155062


Bad entry?

Smarter practice management for physicians
Vieu builds smarter practice management and electronic health record technology for physicians and practices.

ID 543478

NexStop Studio

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Selfit - Mixed Reality Application for Image & Video Selfies
Operating on the cross-road of Mixed Reality, Short Videos and Mobile Entertainment we help people to easily create and share video clips and snapshots enriched with unique virtual elements, effects, animations and much more. Our product 'Selfit', is a new type ...

ID 441355


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Matching patients with clinical trials
Curebox accelerates clinical trials by helping patients find trials based on their health conditions. Pharmaceutical companies will have the possibility to find patients faster and in a more efficient way with this new platform connecting both the patients and ...

ID 443770


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Tinder for Events
We're exploring new ways to connect people to their cities, to events and to each other. Our flagship product, MyBRANCH, is in early stages of development and promises to be a unique and highly engaging platform on which users can source and participate in local ...

ID 525621


Bad entry?

We Make People Happy
Spoil is all about making people happier by making it easy for them to please others. Starting out in the gifting industry, we make it brain dead simple for you to send a surprise to whomever you desire. Spoil is a songza approach to gifting. It's a three step ...

ID 88365

Planning Media

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Local Internet Advertising & Analytics
Simply the most useful analytics dashboard for web based performance campaigns. powerful call metrics, submissions review, traffic overview, and ROI calculator. We also offer a managed service product. Our experts manage local internet advertising campaigns and ...

ID 451378

Bottle Bookings

Bad entry?

OpenTable of Nightlife is a bi-directional business that streamlines the process of purchasing bottle service at nightclubs. For consumers, Bottle Bookings allows the pre-purchasing of bottle service through its website. Users benefit by settling the tab online before ...

ID 162784


Bad entry?

Ordering Portal Online
The main objective of Delivraison Group is to provide services of design and creation of an online platform capable of hosting online menus for small and medium companies wanting to jump on the web market but that does not have the time and/or infrastructure necessary ...

ID 541018


Bad entry?

Summly with social media
Summarit is a web platform that summarizes news stories for the user based on their specific interests. It helps the users to be more informed in less time, get information that is relevant to them, and have quick access to the latest information. It also is a ...

ID 164394


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Rich learning activity creator
Didacti is a platform that allow teachers to create and share rich and interactive learning activities

ID 119820


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Google+ and Pinterest riding atop Facebook

ID 155344


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Curated Luxury City Guides (Michelin)
LuxeInACity is an exclusive web magazine that promotes the very best high-end brands in a series of luxury city guides. Each one of these curated brands gets a dedicated space in our city guides to showcase their high standards of quality and service.

ID 520858


Bad entry?

Online marketplace that connects you with the best cooks & food services
Chefs face challenges in finding quality employment and marketing their services to customers. In 2012, US and European startups established social marketplaces for chef services to solve these challenges; these start-ups are now valued at over $100 million. Cookello ...

ID 408802


Bad entry?

Customer Relationship Intelligence
Business is personal. So are our analytics. Psykler helps B2B enterprises understand “who” their customers are as individuals. Our profiling engine predicts relationship dynamics, buying behaviours and preferences to put you a step ahead of the competition. Our ...

ID 539500


Bad entry?

Tinder for part-time jobs
Avoda is a website and mobile application that provides a dynamic job market for both employees and employers, specifically targeting part time, internship and volunteer positions for university students and young adults.  A brief overview of the main service is ...

ID 418527


Bad entry?

Charitable giving redefined (an marketplace of Charities)
With more than $230 billion in donations made in 2012 to 1.5 million charities by 250 million donors in North America, the non-profit sector is a mammoth. Traditional donation channels (phone, mail, etc.) are outdated and the giving experience is far from meeting ...

ID 432945


Bad entry?

Matchmaking for Brain dates
E-180 connects you with the best person to go on a brain date with. Whether you're waiting for your flight at the airport or want to learn something tomorrow night, E-180 recommends people around you, in a space, an event or your city, who are willing to meet-up ...

ID 196087


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Free stock tips everyday
It's not easy to know which stocks to buy and sell each day. Traderific is here to help! Traderific generates free stock market trading signals everyday (and posts them on Twitter, too!). Based on algorithmic trading strategies, we use quantitative analysis to ...

ID 274969

Hook Me App

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LGBTQ mobile dating app
Hook Me App (HMA) is a Queer social platform and dating application, allowing gay men and women a more intimate dating experience, by connecting them through friends of friends and shared content. Our matching algorithm connects people based on criteria they set ...

ID 44912


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ID 163239

Creation KUUB

Bad entry?

selling tool with customizable choices in events field
E-Vent is a tool for any sellers who wants to create the ''WOW'' factor!

ID 441243


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Building block to learn electronics
MakerBloks are small, reactive, color-coded building blocks that open the world of electronic circuits to children through fun games and experimentation. Conceptualized with a new industrial design approach, MakerBloks removes the hassle of soldering and manipulating ...

ID 63070


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ID 143865


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Intelligent Agents Delivering Strategic Information on Targeted Markets
Our trained Droids are delivering information trough four data streams. Actually delivered has email alerts, blog posts, rss feed & HTML Format. DroïdHeadHunt Stream Delivered information: Latest updated resume, job offers, emails, names. Delivered to: HeadHunters, ...

ID 202143


Bad entry?

ID 382271


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Collaborative video chat for family and friends
Eyedea is video steaming and messaging platform that enables person to person or group interaction based on their similar interests, using real time video communication through Mobile devices. The application empowers the users with the tools and services to individually ...

ID 322292


Bad entry?

Match With Your Perfect Tutor
GradeSlam is an online tutor marketplace aimed at K-12 education. GradeSlam matches students’ learning styles with tutors who have complimentary teaching styles. Through tutorial videos, users are able to preview tutors' teaching styles before booking them, ensuring ...

ID 269284


Bad entry?

Automated Malware Detection and Reporting
Prohacktive allows small and medium businesses to have their internet facing servers (website, CRM, email, etc.) scanned for security issues. Many SMBs face targeted attacks, information leaks and corporate espionage - often without their knowledge. IT managers ...

ID 152321


Bad entry?

Design services for startups
Poisson-chat is a Montreal-based design studio helping startups refine their products.

ID 183201

Boîte à Concours

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Unique Private White Label Platform for Viral Facebook Contests and Sweepstakes.
Boîte à Concours is a private Facebook platform for contests and sweepstakes. This B2B service has been in operation for a few years. It provides agencies with exactly the services they require in this bilingual market and the solution does not require the participant ...

ID 447429


Bad entry?

Efficiency - Creativity - Technology
Osedea is a Montreal digital agency focusing on resolving complex challenges using emerging technologies to help our clients be more efficient. Our client portfolio is very diverse ranging from small startups to large multinational companies in various industries ...

ID 98430

DFY Consulting

Bad entry?

Customer Experience and Product Management Obsessed
DFY is creating a social platform for businesses and retailers, and helping them engage with their customers.

ID 374436

Gym Fuel

Bad entry?

Munchery for Fitness
We are building the next generation Nestle. Frozen healthy meals are not that healthy. It's a fact that consumers are waking up to. Although the Low Calorie/Healthy meals market is a $5 Billion market, it is on a decline. The issue is health and wellness. Yet the ...

ID 270384

Digital Brain Zone

Bad entry?

Traffic Control Solution (Mobile Service)
Smart Park: The traffic congestion is usually aggravated by the slow moving vehicles looking for an empty car park. Smart Park, would reduce traffic issues by searching for available parking spots around in advance, which also leads to saving time and money for ...

ID 310408

Weetab Group Inc.

Bad entry?

iPad Business Integration Company
WeeTab is a digital tablet business integration company. We are convinced that the digital tablet is the future and we want to help businesses to leverage this amazing tool. Our main goal is to integrate the digital tablet in small businesses throughout the Greater ...

ID 441495


Bad entry?

Your ethical connection with global artisans
Zafè was created, by women for women, to support sustainable poverty alleviation one item at a time. We make it happen through the ethical direct trade of quality handmade accessories between artisans in Haïti and web consumers in North America. Working with vulnerable ...

ID 238067


Bad entry?

Engaging training for your web app
Enlightly offers a simple way to add customized training to enterprise web applications. Enlightly can provide a wide range of fun and engaging lessons to make sure your new users know how to use the core features of your product in only a few minutes. By ...

ID 84869


Bad entry?

Video Speed Networking For Professionals
Forget what you know about networking online on linkedin!... Spintroduce is a video speed business networking site that allows you to boost your professional network quickly and by that find more leads, hire professionals , find employees, partners and much more. ...

ID 166156

Nolibec Taxi Aérien

Bad entry?

Expedia for Air Taxi
We give wings to small business by get all there air transport needs in a very effective way. We charter full airplanes has air taxis to meet there exact demand at the time they need it. We make the process has easy as order a seat ticket on expedia or ...

ID 225603


Bad entry?

Online Build-it-yourself Funeral in the Funeral Home of your choice
Lets you choose a funeral home near your location amongst 25,000 funeral homes (all of them). Then lets you build your funeral, from your home. You don't have to cry in front of a Funeral Salesman.

ID 60452


Bad entry?

Email marketing for small businesses

ID 472158


Bad entry?

Adaptive Language e-Learning and Coaching Platform
Adapt2me is an adaptive and interactive online language learning platform that enables learners to improve their English and French language skills though a personalized learning experience. This innovative platform combines proven and effective education methods: ...

ID 398182

inBOLD solutions

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Application framework
inBOLD Business Solutions brings enterprise quality applications to small and medium sized businesses such as CRM, accounting, inventory management, project management, invoicing, and HR, to name a few. In addition, our user-friendly App Builder allows users to ...

ID 521770


Bad entry?

