Meet 5 Social Media Strategist View everyone

ID 1061993

Max Trudel

Specialised in shaping innovative business models and creating new revenue streams, worked with over 300 local and international businesses

ID 951776

Jeehye Jung

I skipped high school and went to University at the age of 15. If you're looking for the average employee then I'm not for you. If you aren't, reach out to me. 

ID 602177

Kristina Colpitts

Social Media Strategist with a true love for digital tools. Techy, driven and social, let's talk. My passion is connecting brands with the right audience.

ID 670558

Gregory Saumier-Finch

Multimedia pioneer.  Founded Public Technologies Multimedia, My Virtual Model (twice), Model My Diet.

ID 682610

Vanessa Butler

Writer, Project Manager & Social Media Maverick. Worked at & freelance in my down time when I'm not working as a Project Manager.

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