Inflatable Growing Systems
Our inflatable grow bed systems form a channel structure for growing plants in indoor spaces, challenging outdoor environments, rooftops and greenhouses. Using air circulation, our grow beds form a barrier with the environment, reduce water consumption and give ...

ID 441461


Bad entry?

Accounting straight from your inbox
Billifyme provides a platform for small businesses to automatically retrieve all financial data from their e-receipt found in their inbox. No need to create a new email address. It works with your existing email address. With the click of a button, synchronize ...

ID 393528


Bad entry?

Trigger more than your cam
Xangle let you capture the instant from multiple perspectives and create collaborative photos. Connect with your friends smartphones or with featured DSLR cameras, shoot and get all the pictures from all the angles, directly on your device. 1 shot, 1 second, multiple ...

ID 515260

Luxury Retreats

Bad entry?

Luxury Villa Rental
Luxury Retreats creates personalized villa vacations, offering over 2, 000 villas in more than 50 destinations. Our global team of 150+ passionate travel enthusiasts and partners hand pick and personally inspect each luxury property ensuring that our guests are ...

ID 182569


Bad entry?

Vintage Luxury Flash-Sales
LXR & Co. specializes in the online sale of vintage luxury products, bringing top designer labels to members at up to 80% off retail prices. With access to the very best pieces from around the globe, our unlimited range of styles ensures there is something different ...

ID 502044


Bad entry?

Accepting contactless mobile payments worldwide !
Mobeewave is the world's first and only provider of technology enabling to turn an NFC-enabled mobile device into a secure EMV contactless mobile POS. Leveraging on this enabled devices, Mobeewave provides an end-to-end solution for gateways, acquirers and banks ...

ID 436655

Model My Diet

Bad entry?

Weight loss motivation community
Model My Diet is a weight loss motivation community that motivates, educates and supports people along their path to a healthier lifestyle. With our patented technology, users create an avatar of themselves to track their weight and other health and lifestyle ...

ID 165207


Bad entry?

Linking you to your communities - Manage Events with ease

ID 409741

ISENCORE Technologies Inc.

Bad entry?

3D Printing Simulation Software
ISENCORE is proposing a suite of software tools that analyze 3D CAD models and solves one of the biggest challenges in the personal manufacturing market: the inability to test the viability of a 3D model without printing a prototype. Today, a designer must commit ...

ID 207357


Bad entry?

Smart and Autonomous Web Systems
We are building smart web systems combining Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Currently, we are building startup infrastructure and designing systems for private customers.

ID 124804


Bad entry?

Collaborative CRM for Service Providers
Work better, WITH your customers! TimeCrumbs is the collaborative CRM that will get your services organized. Build solid long-term relationship with your customers. Get your projects done quickly and easily through multi-year contracts. Turn customer requests ...

ID 154646

Ease my day

Bad entry?

web tool - helps with daily nutrition/health monitoring.
"Ease my day" is a web tool has a main purpose which is helping with your daily nutrition/health monitoring. - It will allow you to calculate your daily needs using the app's built in calculator. - This tool can be used by all people of all ages, whether they ...

ID 118939

Bad entry?

Facebook for social causes

ID 513546


Bad entry?

Communication platform for schools
Kreate helps schools deliver timely information through a private network. The Kreate platform allows school to create their own iOS, Android, and Web Apps to send content to their members. Our mobile apps integrate with existing communication platforms such as ...

ID 234030


Bad entry?

Affordable financial data in Excel using XBRL
Did you know that there is a big gap in financial data service industry? Retail users of financial data cannot afford expensive solutions. Due to a new business reporting standard called XBRL, the financial data market has been disrupted by a few start-ups like ...

ID 230845


Bad entry?

Debate event management platform
Propind Play is designed to create an open exchange platform where users can interact bi-directionally with questions. Traditionally, users experience a question strictly as a spectator where their inputs are negligible if any. By allowing users to interact directly ...

ID 386560

Stacked HR

Bad entry?

Helping great talent get hired at disruptive, venture backed technology companies.
We make hiring, and getting hired, simple.

ID 83458


Bad entry?

Twitter for movie reviews. Follow critics. Find movies. Share your opinions.

ID 425499


Bad entry?

Wireless earbuds for active people
Phazon earbuds let you listen to music without wires and with style. You can now have the freedom to listen to your music while you jog, run, workout or any other activities!

ID 540895


Bad entry?

21st Century Student Planner
Cogito helps students develop essential time management skills by dividing and planning their work.  A Student planner built for mobility, Cogito offers a familiar Planner interface making it easy to promote to schools. And Cogito shines when it comes to focusing ...

ID 59384

Bluestreak Technology

Bad entry?

ID 542241

Glance App

Bad entry?

Book your next home viewing instantly.
Glance App makes life easy for everyday home hunters and real estate professionals by streamlining viewings tasks through easy, beautiful and mobile first scheduling solution. Glance App takes the back and forth out of booking times to see apartments by taking ...

ID 317928

Bad entry?

Hosted MtGox trading bot
ZeroGox is a hosted version of goxtool, an open source MtGox trading bot written in Python and using a rebalacing strategy. The aim is to make Bitcoin trading more accessible by lowering the adoption barrier. The open source project is here: ZeroGox ...

ID 226586


Bad entry?

GHGSat provides satellite-based remote sensing of greenhouse gas emissions
GHGSat provides hyperspectral satellite imagery of individual industrial facilities; these images are measurements of greenhouse gas (GHG) and air quality gas (AQG) emissions from these facilities. Customers can use this imagery to detect leaks of products (e.g. ...

ID 533410


Bad entry?

Drag and drop childcare
We provide a turnkey child services (3-10 year old) for events. Our team deploy itself were and when it is happening! We take everything in charge: set up a secure space, prepare activities related to event’s topic, bring food, and more.  Parents: register at ...

ID 64635

Buddypilots Aviation

Bad entry?

Redefining General Aviation Management
Our tools and services enable Pilots, Aircraft Owners and GA’s businesses to manage and share resources like never before, while growing and promoting their activities to build a stronger aviation community. We set out to create a global aviation network that ...

ID 420903

Vmersion Technologies

Bad entry?

Interactive Online Shopping Platform over Video
VMersion closes the gap between in-store and internet shopping. It offers online shoppers the option of interacting with products before purchasing them online, either through (1) Live Streaming Showrooms or (2) Interactive Video Playback, which is essentially ...

ID 505444


Bad entry?

Wear Your Liberty
THE WAY I AM designs, crafts and distributes modern, sleek and inspired jewelry. We’re an Action Jewelry brand that empowers people to reach for their dreams, live their passion and feel free. We introduce a new product category to the market: Action Jewelry. ...

ID 309069

Mighty Cast

Bad entry?

Connecting Every Collectible Object to the Cloud
Mighty Cast's goal is to connect every collectible, sharable physical object to the cloud in a bi-directional way. Through the company's patent-pending technology and turnkey proprietary platform, partners of Mighty Cast will easily be able to build their own "physical ...

ID 531850


Bad entry?

Getting people the most out of their nightlife experience.
Zazz is a social media platform that helps people get the most out of their nightlife experience. By connecting bars & clubs to their clientele, the application provides real-time explicit information tailored to each users specific interests.  Zazz offers the ...

ID 59385

Trellia Networks

Bad entry?

ID 415154


Bad entry?

Fitness on demand provides seamless pay as you go access to gyms and workout classes. For the casual gym user, find an affordable single day or weekly pass to any gym or class near you in seconds, buy online and go work out! Use our passes as often as you like, conveniently ...

ID 531319


Bad entry?

Crowd-curated Catalog of product, brands and places, spotted by people like you
SPOTR is a crowd-curated catalog of newsworthy things found around the web. Express your taste through Spots and collections. Watch and chime in on hot topics, or share your opinions on new trends and styles.

ID 233378


Bad entry?

ID 357854


Bad entry?

Marketing Analytics for Authors
Hemingly gives every author a shot at success by equipping them with the tool to make the right marketing decisions.

ID 389284


Bad entry?

Go-to-market & Developement Strategies for Tech Start-Ups
evolutivi-t is an innovative & dynamic firm specialized in Business Development Solutions, Go-To-Market Strategies & Smart Investment Decisions for technology start-ups & innovative businesses. evolutivi-t help companies & businesses make the right decisions ...

ID 198351


Bad entry?

Hello my name farton31
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ID 259873

Cicada Security Technology

Bad entry?

Eliminate Data Exposure / Computer Theft
Cicada Security Technology Inc. (CST), the developer of 'The Cicada' the first commercially available security technology platform to provide active protection for authenticated and active devices (computing, intelligent mobile device, and tablet) against attempted ...

ID 309191

Bad entry?

Rank your leads.
Tropical is a business data analytics tool which helps you target the right customers, improve your conversation rate and increase your sales.

ID 182727

Cheques Plus

Bad entry?

High Quality Business Cheques
High quality business cheques in canada, Usually ships same day, Compatible cheques for Quickbooks, Quicken, Simply Accounting, EasyPay and all other software. 100% CPA Compliant

ID 364139


Bad entry?

Easy communication for contractors
We provide a platform for snow removal contractors to notify their clients about their activity. By connecting with clients, contractors are able to increase productivity, client satisfaction, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

ID 378942


Bad entry?

Marketplace for higher education recruitment
Gradsters is a marketplace to recruit higher education talent. Researchers and faculty post profiles and projects for which they need talent, and students browse to find a motivating future. There is a lot of people out there, the challenge is to find the right ...

ID 114594

Nuvo:Enterprise RAD Server

Bad entry?

Browser based virtual desktop for your business apps
The Nuvo:Enterprise server will allow any company to deploy business applications to the entire enterprise in hours rather than days. The differentiating factor of this product is the ability to create a virtual desktop geared entirely around a set of business ...

ID 399373


Bad entry?

Biological tests for cancer prognosis
ProVivoX Inc. is specialized in providing a new kind of survival prognosis test, PhiPlex, to cancer patients. While presently available tests often base their prognosis on the detection of a single biomarker, PhiPlex relies on the relative expression of several ...

ID 379254

The Boyfriend Experience

Bad entry?

Companionship without compromise
The Boyfriend Experience is an invite-only date-booking platform exclusively for women and men who are interested in men. It is about delivering high-quality companionship to today’s hard working professionals in an exclusive and private environment. The Boyfriend ...

ID 256965


Bad entry?

Post, Share, Get Rewarded, Ohoola!
Ohoola! is a social mobile network that allows its users to capture and post multiple types of content, effectively categorize the content using expanded hash-tags, share the content within the Ohoola! social network as well as other major social networks and publishing ...

ID 309335


Bad entry?

The world’s first web-based platform for photoreal 3D visualization and collaboration.
Lagoa is the world’s first web-based platform for photoreal 3D visualization and rendering. Fast and powerful, Lagoa enables artists, designers, engineers, architects and advertisers to collaborate while producing spectacular 3D content.

ID 262206


Bad entry?

Banking, as humans
exagens Personal Banker (aka MAX) helps banks and other financial institutions humanize their digital channels. MAX advises, helps, informs and relates to customers. By mixing AI, Little data, a great UI and big dose of flexibility exagens Personal Banker brings ...

ID 301450

Bad entry?

Etsy for Social Good with a Twist
Onevio brings a wonderful & eclectic collective of like-minded California based fashion brands who truly believe their work can be used as a force for social good. Every month, we select a humanitarian project we would love to support and amazing brands create ...

ID 246979


Bad entry?

Easiest way to make GIFs enables users to create GIF's using a variety of methods online for free. Static Pictures, Webcam or Youtube Videos can be used as feeds to quickly create entertainment content that goes viral. Users wanting a Photoshop free process to create a GIF ...

ID 275646

FeelBuzz Inc.

Bad entry?

Virtual Club Platform
FeelBuzz is a mobile and collaborative platform that connects people who share the same interests. With FeelBuzz, members can: • Meet with like-minded people around them. • Create groups of interests in their own neighbourhood. • Organize and participate in events.  • ...

ID 162837


Bad entry?

Twitter meets Dropbox (Github for Commoners)
No signup! Easy way to share files!

ID 385730

The Wallrus

Bad entry?

An interactive social media wall for events
Wallrus broadcasts live twitter and instagram feeds (content+pictures) in a custom branded environment. It also includes a contest module and supports promotional videos and branding loops. And with robust and simple moderating tools that can be operated from ...

ID 380960


Bad entry?

Build smart neighborhoods
Potloc's mission is, on one hand, to help retail entrepreneurs to find the right location for their new businesses and, on the other hand, help landlords to rent their empty storefronts. To do so, Potloc asks the residents to vote for the next store they would ...

ID 176964


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The Last Web Startup
Delta lets people semantically describe the past, present, and future. Based on these descriptions, Delta understand intents and can help you make your wishes become reality, by connecting you to people that offer solutions to your problems. Most companies do ...

ID 419560


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Like TOMS shoes for dog food
Slumdog makes dog food and treats for compassionate animal lovers. We offer premium, humane-certified dog food and treats. For each Slumdog meal sold, we feed a meal to a street dog. We work in developing countries in partnership with The Humane Society International. Feeding ...

ID 48165

Messaging Architects

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ID 153019


Bad entry?

Local communication channel.
Nowadays there is no way to communicate to your local community by online means. Being a local authority, community organization, sports club, blogger or business. We allow any viewer get his local news generated by his local community and any poster get his news ...

ID 454561


Bad entry?

Networking for media & entertainment artists
ArtStation connects professionals working in the media & entertainment visual arts industry. Launched in April 2014 to a private group of artists by invite only, ArtStation grew virally within 6 months to become the leading platform for media & entertainment artists ...

ID 231749

Everett Gray

Bad entry?

Unique products. Local creators. 100% online.
We connect you with the finest local makers from Montreal, Canada. We carefully research, select and feature fine quality luxury items across all verticals. We encourage handcrafted local products over mass-produced versions. We want to share how local products ...

ID 427528

Ad Valorem Inc

Bad entry?

Employee Expense Software Handling GST-HST-QST
An online employee expense software that integrates the GST, HST and QST rules in an efficient manner . It assist organisation to -being efficient at managing the GST, HST and the QST -enforce corporate travel policies -limit clerical errors -lower the time spent ...

ID 481150


Bad entry?

Just the most engaging photo-sharing social network
Enjoi is an awesome photo sharing social network. Seriously, its awesome. You can spend five minutes reading words or you can spend five minutes using the app. If you're still reading this I feel sorry for you.

ID 207799


Bad entry?

Application Search Engine ZoZoApps's proprietary algorithm learns the functions and topics of apps, so you can search based on what apps do, not just what they’re called. Try searching for “puzzle games”, “kids games”, “expense trackers”, “tip calculators” or “chat” ...

ID 444786


Bad entry?

Play Without Identity
nonimo is quite simply you, belonging in a virtual gated community wherein through the option of anonymity you can be yourself.

ID 160531

Refpeople - Social Network

Bad entry?

Social networking, Content curation, Referring to followers positive & inspiring content
We are launching a new social network plateform called Refpeople. Refpeople is the social network that gives people the power to change and better the live of their friends and people arround them by sharing and referring to them positive, useful and inspiring ...

ID 425560


Bad entry?

Tenant Landlord Matching and relationship platform
Your Property Management on Auto-Pilot, in other words, the One stop shop for Online Property Management.

ID 132745

LeDeL International

Bad entry?

LED Streelight Smart System
The Galaxy Wireless Smart LED Streetlight System. Web base control and management of the streetlight network Municipality and Departement Of Transport (DOT)

ID 409616


Bad entry?

mobile app to create leads
New engineered station that will support a new Platform with App Library , Ads ,GPS, and much more.We are introducing a new concept to the world by combining Marketing , technology and engineering, lead generator to create sale opportunities . Our future clients: ...

ID 510885

Revol Technologies

Bad entry?

Custom-Fit Bluetooth Earphones
We're building quick-molding custom-fit Bluetooth earphones (patent pending) that will solve the problems of comfort, cost and process. To customize the fit, users will first position the soft flexible earphones comfortably in their ears so they conform to their ...

ID 227835

Future Infinite Simulations

Bad entry?

Get a heads up on what stock to trade!
orderIT trading provides users a pre evaluation of daily activity on North American stock markets. It will highlight stocks that are moving well and are a good potential for buy opportunities for the current day. The ordrerIT system is also used in house for additional ...

ID 411978

Chic Marie

Bad entry?

Luxury clothing and accessories rental.
Chic Marie's mission is to help young professionals women look their best, day and night. Because we know that young professionals women always want to look well-dressed in their office, as well as in important black-tie event, but they don't always have the money ...

ID 536115


Bad entry?

Netflix for Coffee
Fika is the new digital loyalty program for coffee shops. We are providing Starbucks Coffee Technology to small independent Coffee Shops. The app gives the ability to buy monthly coffee plans redeemable at the best coffee shops in town.  We reward the users ...

ID 420749

Health Parallel

Bad entry?

Interactive web tools to improve lifestyle
Health Parallel is a dedicated to healthy lifestyle social network portal for people who want to make their life healthier and for certified instructors who can help them to achieve this goal. Main components: - Daily Journaling - for all users - Data Aggregation ...

ID 498597

Alayacare Inc.

Bad entry?

Software and hardware platform for home healthcare agencies
We provide a blended telehealth and visiting health solution to enable empowered patients to live better while driving down the cost of care.

ID 405666


Bad entry?

coordinated condo comunities
Dialog is a tool that helps condo owners interact with each other, their board, and their property managers. This software makes it easy to delegate tasks, communicate more effectively, and facilitate building-wide collaboration on important decisions.

ID 270115


Bad entry?

Matching site for Flexible work is a matching site that connects companies with LOCAL people specifically seeking flexible work opportunities. Built like a dating site, the matching algorithm helps companies, that require a certain skill or expertise, to quickly and efficiently ...

ID 335680


Bad entry?

The Fashion App
Appearance Matters. Modde is the app for fashion feedback and inspiration. Learn what everyone is thinking about your style. Why leave a first impression up to chance? Take pictures, get feedback.

ID 377665

Avant Garde Solutions

Bad entry?

Data-driven technology company specializing in digital
Services: THINK - Behavioral Strategy - Conceptualization - Analysis - Research - Choice Architecture - Environmental Strategy SHAPE - User Interface/UX - Design - Branding - Messaging/Advertising - Installation Design - App/Web Design BUILD - Development - ...

ID 377640

Alphamantis Technologies

Bad entry?

Elite cycling aerodynamics for the masses
Portable Wind Tunnel system Addresses the 5 mil. competitive cyclists spending $5B on equipment with no aerodynamic efficiency insight. Our system allows cyclists to test their aerodynamics at a fraction of the cost of a wind tunnel making it accessible ...

ID 246262


Bad entry?

A smarter way for developers to squash bugs
The hardest part of a web developer's job is not writing code, but subjecting the client to an interrogation in an attempt to duplicate the Bug they encountered. Going back and forth with a customer is not only frustrating, but a big time sink. Eliminate the back ...

ID 247964

Backstage Commerce

Bad entry?

disruptive technology for supplying hair beauty salons
disruptive technology / equip beauty salons with order portal / linkage to central distribution / stream educational content in application / control brand messaging Phase 1: incentivize beauty salons through revenue potential digital signage tied in with mgt ...

ID 396827

Konopi Inc.

Bad entry?

Canada's premium medical marijuana producer
Konopi is a Canadian company located near Montreal Quebec, established to produce and supply a variety of premium marijuana to registered clients throughout Canada. Konopi is dedicated to providing high quality products produced under strict quality and environmental ...

ID 286666


Bad entry?

Unlocking The Future Now! Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
S3R3NITY Technologies is a joint force of experts in artificial intelligence and emerging technologies with the focus to solve complex world issues by generating game changing technologies in new markets. We Help Game Changers, Innovators, Investors, Inventors ...

ID 427355

Bad entry?

Analyse data. Share results. have been created with one goal: Retake the force of several apps and offer new features to be at front of the competition. At the top of the app, want to offer custom services. offer a alternative to its customers to simplify data ...

ID 298592


Bad entry?

Real-time mobile data collection and analytics on Election Day

ID 410438


Bad entry?

High Tech Toys: Augmented Reality Heroes Inspiring Upstanding Behavior in Kids
As parents in the daily grind, sometimes it feels like we're prodding our kids through an obstacle course of mini challenges. "Come on ... … focus & get ready for bed.” ... be brave & try a new food." ... be generous & share your toys." ... be patient ...

ID 425934

Bot Colony Productions

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Bot Colony is the first videogame to make English dialogue part of gameplay.
Bot Colony is an episodic online adventure video game, the first in the world to integrate natural language dialogue into gameplay. This makes Bot Colony highly unique, offering a game experience and level of immersion no other game can match. The game leverage ...

ID 425898

Bad entry?

Searchable active news aggregator
WordLink is a newsfeed, a search engine, and an analytics platform - all available on web or mobile. WordLink's mission is to improve the way people consume media, and to help them discover novel content beyond their personal networks and preferred sources. Its ...

ID 426451


Bad entry?

Online genome browser democratizing access to genomics

ID 426899


Bad entry?

Online Comics Messenger
Hugamy is your comic strip messenger. Hugamy enchants your communication with comic strips. Our comic strips features make your up-dates easy, cool and authentic. You like them, your friends will love your news. You become the storyteller of your daily life. By ...

ID 413646


Bad entry?

self-service mobile application platform
Buildurapps platform is a self-service mobile application where users can create a fully functional application for iPhone and / or Android at a much lower cost than if it had been created by a developer. In the System Buildurapps content management (CMS), users ...

ID 424572


Bad entry?

People Finder & Facial Search in Criminal Databases
EHONISSA web portal is a web application which allows users to search criminal databases (FBI and RCMP) by name and multiple criteria and also using facial search by downloading a picture or using the live search option by connecting a camera or a webcam. The ...

ID 423403


Bad entry?

Wine matching app
Grapemate is a mobile app that gives wine recommendations in restaurants by matching user's preferences, meal and budget with the restaurant cellar. We allow wine enthusiasts to drink better wines without getting lost in complicated wine lists.

ID 425180

Instruments IO

Bad entry?

Let's play data
Instruments IO helps businesses and individuals to analyse and track their data, empowering them to make informed decisions that deliver value to their business. The Business Intelligence industry has been focusing on developing products aimed at data experts ...

ID 329732


Bad entry?

Never miss anything anymore
A mobile app for people to let other know about their events, shows,traffic information.. All that location based. Examples: 1. You are a store owner who just received new products and want people to know about it, well, post it on the app (add pictures, text, ...

ID 279744


Bad entry?

Collaborative cloud appointment
GOrendezvous is an online appointment platform offering the following key features: 1) The first Smart Waiting List on the market: we help you quickly replace cancellations via the waiting list and according to your clients' availabilities. 2) Collaborative Appointment ...

ID 234469


Bad entry?

The online destination for the perfect sustainable little black dress!
Why become a fashion victim? We can be beautiful knowing that a good deed for the future of the planet was made. Because they are made with responsible materials chosen to reduce the environmental footprint of their manufacturing, the GYORK & VEIL creations combine ...

ID 513429


Bad entry?

Réseau d'applications sociales écologiques et environnementales
ÉCO-GESTION est une entreprise qui développe un réseau de données et d'applications sociales pour faire face aux problématiques écologiques. ÉCO-GESTION développe et maintiens des applications mobiles et Internet propres aux problématiques de l’environnement. ...

ID 207470

Arab Development Initiative

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ID 542270


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Your Business Card Evolved!
~ "Business cards don't die. They evolve."  We are the Next Generation of Business Cards. We have prepared an integrated system that allows users create live-looking business cards, and easily exchange them with others (employers, clients, etc.) and you can attach ...

ID 269345


Bad entry?

Personnalized Medecine Genomic
BIOGENIQ sequences your own DNA to give you your profile for genetic disease, pharmacogenetic, pharmacogenomic and nutritiogenetic predisposition. We give not only the problem but also the solutions with a team of physical therapist, physician, nutritionist and ...

ID 508647


Bad entry?

App Mobile Matchmaking Game
FGG is a way to meet people in a whole new way and to actually find our soul mate. Indeed instead to see different pictures of a potential partner , to send him an invitation, to await his trial on our physical to finally ask him the questions that really interest ...

ID 277034

Leo & Taurus Mobile Technologies Inc.

Bad entry?

Amateur Sports Social Network
Our first mobile app project for iOS is called Gametime Hockey. It’s the perfect app for amateur hockey players and also a great tool for their fans (family and friends), who can now follow their favorite players and interact with them on a mobile and social platform. ...

ID 440738


Bad entry?

Social Network for Cultural Community Groups
weCultura is a social network that connects people to their cultural community. Why, to keep their culture alive, give them a sense of belonging, and promote community engagement!

ID 228146

farm red orach

Bad entry?

organically grown produce
organically grown produce

ID 354670

ITGS (IT Global Systems)

Bad entry?

Tracking, backup and formatting security in one place.
We are a successful IT small business based in Montreal, Canada, and we are now looking into opening our new office in Mexico City to reach to the Latin American market. We offer software-based products, and our most attractive one for freelancers and sole practitioners ...

ID 267364

Les Systèmes KiwiGoo Inc.

Bad entry?

Système intelligent de réservation sur internet
KiwiGoo provides its customers, restaurant owners, a powerful marketing tool to increase the filling of their restaurant and therefore their turnover. To do so, we provide them with a tool easy to use but with a powerful engine to manage their bookings online. ...

ID 545914


Bad entry?

Linkedin with trustworthy (qualified) endorsements, A certification blockchain.
Asimov matches self taught learners with experts to test and validate their skills so employers don’t need to. Think of it as crowdsourcing your candidate pool. Asimov charges employers a highly competative price of 5 % of their recruits first year wage where half ...

ID 261945


Bad entry?

A revolutionary personal finance app for the young generation.
Kiwi is an innovative mobile app that addresses a key concern for the young population: personal finance. We, at SympApps, have made it our priority to offer a unique tool crafted especially for this target market. People aging from 18 to 25 are not looking for ...

ID 230651


Bad entry?

See what the people and organizations you care about prefer.
Photoficient is a social network that allows people and organizations to ask their followers to compare pairs of alternatives.

ID 250130

Amaya Gaming Inc

Bad entry?

ID 493656

Bad entry?

Electronic Signature (docusign)
Signder helps B2B & B2C businesses make concrete progress in their sales process by showcasing products in high definition mobile digital catalogs, create 100% accurate quotes from smartphones and tablets, turn paper order forms into digital copies and close business ...

ID 501178


Bad entry?

Course management for college students
We provide user-friendly software solutions to university students for successful degree completion. We are developing a course management system as a social and intuitive alternative to the chaos of university curriculum systems. University course management ...

ID 277610


Bad entry?

Connecting people to brands
Partial transforms the conversion process into a dialogue by empowering individuals to create online personas, control their personal data and what's provided to brands. Marketers respond accurately to individual needs from contextual data provided at a specific ...

ID 477989


Bad entry?

Big Data for Music
Never reach the end of your playlist. Never get recommended something you won't like. Never go from Pink Floyd to Nickelback or get recommendations based on what your friends listen to. Playcube analyzes music to learn from you and your likes not just by looking ...

ID 473987

Bad entry?

Platform dedicated to bring together clients and freelancers is a new Montreal-based (Canada) company created to build instant connections between clients and freelancers in the technology industry and save time. Every developers in the technology industry, such as Front End Developer, Backend Developer, Full Stack ...

ID 427132

Memo App

Bad entry?

The fun way to organize get-togethers
Juggling with emails, phone calls, text messages and inboxes to plan get-togethers and small events has become a nightmare. So we've build MEMO APP, the ridiculously easy way to organize and coordinate everyday events on the go! Memo App is the fastest, most personalize ...

ID 473673

Encercla technologies

Bad entry?

ID 500424

Word Bytes

Bad entry?

First-in-the-market word games for mobile devices
A series of original, fast-thinking word games for mobile devices that appeals to competitive word gamers (aka "Wordies") and children in their vocabulary-forming stages. These games follow a Freemium gaming model with 3-4 in-app purchasable options as one of ...

ID 443939

Alex et Alex

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Fresh fruit basket to your office
Present in France and in Canada, Alex and Alex brings its services of delivery of fruits in the workplace in numerous transnational companies. To guarantee the quality of our fruits to the office, the whole supply chain is realized by the team of Alex and Alex, ...

ID 425306


Bad entry?

An easy and fun way to share the products you buy that define you
Swagger is a platform to share purchases and consumption habits with your friends, a link between consumption and social network and a link between the physical and virtual world using mobile technology. It is the tool that enables you to share your excitement ...

ID 408792


Bad entry?

e-bills and e-gift cards (Money Gram or Western Union)
Enable immigrants and foreign workers living in developed countries to pays bills and others services in home countries. Why a foreign worker or immigrant from africa living in an OECD country (ex. Canada, USA, France, etc..) will use the website ? ...

ID 421568


Bad entry?

Access Internet on cell phones without Internet connection through Text Messages
No Data plan and wifi around ? Need an emergency research ? Need to send an important email ? Qexto allow you to access Internet everywhere without any Internet connection (no data plan and no wifi), on your smart phone or a classical cell phone. Imagine that ...

ID 358839

WebSports Media Network

Bad entry?

Online sports talk content aggregation
WebSports Media Network (WSMN) is an online sport talk content aggregator. Along with it's own original content, WSMN is creating an interactive platform where sports podcasters and their fans can create, share and listen to sports talk content of their choice.

ID 404722


Bad entry?

IT Solutions at Your Fingerprints
Cloud Backup Solution: Unlimited backup for $55/ year Cloud-Based Business Email for $40/ year Have a website starting at $499 Secure your Hotspot and generate revenue starting at $150 (Free installation + Free Training) Retail Shop Analytics service with Heatmap ...

ID 423684


Bad entry?

Fastest way to organize impromptu meetups with friends.
Uwana is the easiest way to get together with your close group of friends. Be it grabbing a quick coffee, going out for dinner, or catching a movie, Uwana's simple, intuitive, no nonsense UX aims to replace the tedious and time consuming process of group texts, ...

ID 403119


Bad entry?

Real life dares (Challenge accepted)
Dareeo, a mobile application that gives and raises epic dares. Create memorable moments, get people to surpass their expectations and comfort zones. Challenge your friends and judge their performances. Share your performances on social networks and become a hero!

ID 387089


Bad entry?

Only canadian digital-math based asset blog in French
(English below) Circonférence est le premier magazine en français traitant de monnaie numérique au Canada. On y trouve des cadeaux de devises à toute les semaines, des articles informatifs sur la recherche et le développement de l'infrastructure transactionnelle ...

ID 401014


Bad entry?

Automated marketing campaigns for restaurants.
DishGo is a restaurant menu platform. We track user interactions with menus and use the data to create automated marketing campaigns which drive traffic to our customers.

ID 425103


Bad entry?

mTrip provides mobile applications to the travel industry
mTrip is a leader in the mobile travel applications industry, with a distinctive collection of solutions for the travel and tourism industry and a reputation for helping clients secure and sustain increased revenue, customer satisfaction and visibility. mTrip’s ...

ID 439906


Bad entry?

Sharing platform for all your Stuff
SharingKit is an online marketplace where users can Lend, Rent out, Sell or Giveaway any household items they own with their neighbours, friends and community. It combines the social media aspect to its utility to create a trust-based collaboration network. We ...

ID 426687

Call Match

Bad entry?

Smartphone Dating App with Talk Capabilities
CallMatch plans to develop a next generation dating app that will give singles the possibility of making anonymous phone calls to other interested singles within a private network. Call features include voice messaging, calling, or scheduling a phone date. It's ...

ID 373511


Bad entry?

local market in your pocket
Nibble offers local businesses a pleasant web platform where they can promote and sell their products through a mobile application specially developed to join local residents. Nibble is on Beta for the city of Montreal.

ID 426360


Bad entry?

Mint for recycling
We need more and better recycling. You and every household is our customer. The post-consumer industry is our customer. Recycode takes the guessing out of recycling. It automates the process. It socializes it. It bridges the data gap between the consumer and ...

ID 235715


Bad entry?

Smart breathalyzer as a service for parents lending their cars to their kids.
Since everyone got told one day by their parents: “I'd rather have you call me at 3 in the morning so I can come and pick you up than having you driving drunk”, we've put a lot of thoughts into crafting an experience that could provide ease of mind to all the parents ...

ID 545439

Cameleo Video

Bad entry?

Révolutionner la façon de créer des souvenirs d'école.
Réaliser des vidéos de classe de façon unique et innovatrice pour laisser un souvenir inestimable aux élèves et à leurs parents.

ID 521551


Bad entry?

All what the music got to offer
SSOUND is all about music. We wanted to build a unique product for listening to your favorites music, creating playlists, sharing them, singing with lyrics and buying your world's favorite songs in the most HD format.

ID 263983

iKnowvations Technology Inc

Bad entry?

Finding things made simple.
Tired of walking through malls or retail stores looking for a product? Impossible to find an employee to help you with your search? We have got the solution! The Product A mobile application that maps the interior of malls and retail stores in 3D. The illGo™ mobile ...

ID 514888


Bad entry?

Daily contests for big-ticket tech products
Smartphones, tablets, netbooks, cameras: WinIt lets you and your friends participate in a fun and interactive daily lottery to win today's hottest tech products. Users buy affordable (< $5) tickets for otherwise out-of-budget tech items. Cumulatively, users' ticket ...

ID 545941


Bad entry?

3D-360° video player
We are multimedia software development company that enables individuals to watch full immersive videos – 3D-360° – with either a mobile device (smart phones and tablets) or a desktop setups. Our product - the VR Player - targets virtual reality users.  It turns ...

ID 177321

Fonds de Solidarite FTQ

Bad entry?

ID 539233


Bad entry?

P.ples est un réseau social qui représente la parfaite balance entre l'aspect personnel et l'aspect social de la vie d'une personne. En effet, chaque utilisateur peut interagir avec les autres via plusieurs fonctions en plus de ne pas s'oublier soi-même. Au niveau ...

ID 249504


Bad entry?

Analytics for dev teams
Insight is a monitoring and diagnostic tool for project management. It provides powerful charting capabilities, a visual dashboard to share with the whole team (supports TV screen) and email reporting for collaboration. It integrates with most popular project ...

ID 185434


Bad entry?

ID 512623


Bad entry?

Workspace just when you need it
Airdesk is a network of welcoming co-working spaces where members can come work any day, anytime without prior booking or monthly contract. They just check-in and out out with a mobile device and get charged for the time and services they actually consume. Any ...

ID 543646


Bad entry?

Virtually home
At Igloo, we want to bring trust, belonging and human connection to the apartment search process. We build experiences to show you your home before having to book a visit. Our next-gen visualization technology builds an immersive experience for you to discover ...

ID 199627


Bad entry?

eCommerce Consulting for brands - Now focusing on

ID 253129

North Side

Bad entry?

Language-based interaction with machines
Bot Colony ( is the first video game supporting intelligent conversation in English with the game's characters. This is ground breaking, and has to potential to change the face of gaming. The game has been selling on Steam since June 17, 2014, ...

ID 35183


Bad entry?

ID 188853


Bad entry?

Free mobile apps to help guide travellers in unknown cities
All cities have landmarks or points of interest that help identify them, and that shouldn’t be missed. Use this app to find these landmarks quickly. Find these more easily by viewing their “real” location on your phone’s camera viewer. Just open the app and wait ...

ID 236638


Bad entry?

Tourika is an urban escorted bus tours and activities operator.
Tourika sells urban escorted bus tours and activities leaving from the province of Quebec.

ID 256618

Maverik Productions / Baxtton

Bad entry?

Online Magazine for Men, Men's Style & Lifestyle, Technology
Baxtton is the curator of a huge exhibition to which you’re all invited. It’s a must for all men fascinated by design, fashion, technology and much more. Constantly on the lookout for new trends, the team will captivate you with its dreamy collection ...

ID 234144


Bad entry?

Get to discover
Friimi is a platform allowing students, young adults and tourists to discover free products given away by businesses wanting to improve their brand loyalty and brand awareness. Friimi generates revenue by allowing businesses maximize their exposure and/or redirecting ...

ID 232759

Mr. Stitches Inc

Bad entry?

Custom Merchandise Fulfillment
We are building a printing and embroidery fulfillment platform allowing anyone with an online presence (startups, bloggers, artists, etc..) to offer custom branded merchandise on their respective online properties with $0 investment. For ease of use, the platform ...

ID 336193

Kangaride (AmigoExpress)

Bad entry?

Share the road
Kangaride is a ridesharing platform for posting and booking long-distance rides anywhere in North America. Through Kangaride’s online and mobile platform, drivers and passengers connect to rideshare together. Drivers post their rides and the empty seats in their ...

ID 426021

Gentlemen' Basics

Bad entry?

Manly Simplicity Distinction
Basics for men. We are a company that specializes in offering everyday necessities for every generation of men. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality products for men who like to look their best at all times. We think that every gentlemen has the right ...

ID 267268


Bad entry?

Single interaction webpages
Masssss lets you create simple microsites around a single topic using differents models that are carefully designed to empower discussions and user creativity. This is not a blog, you do not have to continually feed it. Masssss microsites are made for single use, ...

ID 298591


Bad entry?

telecom software development and consulting

ID 362855


Bad entry?

Discover Your Surroundings!
XSight is the next generation networking and discovery app that makes meeting people easier and more exciting! When another XSight user is nearby, you get a glimpse of who they are. Anything the user has chosen to share, such as their picture, their profile, which ...

ID 330940

OmniGlobe Networks

Bad entry?

Data and voice services for remote areas - focus on Canada
Satellite based backhaul delivered via industry standard wireless technologies to remote areas of Canada.

ID 359232

Fortune Innovations Montreal

Bad entry?

Web Development Montreal,web development Company Montreal,MObile App Development Montreal
Web Development Montreal Drupal Development Montreal wordpress development Montreal Joomla development Montreal e Commerce Development Montrea Facebook App development Montreal Travel Agency software Development Montreal Mobile App Development MOntreal Android ...

ID 356173

Paiva Labs

Bad entry?

We build projects that bring value to the community
We work on interdisciplinary projects that can bring value to the community

ID 331113

Caisse de dépot et placement du Quebec

Bad entry?

ID 427139


Bad entry?

Asset protection systems for today, tomorrow and beyond
We propose KyberSecurity – a patent pending technology aiming at protecting software applications from hackers’ attacks. KyberSecurity increases security standards and addresses security gaps, by inserting security engines into binary applications in an automated ...

ID 280421


Bad entry?

Event based networking
embr allows you to create and view events in an easy, interactive way. On a map, you can see the events going around you real time. embr will learn based on what events (nicknamed embrs in the product) you typically go to and who you are typically with. It will ...

ID 377937


Bad entry?

Mobile painless payment
SLATE creates a direct connection between the customer and the point-of-sale system. Customer: Paying a bill becomes as easy as associating it with a Slate account; the rest is automatic. Once the customer is done, he can simply leave the establishment without ...

ID 399307

The Anniversary Co.

Bad entry?

Perfect Anniversary Gifts Made Easy
The Anniversary Co provides a perfect anniversary. A beautiful gift with a beautiful story, a card with beautiful words, delivered to your doorstep within two days. Satisfaction guaranteed. Our long-term plan is to revive a tradition around anniversaries, much ...

ID 279435


Bad entry?

Vine for sales
Thingsy is a mobile application that let you sell anything through short videos. Record a short video of your item, describe it vocally, and hit "list for sale". It's that simple. We take care of the details. Under the hood: Once you upload the video, we extract ...

ID 393732


Bad entry?

Montreal Skincare Company
S0381 is Montreal based skincare brand, specialized in facial serum, oil, essence and masks. Our first product is launched in Nov. 2014 Product Name S0381-A 01 & 02 RED GINSENG & ROSE SERUM Main Effects Anti-Aging           Anti-Inflammatory           Antioxidant ...

ID 281601


Bad entry?

Self service electronic Ticketing solution (API)
TONTIX API allows event planners to easily sell tickets for their event directly on their website or in a page we create for them depending on their needs. Once the seller account is setup , it's really fast to start selling tickets online. It's possible ...

ID 401596

Media BCD / Concerto Records

Bad entry?

Audio production company / Label
As an audio production company we specialise in the producing, arranging and mixing of music. We also produce music teaching aid books for teachers and students alike that comes with their own cd's Albums, Music Teaching materials, overdub, Mixing, Audio arrangment. ...

ID 337296


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Living Memorials
Qeepr [keep-er] is a social media site dedicated to memorializing the lives of the departed using QR Code technology. Create a free memorial profile for a loved one where you can upload and share a life story, photos, videos, monument geo-location, create a family ...

ID 266859

Nettoyeurs Express

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Laundry. Dry Cleaning. Delivered.
Nettoyeurs Express is an award winning web-based laundry & dry cleaning delivery service.

ID 433515


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Netsimplify Solutions Inc. was a Server Management and Managed Hosting company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In 2008 the company moved into an office in the Old Montreal and hired its first employee. Later that year it expanded in the Shared Hosting business ...

ID 541346


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Buy or Sell Items Online in Seconds
Zapifieds is the fastest way to list new or used items on the Internet. Creating a classified listing is simplified by eliminating the need to create a listing all together. What used to take an average 10-15 minutes to create will now take seconds. You can even ...

ID 485219


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ID 539441


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Connecting worldwide travelers on upcoming trips in less than 10 seconds
In this age of mobile technology, the average traveler have mobile Apps to easily book hotels, reserve taxis to buying show tickets on the go. However, if a traveler was heading to Barcelona this summer and wish to find others with matching itineraries, they are ...

ID 507973

Secure Group

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Private and Secure Communication
Secure Group allows you to communicate freely, without concerns over security and privacy. A suite of applications for Blackberry and Android devices allow you to chat, email, and speak to whomever you chose, and be confident that noone is listening, and that the ...

ID 429349

Notetracks App

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Changing the way we look at sound
NOTETRACKS is an application that allows a user to take descriptive notes along with audio for the purpose of learning and analysis.

ID 525023

Free Hearts

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Our true function is our hearts humming
The creations of FREE HEARTS

ID 441239

Smart Reno

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Home improvement marketplace
SmartReno is an efficient marketplace that connects homeowners to qualified, trusted and available contractors for their home improvement projects. By simply submitting their project once, people get 3 quotes within 24 hours from filtered contractors with proven ...

ID 503093


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Men's urban fashion
We are innovative designers, stylists and owner of our own brand and retail boutique stated Trends Boutique & DXNYC which is aimed for international distribution and franchising. The products we sell and design are Men's upscale urban/ sportswear fashion, we carry ...

ID 507200


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promoting artists, creative art space, 3rd wave coffee, single location tea,
Reusing metro carts, we will build a 3 stories high, fully 4 season functional building. It will, host on the first floor, a 3rd wave café that will become a microbrewery reseller at night. To be part of the green mouvement it will only sale eco-responsible products. ...

ID 546584

3Heads Media

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Digital Studio where branding, design and media coexist
3Heads Media is a marketing studio binding strategy, design and production to create efficient brand visuals and development for company and project growth. WE ARE BUSINESS FACILITATORS WE ARE BRAND OPERATORS WE ARE CONTENT CREATORS WE ARE DIGITAL MEDIA PRODUCERS WE ...

ID 540740


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Bringing new handbag brands to Canada, customers circumvent duties.
Why is every woman in Canada defined by the same purse? Pursebox brings new, high quality and affordable handbag brands to the Canadian market. We give Canadian women the choice they deserve, so they can rise above having the same Micheal Kors handbag every Canadian ...

ID 443414


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Samsao specializes in the development of mobile applications.

ID 427794


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Foursquare meets better Google Inside
Imagine a “Go To” marketing platform which is both interactive and immersive. Connecting the local business to the city's most vibrant festivals and events. Connecting the public to products and services! Whether it be hotels, restaurants, shops... brands will ...

ID 543564


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Rideshare by Bus
The state of interurban transportation in North America is remarkably difficult. Large distances between cities mean that trip prices are hard for anyone to stomach. Sharethebus makes interurban travel affordable and convenient by applying crowdsourcing principles ...

ID 79794

Modenia Fashion

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ID 477324

SAFE Pod Montreal

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Project SAFE is a nearly decade-year-old work in progress to build a secure and free decentralized Internet. It has culminated into a world-wide network of builders. We are creating a hub of these builders in Montreal who will be working together to maintain the ...

ID 156540


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Because we all have dreams
Une nouvelle communauté d'échange basée sur des intérêts communs dans la réalisation de rêves et de projets. Talimpopo is a new portal to help people connect based on common interests.

ID 429327

Snoozi inc

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Video Social Alarm Clock
Snoozi brings happiness and excitement to your morning experience. Snoozi is a social alarm clock that enables our users to send and receive Wake up videos to each other. The sound of the video will be the sound of the alarm clock, but to view the video, the receiver ...

ID 286011

Alcroft International Studios

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Creating dreams to reality (Animated Feature & TV Films)
Working on series of IP's for Animated Feature Films & TV Series. Actually every challenge gives you new experience, we love to face it. The most important is your knowledge and devotion. We made this company to not only make good films or something unique, but ...

ID 391461

Virtual Movie Awards

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Everyone is a nominee
New Tech Startup brings film fanatics their own Movie Awards! Do you like the awards season but wish the public should be more involved in the film selection? Ever thought there should be more variety in the award categories? This is why we created Virtual Movie ...

ID 412397

Le Gourmet Burger

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ID 338832

Accredited Access ™

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Compliance Portal & Investor Verification Service
Accredited Access ™ offers best-in-class compliance solutions, KYC reporting, plus the due diligence capabilities that financial institutions and issuers count on for every accredited investor, qualified institutional buyer, eligible investor and trader verification. ...

ID 330885

Wasserman Market & Product Strategy

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Identifying optimal initial target markets for startups
Adam Zachary Wasserman has spent the last decade working as a high-level strategist in technology-based product management and business development. From 2004, Adam worked as an independent management consultant, assisting early stage high-tech companies (and ...

ID 401117

Hosting Parcel

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Premium shared cloud web hosting for startups and SMBs.

ID 300133

Taïga Ultimate

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Ultimate Frisbee Brand
Taïga design ultimate frisbee sportswear for players and teams. T-shirts, shorts, tank tops, anything ultimate players need. Our products are highly customizable, and locally manufactured with eco-friendly recycled polyester.

ID 257638

Nadurel Pharma

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promotes to doctors and distributes drugs and natural health medication
OM3 Clearwater Liquical D1000 Liquical D400 GeloMyrtol is the mucolytic that is clinically proven to free the respiratory tract Pavosic Droxanol

ID 280565


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The media only social app
A mobile app for media hungry people. A place where videos, audio and pictures have no limit and are everything. Whether you want to host your own audio talk show, to have fun with your friend or discover viral medias, the only limit is your imagination. Currently ...

ID 222794


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Souscription for animal products
Receive a monthly PetsBox including 4-6 items specially selected for you and your pet.

ID 412389

Voice Cover Inc.

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A Humanized Cover Letter
VoiceCover is a groundbreaking job site that uses the power of audio into the job application process. Now hiring managers and recruiters can prescreen candidates by asking in advance the question that matters the most and learning the answer in the candidates’ ...

ID 412399

Pops Flipups Inc.

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ID 290624

Binaloop Softwares

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We develop mobile applications on iOS and Android for small and medium size businesses

ID 388402

Kayak Distribution

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Multi-brand global manufacturer and distributor of high end kayaks and kayak accessories.
The Company offers a range of high performing kayaks and accessories under the following brands: •Riot Kayaks, established in 1996, is known as a leader in Whitewater kayaking. KD acquired Riot in 2009 via a repurchase of the assets of Voodoo Technologies. •Boreal ...

ID 259814

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Daily deal site for restaurants only
RestoMania brings you new restaurants deals every week, based on the area or the kind of food you are looking for. Discover new restaurants through our website or mobile application.

ID 380629

DatumDB Information Systems

Bad entry?

Godz Quantum Database
A very advanced data system for Quantum processor chips.

ID 266857


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Enabling Delivery Businesses to Manage their Delivery Route and Accept Orders Online.
RouteRaptor is a SaaS platform that enables delivery businesses to accept orders directly from their website and effectively manage their delivery route. We believe that in 5 years or so, every delivery vehicle will be equipped with some sort of electronic device ...

ID 415816

Investissements BC

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Investing in the Future
Investing in startups with great ideas.

ID 403235


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Proximity Picture Sharing
Welcome in the new Local Marketing and to the end of random repetitive content. The new way to see the world around you. It’s the best way to capture the little things we see every day, and to show what deserve to be seen around you in a 1 km radius exclusively. All ...

ID 425512


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Because all true interactions are conversational in nature
Hive is a micro blogging app that filters posts by interest and pertinence. It facilitates real time conversation by using algorithms and filters just as a real life group conversation would do.

ID 423785


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Event Sponsorships Made Easy
iSponsorU helps any kind of event get sponsored with little more than the 5 minutes it takes to post their event. Event organizers post their event, including whatever they need for the event (money, products, or services), the target demographics, and their sponsorship ...

ID 415899

Reversible Media

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ID 428763

Revolt Servers

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Premium Game Servers & High Class Customer Support

ID 420134

MoneyCell (a DH International division)

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MoneyCell is Canada’s 1st mobile e-wallet
MoneyCell is Canada’s first e-wallet. It has proven its worth during a one-year pilot, conducted in 2011 at one of Quebec’s top engineering schools, the ETS. This rigorous test drive showed that MoneyCell was highly efficient, and that young people could well be ...

ID 503291


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Leader on the exchange students worldwide market
Interstude offer more then 30 events per years serving more then 2500 exchange students in Montreal through trips all around North American. Also satisfying their needs with his media blogging plateform having more than 150 000 pages views per month. Interstude ...

ID 419216


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calendar tags following event database
Calendardb is a website with a vast and growing database of events that users can easily follow with a clever use of tags. Users of the site can follow an infinite number of calendars by combining tags that interest them. Here are just a few examples of what is ...

ID 471089

Curious Gizmos

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Sleep better, wake better with the eWake
The eWake gets you up more naturally by using a simulated dawn. It's modern, elegant and smart, and, it helps you get better sleep! Everyone has experienced trouble getting up in the morning at some point. It's universal. At the same time, millions suffer from ...

ID 497622


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Nous sommes une agence indépendante de consultation en communication visuelle en design.
Au travers de nos conceptions interactives, nos créations d'images de marque et de nos designs d'interfaces belles à regarder et faciles à utiliser, nous cherchons à vous donner une expérience utilisateur dont vous vous souviendrez longtemps.

ID 528501


Bad entry?

Making e-waste easy
Electrobac is a young Montreal startup that wants to change the world… one electronic at a time! Electrobac installs “smart” bins to collect electronic waste in buildings that citizens frequent on a regular basis; places like universities, office buildings, shopping ...

ID 421258


Bad entry?

Schedule message on Twitter
Never be stuck for Twitter to publish a specific time. With Twittimer, write the message to publish on Twitter, select a specific date and let the application handle the distribution of tweet.

ID 522828


Bad entry?

Saving Lives One Vent at a Time
PREVENTilation is a dryer ventilation cleaning company. We greatly reduce the risk of dryer fires by removing lint build-up in the dryer exhaust duct. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission over 15,000 dryer fires occur each year. Dryer vent cleaning ...

ID 487560

MEDFAR Clinical Solutions

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Health Care Ecosystems
MYLE, our clinical management software, is built with state-of-the-art technology, ergonomics and design, and incorporate the clinical and administrative aspects of a practice, MYLE manages patient demographics and electronic medical records, appointments and scheduling, ...

ID 515906


Bad entry?

The agency is a service for business and web agencies who are looking for IT candidates.
The agency is a service for business and web agencies who are looking for candidates for a specific project. We act as agents and / or facilitators of relationships between those who are self-employed in new technology (IT) and our customers. As an agency, we manage ...

ID 466917

Duo Conseil

Bad entry?

Consulting company in business development and marketing strategy
Duo Conseil is a consulting firm established to meet the needs of Québec SMEs' in business development and marketing strategy. We rely on a personalized approach where we place the customer's needs at the center of our concerns. Our innovative solutions procure ...

ID 532175


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we search so you don't have to!
Trakr is the first passive search engine platform to allow users and sellers to share and never miss opportunities.

ID 436618


Bad entry?

Academy / Carrer Management
SOCCER ÉLITE develops and accompanies the player from the academy to pro soccer.

ID 513096

Adam Taubert, Inc

Bad entry?

Manufacturing & Design Company

ID 509885

Resurgent Studios

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Innovative historical and paranormal show
The premise of our show is not so much "Let's hunt them ghosts!" but more what is the history behind the haunting, why is it that a location is and has remained haunted, and will we find actual evidence of the afterlife? The way it will be delivered to you, our ...

ID 545983


Bad entry?

Pinterest and Shazam for Fashion in TV Shows
Snapflix is a crowd-sourced marketplace for fashion in TV shows allowing users to buy what they are seeing in real time. Users provide links for products they see on TV Shows so others users can buy them to a retailer. Users can also upload their own similar ...

ID 541720


Bad entry?

Biggest adult website
The biggest adult entertainment website in the world

ID 231301

La Vague Electronique

Bad entry?

cloudswave is a markeplace for Services As A software.
We help users find the right Web Applications for their business needs. We also negotiate exclusive deals with service providers of the utmost interest.

ID 539594

Decode MTL

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Montreal's Only Coding Bootcamp
Decode MTL aims at empowering the next generation of software engineers with the skills required to build and maintain their own web applications. This is achieved through intensive courses taught in a small classroom setting by the best teachers we can find.

ID 537565


Bad entry?

Hacking cooking secrets
FoodyHacking is a social media / blog that allow people to share secret cooking tips, tricks, techniques and hacks to an audience of Foodies.  Our vision is to help the amateur cooks to create great food by providing, not recipes, but ways and techniques from ...

ID 542821

The Godmothers

Bad entry?

A social catalog for parents
A Canadian website that makes it that much easier to research and discuss the many products designed for families. What parents will really find on our website: #1 A variety of products used and reviewed by parents, in the form of a catalogue (one of the big ...

ID 545021


Bad entry?

Instagram for fitness
Pnutbutter has been created for the purpose of gathering a community of gym rats and newbies. Whether you aim to lose fat, get stronger or tone your muscles, Pnutbutter is a simple way to share workouts based on your fitness goals.  Bored at the gym doing the ...

ID 532289


Bad entry?

The In-Room Hotel Experience, Elevated...
SelecTV is revolutionizing interactive TV and transactional services in the hospitality industry. The company will be deploying its highly reliable and scalable system in hundreds of hotels over the next couple of years, delivering a completely new class of entertainment ...

ID 542826


Bad entry?

Réseau social qui rémunère ses utilisateurs
Gamma est un réseau d'échange d'information entre fournisseurs et consommateurs. À travers lui, les consommateurs produisent des informations que les fournisseurs sont en mesure d'utiliser pour mieux répondre aux demandes. En contrepartie, les consommateurs perçoivent ...

ID 535053


Bad entry?

Social network and scheduling software for all sports
Asportsmanager creates a totally new experience for sports league organizers, players and referees.  It allows league organizers to sync their schedules with every entity required to make a game happen (teams, leagues, referees, scorekeepers and sports arenas) ...

ID 539577

Umark Inc.

Bad entry?

Simplifying Canadian trademark applications
Umark provides a FREE online Canadian trademark search to test your naming ideas. Moreover, we provide a seamless application process managed by an experienced trademark lawyer, using superior technology to help vet your name before we file. Only Umark lets you ...

ID 542852


Bad entry?

Sunrise simulator wakeup system.
A natural sunrise simulator which provides a more gradual way of waking up by gradually increasing the light in the room before playing audio.  It's marked towards health conscious people who wish to wake up naturally, shift workers, as well as people living above ...

ID 544214


Bad entry?

Discover what poeple share the most on the main social networks
RuzzIt automatically aggregates, organizes and displays any kind of contents (videos,articles,links) which has been shared or liked the most on the main social networks. RuzzIt is an answer to what we believe to be a new need for internet users: a platform that ...

ID 545803


Bad entry?

Pronounce Foreign Names Right
NameShouts helps you pronounce a person's name in his/her own language. We are living in an exciting and interconnected world where we constantly encounter people from different countries. A person's name is intrinsic to a person's identity and making the extra ...

ID 542494


Bad entry?

Adaptive language learning platform
Adapt2me is the most advanced online language learning platform that enables students to learn English and French quickly and efficiently. Learners can use the Adapt2me web platform or IOS mobile application. The platform offers a unique and personalized learning ...

ID 545887


Bad entry?

Dragon's Den + Monopoly + Moment Factory in augmented reality
A CROWD-FUNDING GAME with REAL MONEY that connects business, arts and technology leaders It unites creators, builders and power brokers in a ONLINE & OFFLINE SOCIAL EXPERIMENT Its mission is to stimulate local alliances using serious gaming to test and fuel innovaton  Specific ...

ID 543543


Bad entry?

Multifaceted agency run by entrepreneurs. We are brand's partner.

ID 545459


Bad entry?

Help students, promote Open Source
StartUs aims to establish a connection between software engineering students and the Open Source community.  Because Open Source projects seem unreachable to many university students, StartUs will connect students to mentors who are active in the Open Source community. ...

ID 532500

Drone City

Bad entry?

Green Energy Robotics Technology
Drone City aims to be a start-up for-profit that aims to promote research and the use of robotic equipment with a non-polluting energy consumption. Indeed, our research group and prospecting products provide its customers with robotic solutions to renewable energy ...

ID 275615

Multi Networks inc

Bad entry?

New terminal for: security, Home Automation, VoIP & M2M
New terminal that provided high security levels (3 layers) for any types of alarm system. Don't need to change existing alarm system to get Home Automation control with our terminal. Also, it is possible to make free phone calls over internet. Insurance company ...

ID 357173

Neptune Themes

Bad entry?

Premium Themes Shop
Responsive Themes for Drupal.

ID 275481

Cheapon Inc

Bad entry?

Buy, Sell, Promote is an e-commerce business that offers a gateway on the world wide web for anyone over the age of 18 to buy, sell and promote discount coupons for products and services.

ID 399127

Godz Computer

Bad entry?

The Digital Quantum Computer
Godz is a "Digital" Quantum Computer that might eventually become Alive.

ID 375737


Bad entry?

Online Reference Check Platform
RECHECK.ME lets recruiters conduct pre-employment reference checks all in the cloud. No more chasing references via phone calls. Everything is handled via emails and SMS.

ID 305881

Rude House Gaming

Bad entry?

E-sports. Competitive events for viewers to enjoy and companies to promote their products.

ID 416458


Bad entry?

Customizable clothing for children
Peloosa is ''toy-shirt'', a t-shirt and a toy. It is a unique and fun experience that allows children to play and express themselves by customizing their t-shirt. Peloosa is composed of three elements: the play board, the badges, and the t-shirt. The playboard ...

ID 412408

Kafein cafe-bar

Bad entry?

ID 334523


Bad entry?

ID 375721


Bad entry?

Startup for Startups!
Hello world. We are a cool multidisciplinary team in the development phase of our company.... and we don't want to divulge too much info :) We are based in Montreal, land of the cold, the french, and very few startups. We're currently defrosting from winter ...

ID 395848

Cleopatra meals on wheels

Bad entry?

i want to have a meals on wheels in every city where i can go with hot meals,clothing,help them find shelter,apartments, there are lots of people that needs help and i have the will determination, tender loving care, i am so sad when i see the poor helpless people, ...

ID 399146

Android Labs Montreal

Bad entry?

android. unleashed.
Our services include Android Rooting, Custom ROM Installations, Carrier Unlocking, Emergency Firmware Recovery (unbricking) and Hardware Repair.

ID 413089

best sport drinks

Bad entry?

sport drink to renew all nutrients.all food ingredients, only good quality.
high quality sport drinks. to renew all nutrients you need to perform. all from food ingredients. to take 2 or 3 times a week. after effort or on your rest days.

ID 390052

Bad entry?

Better ecomm of technical clothing aims to be the biggest online retailer in Canada for technical clothing. We are curators of quality brands and our job is to help our clients find the product that suits them best. The business also owns, Canada’s only website ...

ID 330182

Patent Line Richard International

Bad entry?


ID 311596

PÖL Digital

Bad entry?

Business plan as a service
A free business advisory platform to build your agile business plan, manage your business intelligence strategic data, and receive professional advices.

ID 265421

Lords & Men Inc.

Bad entry?

Badass Custom Tailor
Lords & Men custom clothiers will visit men at their offices or homes with a selection of suiting and shirting fabrics. The company will also offer accessories such as ties and cufflinks, which carry high profit margin. What lacks in the custom tailoring world ...

ID 305596

Bad entry?

Witini helps US dental professionals save time & money.
Witini is a subscription service for dentists to source their small dental equipment and supplies. We offer the best price guarantee to dentists across the United States saving them time and money. Witini wants to provide innovative technology and service, that ...

ID 280873

Bad entry?

The Worlds Most Valuable Rewards Card
On line loyalty rewards system for restaurants and a Daily Deal site.

ID 522738


Bad entry?

We Save Lives By Cleaning Your Dryer Vent

ID 545301

Stefanka Lingerie

Bad entry?

Custom made bras using 3D technology
Empowering women with confidence through uncompromising comfort in their everyday bras. Stefanka Lingerie is disrupting the fashion industry by creating perfectly fitted bras using 3D scanning technology. 

ID 539308

Espace Pigiste inc

Bad entry?

Espace Pigiste est un moteur de recherche entre les recruteurs et les pigistes
Espace Pigiste est un portail regroupant plus de 700 pigistes en audiovisuel et 110 recruteurs. Les pigistes complètent leur fiche de compétences professionnelles et leur calendrier de disponibilité de travail. Par la suite, les recruteurs utilisent le moteur de ...

ID 462620

One Silicon Chip Photonics

Bad entry?

Integrated Optical Motion Sensors
We make the most reliable, low cost, small size integrated optical motion sensors for any application and also for harsh and hazardous environments. Current technologies do not provide full sensor integration and therefore suffer from sensitivity to shocks and ...

ID 464872

Garage Technology Ventures Canada

Bad entry?

ID 446427

Neus Web Design

Bad entry?

Freelance Web Designer

ID 498354

Strategy + UX / UI

Bad entry?

By Etienne Delagrave
Branding, strategy, user experience and user interface.

ID 460433


Bad entry?

Flickr for everything
getfire is a secure, fast and totally free way to share files, picture, video with your friends, colleague or family in few seconds. We also provide an Enterprise solution for your business.

ID 424372


Bad entry?

ID 487900


Bad entry?

3D Animation Production
We are interested in bringing awareness in the killing of our Elephants by producing a full length 3D animation featured film that will appeal to the mass audience. Our goal is in educating the public on the ivory trade by creating a block buster film with the ...

ID 423520

Ludicrous Collective

Bad entry?

Sports & Entertainment Sponsorship Activation, and Development of Conversational Capital

ID 424999


Bad entry?

CoterieHouse connects and empowers Media and PR Professionals
CoterieHouse is home to fashion, beauty & home, brand & designer searchable virtual showrooms, and marketing/press tools such as: press kits, lookbooks, hi-res images & videos, ready to share with global media, 24/7. A private resource for lifestyle journalists, ...

ID 543643

Entertainment Labs

Bad entry?

Labs For Entertainment
Entertainment Labs is a platform for educational games. With a variety of subject areas available such as Language, Mathematics, and Music, students play games that supplement their classroom learning and broaden their understanding of concepts.

ID 481237

BeliZen Diving Shack

Bad entry?

Scuba-Diving / Youth Training / Community / Eco-Consciousness / Travel
BeliZen Diving Shack is geared to the collectively conscious scuba diver and Yoga aficionado, individually, or combined - to get the best of both disciplines. Our focus on the community will be set on "at-risk" youth and offering training as dive-masters and instructors ...

ID 445379

La Vague Electronique INC

Bad entry?

Business Software Directory
Cloudswave's mission is to help consumers make an informed decision when choosing business software. With our Cloudscore users can find the Experts' consensus in one place.

ID 545073

NetSen Group

Bad entry?

Another way to use social media
it's a social media. It will help customer to earn money while communicating with their contacts, sharing photos or videos.

ID 531860


Bad entry?

The best alternative for any other file sharing products.
Firely (formely Getfire) is a simple and fast service for share anything like your Word documents, memories photos or awesome video you have made. Our product will help student or people like you to share easily and in few seconds a files with anybody with Internet. ...

ID 544781

Zhoop Delivery

Bad entry?

Uber like for restaurants
Zhoop Delivery is a platform that connects businesses to delivery drivers. The service allows businesses (restaurants, grocery stores, flower shops, etc.) to order a delivery driver via an app to have their items delivered to their clients.

ID 538222


Bad entry?

Track your health. All of it.
Get control of your health, all in one place. With our long list of trackers, you can record, store and analyze as much as you need, quickly, easily, securely and with privacy. Whatever your health goals are, healthstored is here to help you and your loved ones ...

ID 446587

Enobia Pharma

Bad entry?

ID 453000


Bad entry?

ID 459740

Alethia BioTherapeutics

Bad entry?

ID 461885


Bad entry?

Positron Access Solutions manufactures telecommunications equipment including Aktino carrier-class bonded copper solutions and fiber optic transmission equipment for SONET/SDH and packet based carrier networks.

ID 545785

CAPHYST Technologies

Bad entry?

Incorporate loss prevention in Retail Selfpayment Appmobile
“Safe&EasyShopping” is a fully integrated Appmobile, secure and anti-theft that allows a shopper with a smartphone to scan and pay safely selected articles directly inside supermarkets and hypermarkets and other retail segments such as department stores without ...

ID 468958


Bad entry?

ID 449576


Bad entry?

ID 452360


Bad entry?

ID 455293

AgeChem Venture Fund

Bad entry?

ID 422917

Hybrid Paytech

Bad entry?

ID 387182

Cloudswave LLC

Bad entry?

ID 460374

Propulsion Ventures

Bad entry?

ID 480981


Bad entry?

LiveBarn is an automated live video/audio broadcasting system for amateur sports venues
LiveBarn is an automated live video/audio broadcasting system for amateur sports venues

ID 459758

GO Capital Fund

Bad entry?

ID 458594

Stingray Digital

Bad entry?

ID 415952

Affinor Growers

Bad entry?

ID 518632

Du Clavier Au Panier

Bad entry?

Je vous offre ici un bon point de départ pour la traduction de vos textes.
La combinaison d'une affinité pour les langues espagnole et française vous offre ici un bon point de départ pour la traduction de vos textes à contenu technique ou général. Si vous souhaitez valoriser les produits et services de votre entreprise ou développer ...

ID 473540

Neomed Institute

Bad entry?

ID 470348


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